Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Painful Recap

dog and grass

I must have a photo of Kobi in my posts

I hit the community trail last week with the intention of running for 60 minutes to stretch out my legs after my last little race (recall the Alcatraz Challenge).  I was feeling pretty good, so good in fact, I felt like I was flying up the first long hill.  I saw a girl and her dogs up ahead that me and Kobi know from trail encounters  so I decided to keep Kobi off leash.

I forgot Kobi is a scent dog, not a sight a dog.  As I was flying around a switch-back Kobi “sighted” the dogs up ahead, but didn’t recognize them.  She stopped abruptly right in front of me (as I was flying up the hill).  For a 40 pound dog, she can hold her ground.  I crashed into her and took an epic wipe-out – on pavement.  Fortunately I was holding my phone in one hand and her e-collar controller in the other (forgot my FlipBelt) and skidded on those first.  Unfortunately my knees weren’t carrying anything and I skidded on those next.

Cut knees

Ouch. Running with your dog can be hazardous

After falling, I did not jump up in embarrassment as it hurt so bad.  Instead I let out a very loud, long string of expletives.  I just can’t control my vocabulary when angry or in severe pain (it’s a superpower).  The girl up ahead was too frightened by my language to offer assistance, I don’t blame her.

I sat in the middle of the trail for a few minutes and wondered if you could actually break a knee.  I finally got up and hobbled around assessing the damage.  I had nothing to wipe up the blood pouring from my knees and of course I was wearing my white Injinji toe socks (I love toe socks and thank goodness for OxiClean).

Eventually I carried on with my run and received a few odd looks from passers-by, they probably thought I was pretty tough.

A few days later I was in the closet digging out more band-aids for my knees and knocked over a giant bottle of shampoo that landed smack in the middle of my big toe.  That hurt so bad I broke out in a sweat.  I think I’m clumsy.

Have you ever worn toe socks – do you love ’em or hate ’em?  Has your dog ever caused an epic wipe-out?  Do you carry band-aids when running?  I think I might start carrying some (if I could remember my FlipBelt).  What’s the worst thing you’ve dropped on your big toe?