Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Things We Saw While We Were Out

Spring has stopped by for a little visit.  I’ve lived in the north long enough to know that spring is just here for a quick visit and will soon depart for a week or two.  Translation:  it’s going to get cold again.  After that final cold snap, spring will return in all its muddy glory.

Running has been going well.  I’m running in a variety of conditions including snow, ice and mud.  It’s hard to choose the right shoe for these conditions so I’m sticking with my Wizard of Oz red Salomon Snowcross shoes.  They just need sparkles and then they would be perfect.

solomon snowcross

With sparkles they would be the perfect Dorothy shoe.  Just close your eyes and tap your heels together 3 times…

Kobi is practicing her muddy look and is a lovely two-toned blond/brown at the end of our outings.  I will need a dog-wash station set up soon.

muddy dog

Kobi and her two-toned mud colour

Here are some other random things I’ve seen on this week’s outings:

sky and moon

That little speck in the middle is the moon during late afternoon

Kobi saw this garbage bag while out on a run and was very scared as the wind made it move.  I took her to the bag to show her it was nothing scary and she proceeded to grab it and rip it into a million little pieces.

Dog ripping up a bag

Kobi seeking vengeance on the scary bag. I was responsible and picked up all the pieces.

We ran to our favourite lake and saw this sign:


They were prepping the trails for the sled dog races and didn’t want the ATVers wrecking them so they left this sign.

And now for your learning pleasure…we hear this little guy every night and every morning when it’s dark (follow the link and then select the audio file):

boreal owl

boreal owl

Boreal Owl:  I didn’t take this photo this week, rather a few years back. It’s a cool story for another day…

Kobi found this feathered dude and chased him into a tree:


The chicken attempting to ignore Kobi ( no chickens were harmed in the taking of this photo and Kobi eventually left it alone).

dog staring

Kobi attempting to will the grouse/chicken out of the tree

We’re off for another run in the snow, ice and mud today.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love this weather as I’ve had enough of -20C.