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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Sore Feet



Howdy everyone.  I know, it’s been a while.  I have tried several times to write a post and I either get 2 sentences or 2 paragraphs in and then just hit delete.  Truth is I’m still bummed and struggling with my return to running and I doubt you want to read a post about what books I’m reading or the toque (that’s winter hat for you all south of the 49th parallel) I’m knitting.  If you do, comment below and I’ll provide some book reviews and knitting patterns.

Turns out, I have stuff to say now, so here goes.  First off, Kobi hurt herself, poor girl.  She was staying at her Godmommas house while I was out of town.  They  went for a walk and Kobi stepped on glass and sliced her toe up pretty good.  I blame the #%@hole who smashed his beer bottle in the woods – I’m sending bad juju to you jerk.


Injured Kobi face

It was a bad enough cut that she couldn’t walk on it, but because we don’t have a vet in town and I wasn’t home until 2 days later she never went to a vet.  It wouldn’t have been stitchable by then  anyway.  I did talk to my nurse and doctor friend and we agreed that gluing it would be the best option so we glued it.  Kobi also wore a little red santa sock for extra protection, but proceeded to lose the little red santa sock and just the other day she re-found the little red santa sock!  She’s so smart.  She wanted it lost until she didn’t need it anymore then she wanted it found.  My dog is a freakin’ genius.  She is healing up well.  She’ll have a scar, but she’s putting all her weight on it and she should be back running like normal very soon.


See her santa sock?

Okay, now onto my running woes.  I have been running a teensy bit and hiking a teensy bit.  My foot hurts a lot when I do these things as it seems Wolverine really likes hanging out with me (go here if that made absolutely no sense).  Can’t blame him, I am cool and interesting (and can knit).


Nice view hey?  One of our teensy hikes.

In my desperation, I went to see a sports doctor in the big city just last week and she said it sounds like it is just plantar fasciitis because of the heel spur  Wolverine.  She didn’t rule out Tarsel Tunnel Syndrome though (recall this post – I am a freakin’ genius).  Anyhoo, she suggested some alternate therapy so I went for it.  Ever heard of prolotherapy?  That’s fancy for dextrose and lidocaine injected where the pain is.  I will say it hurts to have a large needle stabbed into your heel and a bunch of fluid injected into it, but at this stage of the game, it you told me rubbing chipmunk pee on my heel would help, I’d go for it.


This isn’t prolotherapy, its electrical acupuncture, something else I tried.

I shall provide updates as to whether the prolotherapy seems to help or not.  I did run 2.7km on the treadmill (while Kobi rested on her princess bed) 3 days ago and didn’t suffer excruciating pain afterwards, but my 4km run outside yesterday did cause near excruciating pain.

One final bit of news is that this coming Sunday is my local mountain race.  I’m a bit bummed that I can’t actually run my guts out.  My plan is to hobble up to the top, hang out and take photos of all the other awesome runners and hikers and then either hobble back down or catch a ride with the park ranger.  Kobi will be there and will help with crowd control.  I will for sure post about this amazingly epic event (PS  I’m making handmade medals again).



Kobi is checking out the race route.

Oh, and it snowed the other day – okay that was the final final bit of news.  Happy Global Running Day everyone!

Ever had prolotherapy?  What about electrical acupuncture?  What are your thoughts on these “alternative” treatments?  Wouldn’t you love to run in my mountains?  Your thoughts on snow in May?

May 28 snow.jpg

It really snowed on May 28th!


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

16 thoughts on “Sore Feet

  1. Hugs to Kobi. Glad she is healing up. I have never heard of prolotherapy but am interested in the results from your treatments. I love your May 28 snow photo for the fact that you are carrying the essentials … bear spray and an iPhone 🙂 Have a great event at the Summit Run It. Take lots of photos so that I can live vicariously. Hope you evict Wolverine soon unless he is looking to join your knitting club.

    • Ya, my poor girl. Dogs just don’t show pain much either. That makes it tough as I know she needs to be reined in, but she wants to go go go.

      There is another treatment where they withdraw your blood, spin it down and inject some part of it back into the sore spot. I didn’t have time to make that appointment or I would’ve gone for it.

      I was curious if folks would catch the bear spray. They are everywhere already!

      I’m looking forward to the race. I know you’ll get up here one day for it!

      I’m done with Wolverine too, honeymoon is over. He needs to go.

  2. Kobi hurting herself and your injury all suck. I couldn’t do prolotherapy. I barely can stand to get my vaccines, so a huge needle is a no go.

  3. Poor Kobi, hope it heals well. Snow, I can’t believe you got snow….crazy!!!! Sure hope the new treatment works for you as well.

  4. Oh man, I’m sorry to be missing the summit run! It was going to be my first year doing it. My friend has one of those homemade medals hanging on her rear view mirror and I’ve been wanting one of my own! I hope the weather is good and there is no SNOW!

    • That’s too bad you’ll be missing it! Next year! Forecast is looking good so far so I’m hoping it stays like that. You never know what will happen in the mountains though!

  5. I am so, so, sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. I had PF for several months and I turned into a nasty person. It is so painful that even after it went away, I had phantom pain. I am a huge fan of acupuncture in any form. I truly believe it is amazing. I also saw that you can buy TENS units off of Amazon for a very reasonable price and figure, why not?! Self massage also works wonders to break up that junk. Hugs to Kobi too. Poor baby!

    • It is the worst! I never knew PF hurt like this! I’m checking out a TENS unit tonight! Great advice! Self massage is hard as it hurts so much. I do roll it and use a ball to try to break things up.

      Kobi says thank you for the hugs. Hugs make her feel much better!

  6. Awww Angie, both you and Kobi are true troopers. This must be so difficult. I had plantar fasciitis several years ago. I was playing soccer on hard packed beach sand in my bare feet with my kids. The next day I could barely walk with the pain in my right heel. It took a long, time to heal. Never want a reoccurrence so I do stretches in the feet and am almost overkill for cushioning when I run.

    Seeing your Facebook post the other day, I thought it might have been the summit run.. I do want to make it out there eventually, but it may not be for 4 or 5 years. So good of you to make those handmade medals! 🙂

    • I always love your comments Carl. Plantar fasciitis is very frustrating! It feels like I’ll never be pain free. I’m doing a lot of stretching and strengthening work so hopefully that helps. That would be so neat if you came up here for the race one day! No pressure!!

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