Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Road Trippin’ with My Dog

I had the brilliant idea that it would be fun to bring Kobi with me on my latest work trip out of town.  Kobi was even quite excited about it as she loves car rides – not so sure about 5 hour car rides.

happy dog

Kobi says, “Road trips are awesome!”

The trip started out pretty good.  The roads were in great condition (the highway up here can be horrible if it’s snowing) and I gave myself tons of time to get to the destination as I figured Kobi would need lots of pit stops along the way.

Dog Etiquette

Who knew? We don’t have signs like this where we come from.

We ended up stopping 5 times and taking a lot longer than usual to make it to our destination thanks to all the pit stops and walks.

two dogs playing

Kobi says, “I made a new friend on one of our walks.”

We finally checked into the hotel and I hauled in enough crap to last the both of us at least a month (and I went grocery shopping on top of that).  I like to be prepared.

Dog in the snow

Kobi searching for dragons to chase/slay in the new town.

First night, Kobi barked a lot, but not enough to get us kicked out.  She also didn’t eat so I did what any concerned and responsible pet owner would do, I took her to McDonald’s.  Boy, does she love 1/4 pounder burger patties!

dog licking lips

Kobi says, “Burgers, I love burgers.”

The community I was staying at is in the middle of a big oil and gas boom.  This means there are lots of “out-of-towners” staying in town to work in this industry.  Translation, the hotel I was staying at was full of male oil and gas workers.

Our first morning was an eye-opener.  I was taking Kobi out for her first of 27 walks of the day and literally walked into a “man-gauntlet” of oil and gas dudes waiting for the crew bus.  I figured Kobi would freak out because I was freaking out, but she was pretty cool with it all.

white dog

Kobi says, “So what now?”

By the third night she was completely exhausted, as was I, and she hardly barked at anything.  Could’ve been that she was totally into watching the men’s figure skating short program.

Dog watching tv

Watching the men’s short program. It was awesome! Anyone else watch this?

She was quite excited the morning I packed up all our crap (it took me three trips to the vehicle to load everything up).  She had one final 1/4 pounder burger patty (knowing that she would be going on a cleanse the next day) and we hit the road.

Dog sleeping

Finally going home.  She quickly passed out so that I couldn’t ask her to do any driving.

Travelling with Kobi was definitely a bit more work and at times a bit stressful, but I really did enjoy having the company and it certainly got me out exploring every trail and park I could find, just wish she could’ve done some driving for me.

PS.  I’m slowly easing back into “jogging”.   Standby to see how this week goes…