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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

About Kobi

Swimming dog

The dog who loves sticks and swimming

On Summit Mountain

On Summit Mountain

Kobi is my running partner. I found her and her siblings in October 2011. They had been brought down from the very small community of Fort Liard in the Northwest Territories. I obtained 3 of the 5 puppies as they were in need of new homes. Turns out they were only 5 weeks old. I adopted one out right away and decided to hold onto the two white ones a bit longer to find proper homes for them. I have no idea of breed. I fell for the doggie DNA test which says neither parent was a purebred (no suprise there) but her DNA was comprised of: bijon frise, lhaso apso, bulldog, dalmation, labrador. I don’t see any of those breeds in her so I’ve decided she is a new breed: Fort Liard White Dog.

Kobi stayed with me as it seemed no one wanted her as she was quite high energy and had wirey hair. She’s soft now. Her sister was adopted to an amazing family (Caribou is her name) and the two of them still have play dates.

Kobi is incredibly spoiled and quite fit.

2 thoughts on “About Kobi

  1. Awwww!!!!! I love Kobi!!!! What a darling!!!! So beautiful!!! XOXO!!!

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