Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Where Does All the Time Go??


dog and horses

Kobi and the unicorns

Holy doodle, it has been a while since my last post!  Every week I mean to write a post to fill you in on my adventures, but somehow I run out of time.  So much has happened, but I’ll just dazzle you with the epic highlights in 400 words or less.

dog chasing butterflies

Just chasing butterflies

My first planned race of the year was cancelled so my next first race of the year will be June 20 – the Summit Run-It, the one I’m organizing.  We capped it at 40 people.  It will be epic.

dog eating ice cream

Summer time means ice cream time

We’re in full-on summer, except the odd day where it turns to near winter again.  That means the days are super long, the flying pinchers are out (the most dreaded insect of the north), the wild roses are blooming, and the bears are out again.

long horned wood borer

These large flying beetles smell my fear and always land on me.

I had my first bear encounter of the year last weekend.  The bear was where I needed to go and there was only one way out.  I wrangled Kobi up and got her on the leash and then attempted to get my bear spray out of my hydration vest.  I keep it in the outside pocket on the very back of the vest.  I nearly dislocated something trying to remove the canister without taking the vest off.  My arm joints stayed in place, but I did lose its cool case in my panic.  The bear eventually wandered back into the woods after a stare down and Kobi and I proceeded to run our guts out to get back home.  Reason #27 why I like winter.

dog in grass

Kobi likes all the seasons

In other news, we’re getting a brand new sparkly aquatic centre that opens June 21, I’m very excited.  And I learned how to climb a rope in CrossFit.  I’m all about prepping for the zombie apocalypse and rope climbing is one of those skills you just might need to escape from zombies.


This is the old pool

rope climbing

That’s me, climbing a rope. I can get back down safely too

Ta Da – less than 400 words!  What’s scarier, flying pincher or bear?  Do you like climbing ropes?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

12 thoughts on “Where Does All the Time Go??

  1. I’d take a bear over a flying pincher any day…getting one of those stuck in my mass of curly hair would require scissors…and i just don’t run with scissors!

  2. I’ll take a pincher over a bear, but the pincher is most definitely a close second.

    The fact that you say things like hydration vest and talk about rope climbing so casually means you likely will in fact be one of the only survivors of the apocalypse.

    Good read 🙂

    • Thanks! I like to think I could handle a zombie apocalypse, but I scream pretty bad when a pincher lands on me. At least we don’t have zombie pinchers. That would be bad!!

  3. I will take the pincher over the bear. Hate pinchers, but scared out of my mind of bears. You do make your encounter sounds so casual, both beasts would make me scream!

    • I try to make my encounters sound casual because I am scared, but I don’t like feeling like I can’t go outside because of the stupid bears.

  4. I can’t handle either of them.

    I actually do like climbing rope now that I know how to do it.

    • I dislike both, but differently. The beetle scares the day lights out of me and the bear is definitely more dangerous. Isn’t rope climbing fun? I’ve wanted to know how to climb a rope since I was 6 but never learned until now. I want my own climbing rope at home.

  5. Bummer about the race…and the bear! Hope your other race is amazing! Can you use the bear spray on those bugs?

    • I am bummed about the race, but we’ll find somewhere epic to run in its place. Those bugs probably love bear spray. That would be my luck anyway.

  6. It is hard to write (for me anyways) in the summer, with more running, I really do “run out of time”. 😉

    Summer does have it’s bears and bugs, not sure which one is scarier…probably the bears. In times past, they’ve been the ones that get my heart pounding.

    All the best in your Summit Run in a week’s time. Too bad I did not live this far away, and Canada was not such a big country. I know it will be epic. 🙂


    • It’s hard to be inside during summer isn’t it? I agree that bears are overall scarier, but those pinchers certainly make me scream.

      Thanks for thinking of the Summit Run! Canada is such a big country and we’re almost at opposite sides! Fingers crossed the weather is good! Maybe it will become a destination race!

      Happy running!!

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