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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Work Travels

Last Sunday I skied with Kobi, her BFF Dino, and my friend.  The weather was stunning and the trails weren’t too bad.  We’ve had a ridiculously long snap of warm weather.

ski trails and dogs

What it looked like last weekend on the trails

Then work took me out-of-town and because of the warm weather I opted to drive the five hours so I could bring my ski gear with me and test out the trails south of here.

After picking up enough food to last me a month, I settled into my hotel and just as I was finally falling asleep, the individual in the room above me decided it was time to return to his room.  Now, to add some context to this, I am in a different time zone in this town, an hour ahead of what I am used to.

Noisy person proceeds to drop large heavy objects on the floor for about 30 minutes.  It sounded like he was dropping weights on a tile floor.

I finally get to sleep only to be awakened by Mr. Noisy at 5AM (4AM my time – thank you time zone change).  He can’t do this quietly either.  I swear he put on his work boots and proceeded to lope around the room for an hour!

At one point it sounded like he was dragging a fridge around the room.  I’m dead serious as I don’t know what else would’ve made that kind of noise.

I changed rooms later that day as I couldn’t handle another night and morning with Mr. Noisy.  The remainder of my stay was a bit quieter.

Recall I brought my skies with me as I heard there were great cross-country ski trails and the weather was super nice down this way too.  Of course the first attempt at finding the trails resulted in me getting lost, but I eventually figured things out and found the trails.

ski and skate trails

Super wide, well-groomed trails, but no dogs allowed.

Once on the trails, I made the silly decision to leave the groomed trails to check out the rest of the trail system.  It was super icy and treacherous on those trails, but I eventually found my way back to the safer groomed trails and managed not to fall and break a hip so everything ended okay.

I did go skiing again on day 3 and stuck to the groomed trails this time.  The ski was good, but lonely without Kobi.

I got to ski with Kobi again on Friday when I was back home and enjoyed this beautiful sunset.  Unfortunately this long bout of warm weather has taken its toll on the snow.  The trails are now a mess of treacherous ice, tree branches and dog poop.  I won’t be skiing until we get some snow again.


The sunset on our ski on Friday

I’ll have to stick to swimming and snowshoeing and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll attempt to run again.

Ever had a noisy hotel guest ruin your stay (not just the x-rated kind).  Do you like to explore new areas when you travel out-of-town?