Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


I’m so Cool

The temperatures have certainly tempered and I have realized that I don’t mind running in the rain. I used to avoid it, but I’m feeling the love right now, so much so that I ran twice in a row in the rain. The second day it started to pour so hard that we (me and Kobi) had to take shelter under the trees as it was hurting Kobi’s little eyes (she doesn’t wear a hat like I do). My shoes are still a mess from that run as the mud was unbelievable after the down-poor. Good thing I have several spares.

sun and rain clouds

One of my rainy day shots, cool sun laser beam effect or aliens

The rest of the time we’ve just been running to the lake, often twice in a row for Kobi’s sake. She wants to live at a lake.

dog watching loons

Kobi enjoying the loons

The last time at the lake, while Kobi was watching the wildlife, one of these flew towards me (recall my love of these flying beetles of terror).

Long horned wood borer

Notice the hooks on its feet? They really hold on.

I did some pretty cool kung fu/jujitsu arm maneuvers which were very very frightening (even to insects) so I was pretty sure it had flown on by.

A short while later, while I was enjoying the view with Kobi, I felt something on my neck. I did what any well-trained ninja master would do, I screamed, loud and high-pitched. Then I grabbed at the crawly thing on my neck and flung it as far as it could be flung, which was about 2 feet.

Of course there was someone at the lake so they saw my kung fu and heard my not-so-ninja-scream (and probably laughed).  I am so cool.

In case you’re worried about the long-horned-wood-boring-beetle-of-terror, it seemed fine and just crawled around on the ground after the fling. Me and Kobi proceeded to run home without any additional insect run-ins.

Don’t you think those beetles of terror are horribly frightening?  Ever screamed in front of a stranger before (over a bug)?  Does your dog like the lake – wait a minute, what dog doesn’t like the lake? 

And here is a random photo of my adorable kittens (enjoying the clean laundry). 





Bugs and Bears


A rainbow in my yard!! But sadly, no pot of gold.

Bugs and Bears is my name for the season affectionately known as summer.  This season is all about biting blood-sucking insects and large blood-letting predators.

First, there are the mosquitoes that drive you mad with their incessant buzzing and biting.  When it’s too hot for them outside, their friends the horse-flies take over.

Did you know that a horse-fly can fly up to +40km an hour?  Maybe that’s why they’re called “horse” flies.  This means you can’t escape them when on a bike and you definitely can’t outrun them.  They flock together and fly around your head while you’re running.  It’s awesome.  What’s even more awesome is when they sink their fly teeth in.  According to Wikipedia, they have “knife-like mandibles to rip and/or slice flesh apart”.  How lovely.

Then there are the black flies (about 1/8 the size of a horse fly).  They leave a nasty bloody bite mark that itches terribly and usually gets infected.  And we can’t forget the no-see-ums (teeny tiny wee little biting flies).  I swear if you looked at these under a microscope they would be all fangs.  Their bite really hurts and they also leave bloody bite marks.

no-see-um drawing

No-see-um. This is what I think they look like.

Oh, and then there are the “pinchers”.  If there is one insect that instills the deepest fear in me, it is the dreaded pincher (aka the longhorn wood-boring beetle).  When I see them flying, I start waving my arms and jumping around frantically all while screaming.  I think this attracts them.  They also have hooks on their feet so once they land on you, they hold on.  They also bite when they feel threatened (they eat wood so they have strong jaws and my screaming makes them feel threatened).

longhorn beetle

I’m shuddering just writing this caption. Photo credit Wikimedia

Then of course there are the large predators – bears.  It’s cool when you see them hanging out on the side of the road when you’re driving by (in a car), not so cool when you’re on a bike or out running.  You really only have to worry about the sows defending their cubs, the predatory ones (yes, they do hunt people up here), or the ones you surprise.  That pretty much covers most of the bear situations you’re going to encounter while out running.

On a positive note, I get a great running tan (if there is such a thing) and everything is so green and lush.  Such a lovely time of year.

What’s your favorite blood sucking insect?  Does your dog get terrorized by biting bugs?  What’s your favorite running season?  Does your dog like eating grass?

white dog eating grass

Kobi eating her greens