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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Dealing with Injuries


Just when things start going well and your ex-injury boyfriend (my heel spur Wolverine) appears to be gone for almost good, what happens?  My best friend and adventure buddy gets injured. Yup, Kobi is injured.

Dealing with Injuries

Kobi enjoying an off-leash moment

This started back in January, but I did what I do with my personal injuries, I deny them and try to “run” them off.  That worked about as well for Kobi as it has for me.  I gave her two weeks rest, but rest meant no long runs.  She was still running off-leash on our morning, afternoon and evening walks which added up to almost 5km a day.  That isn’t really rest is it?

Dealing with Injuies

Me explaining to Kobi she can’t run yet

The limp went away and I tested her out by taking her for a short fat bike ride.  The thing with Kobi is that when she sees the bike or me in running gear, she has to run like she stole something regardless of how slow I’m going.  Of course the limp came back.

Dealing with Injuries

Fat biking with Kobi.

I took her south to see her doctor 4 hours away and spent on x-rays what could have bought me a lot of new gear, like an awful lot of new gear (don’t get me wrong,  I’d spend ten times that on her if I had to).

The good news is there was no evidence of arthritis or joint issues.  The bad news is they don’t have a CT scan so we have to assume it’s some sort of soft tissue injury.  The vet said I had to get serious about resting Kobi. She went so far as saying kennel her, limit the stairs, and no walking off-leash – even to poop!  If Kobi could talk or had a middle finger she would’ve expressed what she thought of that plan.  So we compromised, we go for short walks on a leash down the driveway, she gets to poop off leash, and we try to limit the number of trips up and down the stairs.

Dealing with Injuries

Kobi doesn’t get the leash thing

We’re at day 22 now and I haven’t seen a limp for a while.  This is good.  The plan is to limit her walks for another week and a half and then re-introduce short running stints with a few days off in between.  I’m optimistic this will work and she’ll be right as rain again.

Dealing with Injuries

Kobi hugging her sloth. The sloth is a metaphor.

I feel so much guilt that I haven’t skied or biked or snowshoed since the visit to Kobi’s doctor.  I run at lunch from work so she doesn’t see me leave without her.  On my weekend long runs she does see me and shoots hot, sad daggers of “how could you cheat on me like this” into my heart.  The rest of the time I run on the treadmill or ride my bike trainer while she rests on her princess bed.  I don’t feel as much guilt on those days.

Dealing with Injuries

Play time before I hit the treadmill

I need to name Kobi’s injury.  Any suggestions?  Ever had to deal with a running buddy who gets injured?  Coping suggestions?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

15 thoughts on “Dealing with Injuries

  1. Double doggie middle fingers to being told what to do. But two thumbs up to Kobi feeling better. Love n hugs from down south.

  2. I think you should call Kobi’s injury Cruella. She was evil but the dogs win in the end. 🙂

  3. I am sure she will also enjoy just going for walks on a leash, as long as she gets some exercise. I have noticed with Tina that she sometimes hurts her legs when she runs too fast for too long time. Lara

    • So true. It’s even just the fact that we are at least following our routine of getting out, just not going very far. I suspect I’ll find that perfect distance for Kobi down the road. I guess like us, they have their preferred distances!

  4. Oh Kobi. I so hope you are feeling better soon. This must be so hard for you too to see her injured and unable to do what she loves the most. You can certainly empathize. Hugs to you both. I hope you are up and running together soon!

    • Awe! Thanks. Kobi wishes she could talk right now! It’s so hard to see how excited she gets when we do our little walk and then how confused she is when we turn around so soon and come back! I hope the time off has worked and she’s back running soon too!

  5. Oh no, Kobi! Good luck with the healing!

  6. This must have been so difficult for both of you. Kobi is such an active dog, and not understanding that rest was needed for the healing process, it would have been really hard to be on that leash.

    In following Kobi on Facebook, it is great to see she is doing the things she loves. 🙂

    • It was so hard Carl! I felt so guilty doing anything without her too so I didn’t even go skiing. She’s better now and we’re back adventuring together which is great! I know how she feels now when I’m injured.

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