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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


Day Two of the 12 Days of Yukon

I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to get these posts completed. If you’ve forgotten about Day 1, it is here. Day 1 will link you to the prequel too.

We departed the picturesque parking lot of the hotsprings early and were on our way. The goal was Whitehorse with a stop in Watson Lake to check out the sign post forest. Has to be done.

While I was driving to Watson Lake (it was my turn to drive) I had thought it might be a good idea to make a reservation at an RV park in Whitehorse considering our luck finding a spot at the Hot Springs the night before.  Of course I thought of this where there was no cell service (pretty much the entire way to Watson Lake) and hoped I’d remember to do this once I had cell service again.  Of course I forgot.  We even stopped in Watson Lake and took some shots of the signpost forest and picked up fuel. 

The sign post forest is huge! This is just one small part.

I remembered about 10 minutes out of Watson Lake as cell service was declining and asked Mr X to make the call (because I was driving).  He declined (he dislikes having to make plans and organize things) so I had to pull over and make the call.  I called what appeared to be a nice RV park based on the ads (Hi Country RV) and after some negotiating (more like begging), they saved us their overflow spot that had power and water connections.  Phew.  

Shortly after the call, I stopped at a small rest area and RV park called the Baby Nugget or something like that.  In the ads it said they sold amazing pastries and fancy coffee.  The fancy coffee turned out to be a programable machine and when I asked for an Americano the girl looked at the machine and read off everything it could make.  Americano was not one of the things it could make.  She looked at me oddly and I said not to bother (I could’ve said espresso and add water, but I was feeling somewhat snooty).  The pastries didn’t look very home made either so I opted for a 7 dollar loaf of whole wheat bread.  This bread becomes somewhat symbolic later on.

Six plus hours later we made it to Whitehorse.  That took way longer than it should have because we stopped at a few too many rest stops.

One of the many stops on the way. There were several fires causing this smoke haze.

We finally got to Whitehorse later that day and found Hi Country RV (after one drive-by) and our little overflow camping spot.  It was quite pretty and private.  I really liked this RV park.  

We met some friends for dinner at a cool little place called Klondike Rib and Salmon. It’s a very cool and very old building. While waiting for our table we literally ran into some Fort Nelson friends on the street who were travelling to Tuk. So random.

After dinner we headed back to the little trailer and settled in for the night.  I took the queen sized bed at the back of the trailer and Mr X took the eating area converted to sleeping area at the front as we both need our sleeping space.  That night it rained, as in the skies opened and it poured rain in such volumes it felt a little biblical.   Thanks to the rain and the fact that Mr X was sleeping in the eating area, he  discovered that the windows at the front of the trailer leaked badly, very badly.  I woke up hearing Mr X heading in and out of the trailer. It was about 12:30 am (so technically Day 3) and because we’re inexperienced travel trailerers I had Mr X convinced the water was pouring in because the trailer wasn’t level.  Mr X tried levelling it and it didn’t help.  We stuffed towels around the windows and went back to bed. We didn’t have a tarp.  Who needs a tarp?


Day One of the 12 Days of Yukon

Finally, I am posting the start of my epic northern Canadian travel adventure that happened in July. If you missed the Prequel, just go here. It will set the stage for you.

Just so you know, I did not grow up camping much or travel-trailering.  I recall one tent trailer trip that left me pretty traumatized. As a result, I have no experience and neither does Mr X, but that’s what Google is for.  Based on my “what to take in your trailer” searches, I think I packed everything that was needed. I think.

Plan A: leave on Friday morning and take a short detour down to Boya Lake, spend the night there and then head to Whitehorse the next day. Boya Lake is one of those turquoise blue lakes full of islands. I’ve always wanted to go there. I did not get to go there.

I got this shot off Pinterest.

We weren’t remotely ready in the morning, therefore onto Plan B: leave at 2PM and get to Liard Hotsprings. We got to the Hotsprings campground and low and behold, it was full. I had no clue you should pre-book sites. We opted for the semi-private (I’m joking), beautiful (gravel parking lot) overflow site across the highway with at least 30 other campers. Welcome to camping. Oh, and it was raining.

I got this shot off Trip Advisor. It wasn’t this sunny when we were here.

Rather than cooking inside the trailer and having our neighbours (some girls in a car camping out of the trunk) enjoy our bickering, we opted to eat at the lodge.  Have I mentioned I’m a fussy eater? Pretty much the only thing I would eat off the menu was fish and chips. They seemed a bit freezer burned.

We didn’t even go in the hot springs because I’m spoiled. If there are more than 10 people present and it’s not a winter month, I don’t like going in. The springs were jam packed full of people (maybe because the campground was full and the overflow was nearly full too). It was nice to walk around and check things out regardless.

Needless to say, it was an early night. I took the queen sized bed option half of the trailer and Mr X opted to sleep on the kitchen table/bed as we both like our space.

Stay tuned, Day 2 will be posted soon. This trip just kept getting better.