Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


The Power of a Nap

It’s been a rather interesting week.  Saturday I ran through the woods with Kobi and her BFF Dino and my friend, Sunday I rode my bike wrangling zombies while dressed like one (I only scared 2 kids), Monday Kobi and I ran to our favorite little lake, and then Tuesday to Thursday I had to head out of town for work.

Two dogs running

Kobi and Dino running on our favorite trail in the woods.


Me and my friend preparing for the zombie run


The lake Kobi and I love running to

I had a serious travel hangover Thursday.  I’m not great at adjusting to time away as I am such a creature of habit.  I also don’t sleep well unless I’m at home, in all honesty I don’t always sleep well at home either.  Add in a time zone change and I’m really messed up. 

After getting home Thursday morning, I lasted at work until about noon and then had to go home.  I had been up since 4AM so I was pretty much done.  I went to pick up Kobi, but first took her and her BFF Dino for a quick walk (Kobi sleeps over at her house when I go out of town – I can’t thank my friend enough for doing this – priceless) and then headed home. 

I decided I had to have a nap as I could hardly think let alone stand upright.  Of course Kobi and Kato (the hyper-active dog and kitten team) decide this is the time to do laps through the house and Kato must use the bed in his route.  After about 30 minutes, maybe it was 15, everyone settled down and accepted I needed quiet time or perhaps they just got bored or tired themselves.  I passed out and slept pretty hard for maybe 15-20 minutes, woke up quite abruptly (without an alarm), and felt amazing.  So amazing I went for a run with Kobi – our Halloween run. 

ghosts in the trees

Saw some ghosts in the trees while on our Halloween run

This run was like experiencing two seasons all at once, mud and ice.  I was either running through mud or trying not to wipe-out on the ice.  Kobi ended up a lovely two-toned white/brown dog.  She had to have a bath as there was no way this was coming off with a towel.  She loves baths. She drinks from the tap, gets all silly and wiggly, somehow distracts me and then bolts out of the tub, shakes in the hallway, chases Kato, and then comes back for the towel off.  Oh well, I need to wash the floors anyway, and the walls, and the bathroom, and the ceiling.  

Do power naps work for you?  And does your dog like baths?

white dog with mud

Kobi’s brown under-carriage


Shred the Trail and Best Birthday Ever

puppy in the snow

Kobi as a baby

It isn’t my birthday, but it is Kobi’s birthday today.  Coincidentally, there is a fun run and half marathon on the same day.  You would almost think I planned it that way, but it wasn’t entirely intentional. 

I was never exactly certain about Kobi’s actual birthdate, but September 21 seemed close (based on the approximate age she was when I found her).  I also liked that date as it’s nearly the equinox which is cool (not so cool that the days get shorter now).  Turns out we also plan a community half marathon and fun run the third Saturday of every September and today’s event fell on the 21st.   

How many dogs can say they have over 100 people, 25 dogs, and a trail run for a birthday party?  I doubt too many and if they are out there, I’d love to hear about their parties! 

Because I’m one of the race coordinators I wasn’t able to run the race, but Kobi did run the half marathon with her Godmother (yes, she has a Godmother) and they both had a great time and ran pretty fast too.

I had the best time cheering on other runners and walkers and would highly recommend any runners out there who haven’t volunteered at a race yet to do so.  It is a lot of fun. 

Happy second birthday Kobi!

dog sleeping

Kobi and her post party nap