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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Catching Up



That’s how high the sun gets in winter up in these parts

Holy moly people, it’s been a while.  I’ve missed you guys and missed sharing my stories with you.  I’ve had some interesting ones that aren’t so interesting now that they’re old news.

Last time we visited, Kobi was dealing with an injury.  She’s all better now, but it was tough as I felt so much guilt doing anything fun without her that I actually didn’t go skiing and resorted to running on the treadmill.  Yup, I gave up fun for my friend because that’s what friends do for each other.

Okay, so here are some highlights from the last 9 months:

  • I ran one of the Five Peaks races – the one in Golden Ears Park
golden Ears

I laughed during most of this run.  It was awesome.

  • found a chiropractor for Kobi (only a 5 hour drive for us)
  • Wolverine (my heel spur) hasn’t made his presence known for a while now.  I suspect he’s found someone younger and prettier to torment (that will only make sense if you’ve read my previous posts).
  • spent a solid week at Green Lake where Kobi and I ran and SUP’d every day

Captain Kobi

  • ran a little mountain race with Kobi where we ran with wild elk

Post race selfie.  Coach Coty won the 5km and Kobi won the 10km, I came in second.

  • organized and ran the third annual Summit Run-It (with Kobi).  Lots of people didn’t show as the weather was just nasty (wimps), but it was still an epic day

Kisses at elevation

  • helped organize and participated in a local triathlon and had my first DNF thanks to a tire blow-out and a CO2 cartridge I set off way too early
  • did an insanely difficult mountain hike (three mountains actually) in 7 hours and did not encounter a grizzly bear but did encounter a large section of mountain spiders.  That moment is still burned into my psyche and if I think about it too long I curl up into the fetal position and start shaking uncontrollably.  I am terrified of spiders, but I never  kill them as that would be bad juju and I figure it’s buying me some spider karma.

Kobi does not fear spiders like I do


That’s smoke in the background.  BC had a tough year with fires.

  • did a really cool 25km in the Kamloops area – A Walk in the Park (14km, 25km, 50km) that Kobi was allowed to participate in.  I asked the race director if I could bring my dog and he said no one ever asked him that before so he said sure (being a dog lover as well).  All the other runner’s dogs were impressed by her stamina as they all waited for their humans at the finish line.  I have to say that was the most fun race ever.  Really amazing vibe (I won a whistle and plantar fasciitis foot sleeves).
walk in the park

Kobi ditched me when she saw the photographer and ran with this girl instead

  • did lots of kayaking with Kobi and lots of running (mostly away from mosquitoes and bears).  On one run I ran into two bears literally 200m apart.  Kobi chased them away.  She’s a superstar.

Paddling around our little lake


One of my favourite runs

And now we’re well into our favourite season of winter where we run, ski and snowshoe and eat our weight in pancakes and butter-tarts.


And now it’s winter!

There, now you’re all caught up.  You can’t tell from this particular post that winter is my favourite season, but it is.  What’s yours?  Are you in the middle of a deep freeze right now?  Best run of 2017?  Have you missed Kobi?

Happy 2018!!


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

13 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. What amazing runventures you and Kobi had!

    Glad to hear that Wolverine moved onto another woman. Wolvie wasn’t right for you and you’re much better off without him. If you hadn’t written something about this, I was gonna ask.

    • We didn’t race much but what races we did do were so much fun! The mountain adventures were decent too! I was mostly just stoked to be running Wolverine free. You are correct, he isn’t right for me.

  2. Nice to catch up on what you two are doing. Sounds like 2017 was full of fun and many different experiences. Happy for you guys.

    I had two fave runs this year – the Seawheeze Half Marathon and the Lost Lake 30k in Whistler.

    Happy New Year to you both. Xo

    • I was just so happy to run without foot pain! That Whistler run sounds cool and you did amazing! Wishing you a great 2018!! Good luck at that crazy dopey challenge you’re doing! There are some Fort Nelson folks doing it as well.

      • Oh really? That is cool to hear they are. I hope they have good runs.

        No foot pain is definitely nice. Happy for you.

        Happy New Year to you!

  3. I love the photos and your recap of 2017. My favorite race by far was a half marathon in a small town in West Virginia. Happy New Year!

  4. Such a tremendous recap of your past few months Angie. I’m so glad your foot injury is better, and you and Kobi can get out and do the things you love.. Great photographs. And so glad you were able to get out and run some of the races you love. In the final few questions, yeah I’ve missed you here, missed Kobi (but I do get to see you on FB). My favourite season is fall, but I do enjoy all that winter has to offer. We are in a deep freeze, -32 the other night, which I went winter camping in. And yeah, my best run was TNF 50 miler….epic! Have a wonderful 2018 Angie! 🙂

    • Fall is a great season! Especially back where you live! I think the entire country is in a deep freeze right now! I can’t believe you camped in those temperatures. You are amazing! Only in Canada! A 50 miler is an incredible distance. So amazing. You inspire me! Happy 2018 to you too Carl.

  5. One day we want to run there with you and pooch.

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