Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Winter, Spring, Winter, Spring, Repeat

The title sums up the weather we’ve been having.  I even experienced both seasons simultaneously on my run on Thursday:  ice, mud and snow, oh and wind.  And it snowed again on Friday.

dog rolling in snow

Kobi doing her snow roll and slide after a run. Notice how muddy she is on the undercarriage.

Because the trails are either frozen ruts, great for breaking ankles, or a soft mess by the afternoon I actually had to run on a road.  Yes, a road!  I don’t think Kobi knew what to make of what we were doing.  She rarely runs on a leash or on a road.

Notice she was sporting her new pretty purple harness and bungee style leash?  I ordered her new accessories from Canadog.  I’m almost a Canicrosser now, almost.

Canadog Sport Harness

Kobi sporting her new purple Canadog Sporty Harness


Salomon Speedcross

Notice how my shoes match her harness?

I was quite surprised she didn’t pull as much as I thought she would on a harness.  I was kind of hoping for some help from her, but she mostly ran just off to the side slightly in front of me.  I’ll try a longer lead next time and see what she does.

I wouldn’t have worn my  purple Salomon’s had I known I wouldn’t actually be running in more mud and snow.  I would have worn my purple Kinvera’s, still a good colour match with Kobi and better for road runs.

I almost sound more concerned about matching my running attire and shoes with my dog’s accessories than actually running.  I’m not really, okay, maybe just a little bit.

Do you coordinate your running shoes with your running attire?  Do you even care?  Do you and your dog have matching accessories (if you run with a dog)?