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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Time Flies


Casper August

Casper says hi

Hi y’all. I’ve been somewhat absent for a while.  It’s all that gardening, lawn mowing and outside adventuring taking up my time (and watching the Olympics most recently).  Anyway, here are some points to get you up to speed since my last post (Summit Runnit):

  • Drove 1400km south to visit my folks and adventure with Kobi. We paddled, biked, and ran lots. Kobi met her social media boyfriend Cash (@eastcoastlaine on Instagram) and they hiked and played on their first real date.
Cash August.jpg

Kobi and her boyfriend Cash on an action date


  • Bought a fat bike and named him Fat Boy Slim. All my bikes are boys by the way. My tri bike is named Magnum (after the ice cream bar I eat after I ride) and my cyclo-cross is named Marcus. I like naming things. Recall my heel spur has affectionately been named Wolverine.

That’s Fat Boy Slim in the background and Kobi post mud role



  • Ran my one and only race of 2016 in early August, The Emperor’s Challenge, in Tumbler Ridge. First time I haven’t actually raced a race, but rather participated. I was so grossly undertrained for this one thanks to Wolverine.  At least I ran it.  I have to say it feels kind of nice not to run so hard that you feel like puking the entire time. I recovered much faster too. Wolverine still joined me as he likes destination runs, but I think our relationship is becoming a bit strained. I’m ready for him to leave, but he’s not. We need counselling.

It was a very foggy and rainy run up and down a mountain

  • And, Kobi is still awesome and we’re still adventuring lots together.

This is how Kobi looks after 6 days of adventuring and a 3 hour paddle.  Tired.

There, now you’re up to speed. Now onto recent events, the black bear situation in this neck of the woods is something else this year. Every day for over a month now I have seen 1-2 bears and not while I’m out driving around, but while I’m out walking, running or biking.  I can’t count how many times strangers driving by have stopped to warn me of a bear up ahead.

I’ve run into one big dude a lot.  He scares me. He’s gone so far as snorting and growling at me when I’ve walked by him while he’s lurking in the woods.  Kobi typically smells them first and warns me by getting in her puffy dragon pose and staring at one spot.  She chases them when they come in her yard.

bear august

Too close for comfort.  Kobi hates bears.


Another exciting near miss was a few weeks ago.  I rode Fat Boy Slim to the lake and about 2 minutes ahead of me was a sow with 2 cubs.  Kobi picked up the scent and went crazy.  I was oblivious to the potential hazard and didn’t see mama and cubs.  Fortunately there were some folks at the lake who had seen her and were quite concerned about our well-being and how we had made it to the lake in one piece.  They put Kobi in the van and drove her out with their dogs and I rode like a maniac beside their van.


Splish splash.  We’re happy when we don’t see a bear

I have to say I’m really looking forward to winter. I’m so done with the bears.


Our mountain run a few weeks ago in Stone Mountain Provincial Park.  A 1.3hour drive from my house.  Jelly?

What are your thoughts on large predators?  Would you still go outside?  Ever adventure too much with your dog?  Do you like my fat bike/tractor? 

Remember we’re on Instagram (@outdoorruning) and Facebook (Kobi the Adventure Dog) if you need a daily dose of Kobi!


Fun on our last run



Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

9 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I think you are a total bad@$$ for still going outside with bears and wolves. Cash and I encounter bears at home too but he is oblivious to the danger. No help at all. But he’s cute and loyal so I forgive him.

  2. Bears everywhere! !!! When I lived in Ontario we had a dump on site (outdoor centre/summer camp) and we constantly had bears. People would drive up and watch them climb in the dumpsters! I always hated running down our main road out (4.5k) as I feared the bears. Sure hope Wolverine takes permanent hike soon.

    • Bears love dumps! They have a huge electric fence around our dump in town as there would be like 40 bears hanging out and drawing in people who wanted to watch them.

      I’m with you about Wolverine. I’m so done with him.

  3. Love the photo of Kobi and Cash. I love following you on FB and Insta so I can get my fill of Kobi photos.

    I don’t think I could run with bears around. The more I learn about black bears, the more they scare me.

    • Cash is the sweetest guy. He’s so laid back. He’s perfect for Kobi!! Happy to hear you follow us on FB and IG, I just love posting photos of my girl!

      Black bears are scary and up here there are predatory ones. Those ones are the worst as they hunt you and you don’t always know they’re there until they decide to make their move. I always carry bear spray and I’m so glad Kobi keeps an eye out for them too.

  4. Always amazed how you get such great “action photos” of you and Kobi for your photos. I am sure you don’t always have that luxury of having someone to take them for you and it is incredible how they turn out.

    Am so glad you were able to run the Emperor’s Challenge. It would have been really tough on you not having to participate in any race.

    That is staggering the amount of bears you have seen this last while. About 90% of my running is now in the woods, this year I run with a bear bell. There are a couple of black bears in there and have been seen by another trail runner, though I have not seen them myself (suits me fine). So glad people are watching out for you and you and Kobi have been safe!

    Love your fat tire bike. It will be fun for you testing it out in the snow as well come winter. With all the grief with wolverine you definitely deserve this.

    And a big “hi” back to Casper! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments Carl!

      I really love my GoPro. I suspect I won’t have my own cameraman following us around anytime soon so the GoPro works pretty good!

      I’m glad your bears are keeping a low profile. I don’t mind wildlife, but I don’t like when bears don’t run away when they see us.

      I’m so happy to have run the Emperors Challenge. That older fellow who runs couldn’t make it as he was quite ill. The race director had a book out for all the participants to sign. Apparently he and his family were quite moved to receive that. I hope he can run next year.

      Take care and I look forward to your next post! Oh, and Casper says thanks for the ‘hi’!

  5. Awww, the book is such a beautiful gesture from the race director. I really love the camaraderie of the trail running community, and it was touching to read this. I do hope he can run next year.

    The Go Pro does take amazing pictures.

    I am fortunate with the bears, they do keep a low profile. Have seen them from far off and only encountered one these last few years, and it ran away quickly when I made lots of noise.

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