Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Nearly Running

After being sidelined from running for about 5 weeks I found I had a bit more free time on my hands (and a lot less laundry), time that I should’ve used more productively.  Like tackling some closet organizing or doing some extreme house-cleaning, or even just more house-cleaning as I always have white dog hair and tabby cat hair everywhere.  However, I prefer procrastination over house-work. 

I did knit two pairs of these cool wristlets.  Good for chilly morning blog writing. 


Wristlets I knitted. I’m just so crafty sometimes.

Back to the main point of this post, if I even have a point.  I am nearly back to my outdoor running adventures again.  The adventures are a bit short compared to the good ol’ days, but I’m optimistic they’ll be getting longer each week. 

dog sleeping

Kobi resting up getting ready for running again

You may recall I had been tracking my winter snow sport activities, but that came to a halt after the warm snap and my stupid foot issue.  I landed on 102 out of my goal of 150.  If we ever get some nice new decent snow again, I will ski and snowshoe again. 

I should explain that I am a bit of a cross-country ski princess.  I want good tracked trails if I’m going to classic ski.  You see I don’t really like classic skiing.  I love skate skiing.  It’s fast and looks fierce.  Mind you, those Olympic folks make classic skiing look fierce.   I don’t look fierce when I classic ski. 

What really looks fierce is biathlon.  Packing a gun while skiing would be the ultimate in cool and likely command respect (or some weird looks). 

Olympic Biathlete

This is what I think I look like when I skate ski, but I don’t look remotely this cool.

I can totally see myself skiing in the woods on the snowmobile club trails (because those are the only trails you can skate ski on up here) with Kobi running ahead (she’s always faster than me) and me packing a cool looking gun with backpack straps on it.  I feel fierce just thinking about it.

 As there are no set targets to shoot at I would just use trees as my targets.  And because this is the north, I would likely run into an RCMP officer or two in red serge on the back of a dog sled patrolling the snowmobile trails too.  Can’t you see it?

RCMP and sled dogs

They don’t use dog sleds anymore and only dress up in red serge for special events, but it just looks so cool.

I think those biathlon guns are very expensive so here is my reality:  I take hubbies BB gun, attempt to attach some backpack straps to it with duct tape (which will be unsuccessful or just look really stupid), then I’ll end up falling on my back while skiing and really hurt myself and/or breaking his gun.  Still sounds like fun.    

Are there any sports that make you feel fierce?  Real or imaginary.