Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Cool Runnings



Most epic dog ever!

It’s been so long I’m quite certain most of you have forgotten about me.  I’m still kicking in case you were wondering.

My last post spoke about that jagged little hook growing out of my heel.  Well, it’s still there and it still hurts, but I am running.  It isn’t hurting more, but it isn’t getting better so I figure I may as well keep running. I am hoping I’ll just pound that spur off eventually.

I am still adventuring, but due to the recent cold snap our outdoor adventures last about an hour.    Did you know that running in snow shoes or just in the snow alone (even in the most epic shoe ever made – the Salomon Snowcross) takes much longer than snow free.  I am dwelling more on effort and less on distance right now.


Just out chatting and running

Not to make this a post about me and my woes, but I will take a paragraph of your time.  My absence is due to the fact that I now work two jobs.  Thanks to the downturn in the oil and gas world, I lost my dreamy job.  I won’t opt for the “fly in fly out” model where I work for a week or two in another community because I have this cool dog named Kobi who means the world to me so I opted to stay put so we could continue to hang out on a daily basis.


How could I leave this girl?

I will say that working two jobs has taken meal preparation and scheduling things like exercise and running errands to a whole new level.

Perhaps one day I’ll work a normal job with a normal routine and I’ll just be that much more organized.  Ha!  Who am I kidding!  I’ll last .7 hours and I’ll be back to my usual procrastinating self.

Have you missed me?  You probably have missed Kobi, she is pretty cool.  Is it cold where you live?  Snowcross or snowshoes?  Do you even own either?  Thoughts on meal preparation?  Are you ready for Christmas??


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

24 thoughts on “Cool Runnings

  1. I enjoyed your Blog today.

  2. Awe that sucks about your dream job Ang😕 I hope it is short lived and you are back at it soon. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Well yaaaaaa snow running is a huge amount of work and when snow free conditions come you will be even stronger.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and get some relax time.

    • Thanks friend! As they say, all good things come to an end. Onwards and upwards! I do love running in the snow, it justifies some serious eating! Have a great Christmas too!

  3. Your photos are the most wicked ever! I hear you on the scheduling and meal planning. It is strange to be eating breakfast, making lunches and searing meat for a crockpot supper. Every once in a while there is a morning where all i have to do is run with the dog and enjoy a cup of coffee. Bliss.

    • Those moments are pure bliss aren’t they! I reckon we appreciate those simple things much more when we’re spread thin the majority of the time. Thanks for the photo comment. I do love my model and our backyard playground!

  4. Your pictures are amazing and are making me incredibly jealous! kudos for you for working so hard and still making time to better yourself. it’s not easy, but you’re killing it.

    • Thank you so much. We have some spectacular scenery up here! It’s so true that you never know how good you have it until you don’t. Just have to roll with it as that’s the easiest way. I’ve also become pretty good at getting a lot of baking and meals done in a short amount of time plus running my wing girl! The housework and laundry suffer some weeks!

  5. Love these photos!! Looks chilly. I am very excited for xmas and the new year to come! Thanks for your post!

    • Thanks! It is chilly. We’ve been averaging -20C, but it’s a dry cold. Lol. I can’t believe it’s Christmas next week already! I am not ready. I think that adds to the excitement though 😊😊

  6. Ah, so you have all the winter. It’s been very balmy here in NYC. I’ve been enjoying my daily Kobi on FB. Bandit says hello.

  7. Yes we’ve missed you, been checking for a post from you! Sorry to hear about your job, you’re an awesome dog parent to make that sacrifice. Kobi is looking gorgeous as usual. Zeke& I ran tonight and were happy it was colder than usual, “only” 46. :p we are eagerly awaiting winter.

    • Oh! Freezer crock pot meals! Twice a month I’ll make a few on my day off for times where I’m just too tired to cook. Mmmm crock pot chili, I eat it for days in a row. Could go for some right now…

    • Aw! I’ve missed you guys too! I love seeing Zeke’s photos and hearing how awesome he’s doing. Maybe you’ll get winter soon. It seems we’re hogging it up here!

  8. You have some seriously epic photos on this post. I’m loving it! It was “cold” here for about two days…just two, and now we are having some “wonderful spring weather”… for christmas.
    I also work two jobs. Both of unpredictable time-tables, but one is 40-60 hours/week and the other is on an “as work comes in” basis. Normally I have no issues getting the tasks for the as it comes job finished and still pull off training… but lately… eh. I’m doing the bulk of running for an ultra…or would be, if not for a sudden onset of plantar pain. Smart move, sticking with the pup.
    Take care! Stay warm.

    • It sounds like a lot of places are getting weirdly warm weather. I like winter to be winter. April can behave like all the seasons but not December. Wow, your jobs sound like a challenge. That’s awesome you still get training in. I don’t wish any runner plantar pain. I hope it goes away for you! I’m also glad I stayed with the pup. She’s my universe! And she puts up with me! That’s a true keeper!

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