Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Under Running Wear – Review(s)

I have been wanting to do a running underwear review for a little while as I’m always on the look-out for warm practical cold-weather underwear (mostly  because I live way up north in Canada).

It seems that mostly men’s underwear is made to cover a bit more than traditional girl underwear, but I did find a women’s version of warm under-shorts made by Sugoi.

I test drove three pairs (two men’s, one women’s) during a winter outdoor activity:  cross-country skiing and/or running outside.

The MEC ultra light merino boxers are men’s boxers and fit a bit large and sit very high (like 1980’s high) and were just a lightweight merino – not as warm as I had hoped.  For folks outside of Canada, MEC is Mountain Equipment Co-op.  MEC would be similar to REI in the USA (I love that store).

men's boxers


The other pair, also men’s, the MEC T2 wind boxer, fit true to size and were warm and made of a super soft fabric.  The bulgy front part has a wind proof fabric on it so it’s extra bulgy for girls.  Regardless these ones fit true to size, were warm and quite comfortable (and don’t ride so high).

boxer briefs

T2 boxer

The Sugoi Mid Zero Bun Toasters have nice long legs and are made from a very soft warm technical fabric.  They fit well, but sit a bit low on the backside, like plumber’s butt low.  That’s the last place I want a subzero draft getting in.  Not to give you more information than you need or want, but I don’t have a ton of junk in my trunk so I think the shorts are the ones lacking on the backside versus me having just too much junk for them.

women's boxers

Sugoi Bun Toasters

I was really hoping to rave about the Sugoi’s as they seemed to have it all and were even made for women.  Perhaps it is just a matter of going up a size.  There is a men’s version of these too and I’d recommend those as the fabric is super soft and warm.

My top pick is the T2 wind boxers for serious cold conditions.  The Sugoi Bun Toasters are very warm and nice and long, but just don’t sit quite right unfortunately.  

Oh, and it just wouldn’t be proper if I didn’t post a photo of Kobi…

dog under a blanket

Kobi keeping toasty


Life in the North

Temperature chart

Today’s temperature, at least it wasn’t windy

The week has continued to be cold and snowy.  I walk Kobi in the dark in the morning and again in the dark after work.  I feel like I live in the dark.  There’s been so much snow and cold that even I can’t tolerate to run outside, plus I’m not especially keen on running into that darn moose at night.

I can almost see how it would go down too.  I’d be wearing my little headlight (batteries replaced, by the way, so it’s much brighter) and looking down to avoid any eye contact with the monsters in the woods.  Kobi would be off slaying dragons and velociraptors up ahead somewhere out of sight.  Suddenly something would tell me to look up and wham, I’d broadside a moose.  The moose would scream, I’d scream, then I’d panic and turn the opposite direction and run as fast as I could.  I would likely be wearing my running snowshoes which I would manage to trip on, face plant in the snow and then proceed to get trampled by the panicked moose. 

That’s why I’m choosing not to run outside in the dark right now.  I will run outside on weekends during the day when I can actually see what large mammals I may encounter before crashing into them. 

Speaking of darkness, as of today we are at 6 hours and 14 minutes of daylight (hours from sunrise to sunset).  Soon it will be the solstice, 6 hours and 13 minutes of daylight, and then we slowly get more and more daylight minutes that eventually add up to hours.  By June 22 we get 18 hours and 27 minutes of daylight.  How awesome is that?!  That’s when the birds sing until 11:30PM, take a short nap and start singing again at 3AM.  I have lived through enough northern winters to never ever resent getting woken up by birds singing at 3AM, it is such a beautiful sound.  

Oh and another factoid/observation made by me, the wanna-be biologist, snowshoe hare rabbits love eating alder branches.  My brilliant observation skills discovered this on our walks and while picking up Kobi’s poop behind the house.


snowshoe hare tracks

Snowshoe hare tracks by the alder bushes

Stay tuned for my weekend update, I’m sure something interesting will happen.  I will be test-driving my new men’s merino wool boxer briefs too.  I really want someone to make practical warm boxer briefs for girls (not cute short ones), and without that bulgy part in the front…

PS.  If you dig my dog Kobi, check out our Facebook page.  I post really awesome photos of her which include absolutely brilliant statements made entirely by her. https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Outdoor-Running-Adventures/639019532794970