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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Spring (ish)



I thought I should get a post out before April came along so here goes…

My heel spur, now named Wolverine, is very angry.  To refresh your memory, in my last post here, I decided to name my heel spur and landed on Wolverine as that reminds me of Hugh Jackman, and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Hugh.

Anyhoo, that bony little hook must be made of Adamantium, just like Wolverine’s claws, as it feels pretty indestructible and sort of like a hot, searing, sharp spike trying to cut through the flesh of my heel.  Yes folks, it really feels like that.  Not the most useful spot to have a steel spike even if you are a superhero.


Kobi reassuring me that everything will be okay

While I’m on the whiny wagon, I may as well continue feeling sorry for myself as this little Adamantium claw in my heel means I will not be running my first planned half marathon on May 1.  There’s  80 bucks I wont be getting back, but I will be saving hundreds of dollars on hotel and flight expenses, I  guess there’s always an upside.


How I typically deal with injuries, pretend I can’t see them

Because of Wolverine’s angry return, the bike trainer has been seeing a significant increase in use which means I get to watch a bit more television than usual – that could also be considered an upside.  Kobi sometimes sleeps while I ride, but more often she just barks to go outside and then barks to come back inside about every 3 minutes.  It’s her way of getting back at me for not being able to take her for a nice long 1.5 hour jaunt through the woods.

blog march 21 b.jpg

How our lives used to look

In other news, I am at least able to walk Kobi and she is tolerating my slower speed, but not so much the reduced distance.  I can also cross-country ski.  We had a little warm snap which turned the ski trails to ice, but then it snowed again so the ice is now covered by a deceptive little layer of snow that has hidden the danger beneath, but ignorance is bliss.  Did I mention that I am not keen on breaking a hip?  It’s one of my many fears, you know, along with my irrational fear of vampires, dinosaurs, and yeti.

blog march 21 e.JPG

At least we can cover more ground on skis

Well, enough about me.  Hope you’re all having a lovely spring.

What’s your go-to exercise when you can’t run?  Favorite television show that you hardly get to watch?  What’s scarier, vampires or a yeti?  

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

19 thoughts on “Spring (ish)

  1. Damn Wolverine ruining your running travels. Drinking wine and knitting while wishing i was running 😉 or workout videos. Favorite TV show i rarely get to watch…Blue Bloods. I think it is my childhood crush on Donnie Walhberg when he was a New Kid on the Block. Vampires are way scarier; Yeti’s could possibly be enticed into an epic day of tobogganing. Hang tough.

    • Ha ha. You need your own blog! On the upside, I have that weekend free if you wanted to get together for some knitting and wine drinking with me somewhere? I should be able to get all my winter knitting for 2017 done by June 2016 at this rate – another upside. Agree that vampires are way scarier. Now I want to find a yeti and see if he or she will go tobogganing with me and Kobi!

  2. Might be a challenge in your northern location, but I have just the exercise routine for helping to ignore Wolverine… I have never been much into running, unless I have to chase someone…which actually happens from time to time in my line of work. But I love to hike, bike, kayak and here’s the best one – swim! I do have to admit that I live about a mile and a half from a gorgeous new country-club-like fitness center with multiple indoor and outdoor lap pools, so it’s pretty easy for me to do all year. I hope you find relief soon, love the pictures cous!

    • I have that song in my head now ‘bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you’. Sorry!

      I am getting a kayak this year for sure! I like to SUP, but I think Kobi would prefer the comfort of a kayak.

      Country club sounds so swanky. I bet it is swanky. We do have a nice pool up here fortunately and I do swim twice a week but I think I need to increase that a bit in the interim anyway!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. You might like to try the true blood tv series (the books were better-all titled dead something club dead, dead after dark ect) it might help you get over your fear of vampires. (Exposure is key in getting over a fear) sometimes the Aptn will play reruns of northern exposure- I love that Joel fleischmann. The outlander tv series starts up April 10th so hang in there. I wish I was out there cross country skiing with you! Try indoor rock climbing and pretend you are training to be on the American ninja warrior show. I had to mourn the fact that running wasn’t in my repertoire anymore. Then I tried the gym: boot camp, Zumba, cycle fit. I did that for a few years until that hurt my knee too. I haven’t been at the gym for about a year now and when the weather is nice I go for bike rides or walks in nature with the kids. The gym was lacking the outdoor experience. Death to Wolverine! Good luck. 💓

    • I’ve heard exposure is key to getting over a fear. I’m not quite ready for that.

      I love that show Northern Exposure! So far I’m watching. Ellen, Last Man on Earth, Amazing Race, Modern Family and Masterchef Canada. That’s a lot!

      Just so happens I work part time at an indoor climbing gym so I am climbing more (except I have to watch my shoulder as I tweaked that awhile ago climbing).

      Sounds like you did a lot at the gym!

      Maybe in a month or less I can bike outside. Kobi likes that!

      Thanks for the supportive words! Hopefully Wolverine leaves soon!!

  4. Boo on the heal spur!

    I really should stop complaining about the cold. Everytime I grumble about it, you post one of your photos with a bajillion feet of snow and ice. Something to cheer you up. Pipcorn is on its way! I’m mailing it tomorrow!

    • Ya, heel spurs suck. It’s warmed up a fair bit up here, but the snow keeps coming down. We might see the sun once a week. I’m tired of the grey.

      I’m very excited about the pipcorn. I will make sure to exercise control and eat it slowly!! Thank you again!!

  5. Boo! That heel spur sounds nasty – I hope it heels soon. Indoor biking and elliptical – which suck – but I got caught up with Scandal this winter and I just started Gilmore Girls. We also got a blast of winter today after 70F this weekend. Spring is weird.

    • Thanks. I hope it eases up soon. Thank goodness for indoor sports equipment. They suck, but they have a purpose! Good tv program choices. I remember Gilmore Girls from years back – good show. March is the month that cannot make up its mind weather-wise. One day summer then back to winter again.

  6. Sorry to hear the Wolverine is back. Hope it get’s better soon. I’m doing more yoga and loving it (well, once a week). I did not do well with not running a lot last year while injured – walking, yoga, cycling when I could.

  7. Heal! Heel! Heal! Heel! (Poor Kobe – hope he’s being patient with you.) When I can’t dance or walk, I go crazy. Yoga at least keeps me sane. Like you, I’m very careful to not FALL; I want to move every day.
    I’m not even sure what a yeti is, so I’m afraid of vampires. 🙂

    • Ha ha! Kobi is a trooper, but I feel so bad. Yoga is something I need to do more of. I need to stop saying that and just do it! A yeti is like a northern version of a Sasquatch. Usually portrayed as white and hairy and elusive like Sasquatch 😜

  8. Oh Angie, I am so sorry to hear of the return of that heel spur (Wolverine). I can’t even imagine how painful this must be. Plus painful in they you are not able to run like you would like.

    The stair climber is the one piece of equipment I go to when not running, but usually not because of injury. Either too dark or too icy to run (and I am a wimp…lol). My gym is only a couple of blocks from work, and sometimes I will drop in after work.

    Thank for sharing and please take care.


    • Thanks Carl. I think I have more than the heel spur surfacing now 🙁. I haven’t used a stair climber in ages, I used to love them! That’s nice that there is a gym so close to your work. Thanks for reading! It’s always so nice to hear from you!!

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