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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Baby it’s Cold Outside


Wow, 2 posts in a month?  Don’t fall out of your chair in shock like I nearly did.

Here’s the long and short of it:  it got cold, quite cold actually, but now it’s warmed up a bit.

Here’s more detail, one run was in -23C, one was in -27C, and one was in a balmy -19C.  That’s -9F, -16F, and -2F if you don’t have access to a universal temperature translator.


This is what running in -23C looks like.  Kobi is checking out my lashes

On our -19C run, we had a house guest.  Kobi’s friend Zola, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, came over for a sleep-over and of course we all had to go for a run.  Fortunately for Zola it was only -19C as she has less hair than I do and gets pretty cold.  She has a snazzy Ruffwear jacket to keep her warm and stylish.


Out with the girls.  Only -19C!

We ended up exploring several snowmobile trails behind where I live.  The girls probably ran closer to 16km where I only ran 11km.  They’re much faster than me and had to come back several times to make sure I was still tagging along.  It’s hard running on packed snow trails in case you’re wondering.  Imagine running on a few inches of dry sand on top of wet sand, but you’re wearing several layers of clothing and dealing with a bitter wind biting into your face the entire time.  Okay, so that’s not like running in sand, but you kind of get what I’m getting at? Maybe?


Sun runners

I also think the cold has caused a vitamin deficiency that can only be replenished through the mass consumption of chocolate because I’ve been eating chocolate the way a sailor with scurvy would attack a box of oranges.   It’s been out of control.  Sadly there is a lot of chocolate in my house so I’m still working on topping up whatever cold weather induced deficiency I have.

Hope you’re all staying warm and looking stylish like Zola.

Now it’s your turn…What’s the coldest temperature you have/would run in?  Sand or snow?  Favourite chocolate (mine is currently Lindt salted caramel)?  Sunrise or sunsets?  Mutts or purebreds?  

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

26 thoughts on “Baby it’s Cold Outside

  1. Burr that’s cold!!! Props to you for getting out there!!! I had some pretty cold runs in Colorado but I don’t think I ever when out if it was negative.
    I love that picture of you and your dog with the sun behind you!

    • We’d be stuck inside until April if we didn’t just get out there! It’s a excuse for me to have tons of different winter running gear.
      I like that picture too – thanks!

  2. Good for you. Brrr just thinking of it.
    I have run in the snow when I was in NS and it was cold but not sure it was as cold as what you were running in.
    My fave chocolate is anything with peanut butter in it. 🙂
    I love sunrises and sunsets equally.

  3. Wow – that is seriously cold! I can’t believe you run in it – nice job! The coldest I’ve done is 10F but it was pretty sunny and I was wearing fleece-pants so I survived LOL!

    • I’m glad you survived! I have layering down to a science. I know what shirts to wear at -15C vs -20C. Huge difference in clothing requirements. The amount of laundry I have to do is phenomenal though.

  4. My coldest run was -12 C in Seoul last winter. When I took my hat off, my head was steaming. I can’t imagine -27! I’m a cool weather runner, but definitely sand over snow.

    • That would’ve looked cool! In -27 you wear 2 hats and they don’t come off until you’re inside. Cool weather is ideal. My dog likes that as well. I do like packed sand for running, I just seem to have access to more snow than sand.

      • Wow, two hats. That must also mean several pairs of socks. I see what you mean about the laundry! Kudos to you.

      • Two hats, 2 shirts, 2 pants, gloves and mitts and a neck warmer (sometimes 2). Just one pair of socks though. Good wool socks and Salomon snow cross shoes. They are like two shoes in one so your feet stay pretty toasty!

  5. wow I can’t believe even Kobi needed a jacket, that is COLD!!! We ran yesterday morning in low 20s (F) w/ 42mph wind gusts. It wasn’t too bad after the first mile. I dont think Zeke and I have ever run in negative numbers, single digits only. I wonder how long we would last. We still have no snow, I fear it may be a snowless winter and that has me depressed. I’m partial to the Cadbury chocolate bars- the one with caramel in it. YUM.

    • I only put a jacket on Kobi when it’s colder than -18C. That’s the limit I’ve decided for her. 42mph wind gusts sound horrible! I do not like running in wind. I bet you’d adjust to the cold pretty fast – especially if there is snow! Cadbury caramel sounds delicious! I love chocolate and caramel. Happy running!! PS. I hope you get some snow this winter!

  6. Brrrrrrrr! I think I tap out around -10C but not that often.

  7. I’m in awe of your running abilities, and of your running companions! I used to run every day in the SF Bay area, but it was ‘cold’ if it reached down to 40! Ha. Then we moved to New England, and I tried to run and walk when it was below 20 degrees F. But I have a huge problem with eyes flowing with tears if the temp is below freezing. Then they freeze into icicles, and I can’t see. My dog Henry used to try to wipe them off for me as I was removing ice from between his paws. I finally got a type of ‘doggy paw vaseline’ to put on his feet before we walked outside, but found nothing to help me with my eyes.

    • Temperature is such a relative thing. I’m in awe of people who run in the rain, but I reckon if it rained all the time I’d run in it. Running with a dog changes things too, she has a routine and I have to stick to it!

      Interesting about your eyes. Mine sometimes water, but it’s only at the very start and then it stops. Could you wear something over them?

      I use Mushers Secret on Kobi’s paws when we have fresh snow. I also put it on my face – keeps me from freezing my skin off.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment!!

  8. You have the most incredible pictures! Love them all!

  9. lol….the cold definitely makes me vitamin deficient which makes me consume lots of it. And look out, they are now clearing out valentines stock. My favourite both for the health benefits and the strong, intense flavour is the Lindt 90% Cacao content bars. “Usually” have 2 squares a day, but don’t always keep that restrained. 🙂

    My coldest run was just 2 days ago, a -23C (-31C windchill). We finally got some frigid temperatures where I live. Always love your pictures Angie. Do you set up a camera on auto timer? Love the photos showing the sweat turns to frost….and your white eyelashes in the 1st shot! LOVE IT! 🙂


    • 90% cocoa is awesome! I like the really dark stuff too! -23C is cold. It seems you create your own windchill moving through it too! I use a remote for a my GoPro so it’s kind of like a timer. So happy you like my photos. I love the white eyelashes too. I need -20C or colder to get those! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Apologies for replying so late!!

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