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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi




Happy New Year everyone!

I am not one to make resolutions and I have set no running goals this year as I’ve found life is quite unpredictable lately so it’s best to just roll with it. I say this mostly because of the bony hook growing out of the middle of my heel.  Nothing like a bone spur to put a damper on one’s running goals.

I am running 3-4 times per week, but I need a day off between runs. I’m working on slowly increasing my mileage each run each week and will see if any particular distance starts giving me more grief than another.  I can live with that.  It’s far better to be running than not running at all.


Running with friends rocks


Kobi and I ran on New Year’s Eve and saw the last sunset of 2015. I did not run New Year’s Day – recall the paragraph above – but did head up the highway to the mountains on January 2.


Last sunset of 2015 – 4:24PM MST

I felt compelled to do something that scared me to kick off 2016 and landed on doing a solo hike up a mountain. It’s a bit unnerving to be out in the middle of nowhere by yourself with nothing but your wits, a multi-tool and some extra clothing (I also had some butter tarts and chocolate covered almond butter balls for snacks).  There was not one other soul out that day, except for a ptarmigan.


That’s my soul’s shadow

Kobi lead the way as usual, but I was following along at a pretty good clip. When the first summit finally came into view, the wind also picked up.  Picked up is actually an understatement.  If I used expletives in this blog, there would be several inserted here to describe the wind.  My visions of sharing a butter tart with my dog while enjoying the view (and taking some rad photos) were entirely squashed.


I had to stay low to the ground so as not to get blown off the mountain

I actually got a little scared at this point and made the executive decision to leave the mountain. Kobi did not object and did what any faster friend would do, hightailed it down the mountain leaving me in the dust – literally.  She did stop periodically to check to make sure I was still following her.  Likely because she can’t drive and needs me to get her back home to her princess bed.

All in all it was an exciting kick-off to 2016 and I’ll probably do something like that again this winter – any excuse to eat butter tarts and chocolate covered almond butter balls (if you want the recipe, just ask).


Kobi says Happy New Year

Happy 2016 everyone! Do you like to do things that scare you?  How did you kick off 2016? Ever see a ptarmigan (wild chicken that turns white during the winter to help stay camouflaged)?  What’s your go-to high calorie, highest fat possible snack?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

9 thoughts on “Happy MMXVI

  1. Love that you did something that scares you on Jan 2nd – way to start the year. I’ve been sick with a head cold so I’m slacking behind!
    I’m actually thinking of doing something adventurous for my birthday in July. Maybe not adventurous for some but for me it will be (running 36 km for my age). We’ll see if it happens 🙂
    Happy 2016!

  2. Your hike looks amazing, I’m glad that you are already spending 2016 outside! I think I saw a ptarmigan one time in Colorado- pretty cool looking birds!

    • This particular hike is awesome! The views are amazing when the weather is good! Kobi makes sure we’re outside as much as possible regardless of the season.

      That’s cool you saw a Ptarmigan, they are neat birds.

  3. All about the food !
    Mountain sounds good, love following your adventures.

  4. This is so cool. I do really enjoy hiking solo, though it would definitely would not have the isolation that you have. This years New Year was simply watching movies and playing board games with the family.
    I have always loved the high adrenaline stuff, but have mellowed since a mountain bike crash that left me with a broken wrist and whiplash 4 years ago.
    When you get in your 50’s, things take longer to heal. it is only since then I started to run, and am getting more into the trail running.
    It’s been 25 years since I had a good hike/climb in the mountains, and I miss them. Am a bit envious (but happy for you) that you get to do this! 🙂

    • We also watched movies and played cards! It’s nice to have time to do those things!
      That bike crash sounds scary. I don’t like crashing or falling. It seems every year I get older I take longer to heal! We just have to be more careful.
      I hope you get in a mountain hike at some point soon, or mountain trail run! That would be awesome!
      Thanks so much for your comments Carl! I always look forward to them!!

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