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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Pre-Winter Update



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Cool morning runs

Greetings from the Canadian north!

I have been attempting to be a little bit more frequent in my posts, but I just can’t seem to catch enough time – it’s like trying to hold onto a little slippery snake.

I’ve mostly been busy with life and running and other stuff.  I did run a little local race organized by an awesome local gym operator (Coty at Battle Ready Fitness). It was a 7km run over muddy trails with Crossfit style challenges at 4 stations.  I was beat by a 15 year old kid and I’m okay with that (now).  I won a pedicure though, so I’m stoked. Not so sure the esthetician is going to be stoked when she sees my toenails.

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Muddy feet. Kobi had to sit this one out so she stayed clean

Oh, this was big.  It was Kobi’s 5th birthday on September 21!!  I’m not sure her exact birthdate, but picked that date shortly after I decided to keep her.  I can’t believe my baby is 5 already.

I also helped organize and coordinate a local race in late September -the 6th annual half marathon, 10km and 5km fun run!  Kobi ran with my friend so she got to participate.  I ran the route the day before getting the trails ready.

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Pre race trail checks

We had our first snowfall 3 weekends ago when my southern besty was up for a visit (@eastcoastlaine). We went to the mountains for a day and Kobi loved it.

You’re probably curious how Wolverine (aka heel spur aka plantar fasciitis) is doing – if you’ve been following my blog at all. We’re quite distant now and some days I don’t even hear from him.  I’m not complaining and I would prefer to put all my relationship energy into my running again rather than into him.

I did have a third prolotherapy treatment down in the big city a month ago. Recall prolo is dextrose and pain killer injected into the area causing pain with the intent to send your bodies resources there to deal with the invader.  Perhaps Wolverine isn’t into sugar.  My doctor up here did the treatment for me just yesterday.  My big-city sports doctor gave me a lesson on how to instruct her.

Here was the lesson:

  1. place the needle in the area causing the most pain
  2. push the needle in until you hit bone
  3. back off a little bit
  4. inject as much dextrose as the patient can tolerate.

Okay, just saying that hurts.   It’s actually only bad when the needle first goes in and hits the bone, then it’s not so bad – honest.



Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, Kobi and I were featured in the September/October issue of Canadian Running Magazine. We were in an article about runners and their rescue dogs.  Four other really cool folks with rescue dogs were also featured.  Check it out.  And here’s Kobi’s public service announcement:  please adopt, don’t shop if you’re looking for a canine companion.


Famous dog

Don’t forget we’re on Instagram (@outdoorrunning) and Facebook (Kobi the Adventure Dog).  Follow us there and you’ll see cool photos of Kobi on a daily basis.

The next post should involve me raving about all the amazing snow, assuming I manage to post before June.

Happy running everyone!

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Mid run kisses







Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

19 thoughts on “Pre-Winter Update

  1. I absolutely loved my visit to see you guys. Oh so many laughs. Met such wonderful people…you have a great community and wicked friends. Can’t wait to come back. That prolonged therapy looks sick. You are one tough chick. Goodbye wolverine.

    • Everyone says the people are the best up here. And you didn’t even get to meet all my wicked friends! Next trip. I’m sill so stoked you came up for a visit. Prolotherapy does hurt a bit but it sure feels great a few days later! Wolverine is so yesterday!

  2. I absolutely loved my visit to see you guys. Oh so many laughs. Met such wonderful people…you have a great community and wicked friends. Can’t wait to come back. That prolo therapy looks sick. You are one tough chick. Goodbye wolverine.

  3. I’m glad that you’re back running. Wolverine isn’t good for you. Just stay away!

    • I’m so happy to be running too! I. Feel the urge to start race planning already too! Wolverine isn’t my type it turns out. I’m glad he’s nearly gone!!

  4. Happy birthday Kobi!! Congrats on your magazine article! I’m not the best with needles especially those that go in the foot, you are BRAVE. Hope you continue feeling better, going to stalk you on Facebook now (;

    • Kobi had a great day on her birthday. Although we make sure every day is a great day! Needles in the feet hurt. I’m building character though – that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Stalk us away on Facebook! We love that! Hope you and Zeke are doing well!

  5. Happy birthday Kobi! And you won a pedicure?! I need to run in races like that. I was beat by a 15 year old once and I know the feeling! So glad to see that you are back at the running!

    • It was a small race but had the best prizes! I’m determined to train extra hard for next years event so I can at least make that ‘kid’ just a little worried. Lol. We’re too competitive. I’m very happy to be back running more consistently. I hope to start moving up in mileage soon!!

  6. I LOVE your dog. He is so beautiful.

  7. Girl- you are brave!!! Running outdoors is so much fun. Best of luck on your future runs! Check out my latest half marathon recap at https://courtneylivin.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/richmond-half-marathon/

  8. Somehow I missed this post. Just the description of your treatment gives me the chills. That sounds painful. Hopefully the treatment is working and you will have a much better 2017 running wise. And…WOW, I did not clue in that you and Kobi were featured in Canadian Running magazine. That is so cool. Congratulations to both of you! 🙂

    • Getting a large needle jammed into your heel is not very comfortable at all. I’ve had six treatments now an it’s much better, still hurts a bit post run, but that’s okay.

      Kobi is my little superstar. The features on the other runners and their rescue dogs was pretty cool. It was neat that they featured “mutts”. Often only designer dogs get featured as good running dogs, but mixed breeds are pretty awesome too!!

      • lol….the term “Designer Dogs” I have never heard before but I know exactly what you are referring to. Having grown up on a farm we always had “mutts” around. I miss having a dog. Where I live now there would not be the freedom for a dog compared to what we had on the farm.

      • I’m not sure where I heard designer dogs or if I made it up, but it fits hey!? Mutts are awesome dogs. I think they aren’t given the credit they deserve for having desirable traits. Probably because you don’t always know the mix! It would be tough not having a dog, but if I lived in an apartment in the city it would be so challenging to give a dog the lifestyle they love and need! You can live vicariously through me and Kobi 🙂🙂

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