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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Mostly Running (Away from Other Dogs)

winter running trails

More trails and still snow

It’s been an unusual week in that twice me and my wingman Kobi have had dog run-ins.

We were heading to our favorite little lake, that we usually have to ourselves, when I noticed a truck way down the road.  The dude was driving while his dogs were walking/running.   I stopped, made myself very visible and put Kobi on her leash.

One dog came up and was okay and then the second really big dog came up and totally attacked Kobi.  I of course put myself between her and the dog and was just getting myself together to kick the offender with my metal spiked snowcross shoes (good for ice and defense) when the dude finally got out of his truck to get his dog.

I literally screamed an expletive that I’m kind of proud of, but also kind of embarrassed of. It was like the expletive had a mind of its own and I had no control over what was coming out of my mouth (recall Ralphie from A Christmas Story).

The dude apologized and said he didn’t see my dog.  Seriously!!  How could you not see my dog!!  Kobi seemed okay, no broken skin, but probably bruised.

Then a few days later we’re running the same route and this time this old, fat, scruffy, but kind of cute husky dog starts heading across the road towards us.  A lady is yelling at him to come back (I think the dog was deaf or had selective hearing).  I quickly grab Kobi as I figure we’re in for it.

I yell back at the lady and ask a stupid question, “is your dog friendly?”

When you ask a stupid question, expect a stupid answer.  “Yes,” she says, “but he bites.”

Okay, how do you consider that friendly?

She tells me just yell at him and he’ll turn back.  I yell and he keeps up his slow, old dog jog towards us.  At this point I figure me and Kobi can surely outrun this guy and rather than getting bit by an old friendly dog I’d rather try to outrun him.  Which we did.

Thankfully, he wasn’t there on the way back so she must have wrangled him up.  Here’s hoping for no more dog adventures on future runs.

dog sleeping

Way too much excitement for Kobi results in her heading to bed early

Ever used an expletive that kind of caught you off guard?  Ever been chased by an old, slow jogging, friendly dog that bites?