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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Mosquitoes, Unicorns and Frogs


runner and dog

Look, I’m wearing shorts outside! First time since last September!!

Just wanted to catch y’all up on what’s been happening up north.  We’ve had a mix of weather up here ranging from snow to thunderstorms.  Typical spring.  The best part is that the leaves are starting to come out and the robins have come back!  There are huge flocks of sandhill cranes and swans flying by and the frogs are once again croaking.  I even saw one of these the other day.


I should have killed it as it probably had 3 million eggs in it to make more evil mosquitoes.

I can’t describe how wonderful it is to hear robins singing again.  Winter gives you an appreciation for some of the simpler things I reckon.  It’s light out for a long time now too which wakes the cats up very early.  They think it’s fun to wake up at 4:30AM.


How can you get mad at those faces?

I just heard the frogs croaking at my place yesterday.  I love frogs.  We only have two types this far north (boreal chorus and the wood frog).  Both are smallish, the chorus frog is tree frog small and the wood frog a bit bigger.  Both burrow into mud and freeze solid for the winter and then thaw out in the spring and start all over.  Cool hey?!

I’m still running around lots with my partner in crime.  She’s a filthy muddy mess pretty much all the time now.  She’s replaced her love of snow for a love a mud puddles.

dog blowing bubbles

Kobi loves mud puddles and loves blowing bubbles.

I also saw the baby unicorns again.  Their horns still haven’t grown in though.  I think they need to be a few years old.


Baby unicorns!!

I shall report back soon as I suspect I’ll have some exciting adventures to share as I’m sure I will be seeing the large predators (aka bears) out and about soon.

running with dogs

run run

Do you get excited when the birds come back?  Does that even apply to where you live?  What’s worse, mosquitoes or bears?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

28 thoughts on “Mosquitoes, Unicorns and Frogs

  1. Mosquitos are way worse. They ruin the quiet enjoyment of the outdoors. We are lucky enough to have birds year round. My cool wildlife encounter for this morning was seeing an osprey flying while carrying a 4 or 5 foot stick! I thought it was a snake at first — which would’ve been way cooler than a stick. Love your unicorn pics. 🙂

  2. Mosquitos are the worst! I get bad reactions to bites-they turn into huge welts. We’ve had sort of a dry spring here so far, so haven’t dealt with them too much yet *fingers crossed* But all in all bears are scarier! Does Kobi have a purple bandana? I love dogs with bandanas, I make Zeke wear them sometimes.

    • I used to react bad to mosquito bites too but then it just stopped. I think because I have been bitten so many times something changed. Fingers crossed you don’t have a good mosquito year!! Kobi has a big purple collar, that’s what you’re seeing in that photo. She has a few bandanas, but she mostly wears them inside when I’m trying to make her look cuter than normal. I bet Zeke looks awesome in a bandana!

  3. I love hearing birds in the morning! On my last run in SLC I saw two peacocks (random) and last week I saw a bald eagle in Maine. Pretty cool. No mosquitoes yet – they are not my favorite.

    • Peacocks are cool! I saw a juvenile bald eagle on my Sunday run. Love seeing them. The mosquitoes seem a bit behind this year up here. The big slow ones are showing up though. They are the most annoying insects.

  4. Great photos! It’s really a (cold, arctic) jungle out there where you live, isn’t it? I can;t believe it’s already light out by 4:30am! Crazy!

    • It is a jungle up here, a northern one. We are already getting tons of daylight. It’s just making up for winter! I honestly don’t know if the birds even sleep anymore as they are singing at 10pm and starting again at 4:30am. Maybe they nap a lot during the day.

  5. I saw my first mozzie this week, evil little bloodsuckers. At least you can see a bear coming and avoid it. Mosquitos are both unpleasant and sneaky. Kobi with her nose in a mud puddle is the cutest! It’s brightened up the end of my week!

    • It seems no matter where you live there is some version of an evil little bloodsucker! Very true that you typically have better notice with bears. Although we have had some surprise encounters when both me and the bear weren’t paying attention. Happy to hear you like the mud puddle photo. It’s hard to get mad at her for doing it as it’s so cute. She’s just such a filthy mess after each outing!

  6. I’m really allergic to mosquitoes. I actually swell up. I hate them so. I think I rather take my chances with a bear.

    • That doesn’t sound pleasant at all. You’d hate it up here or would be a swollen mess. I hear if you get bitten enough you eventually don’t react so bad. Not sure if you’d want to test that theory out. For the most part bears don’t want an encounter, not so much the same for mosquitoes.

  7. I suffered enough when I went camping in Canada, so I don’t want to test out that idea.

    BTW, now that we live in Brooklyn, Bandit gets to see squirrels. She loves chasing them. But she still hates geese more and goes crazy to try to attack them. I always hold onto her lease because even though they fly away, I would hate to see what would happen if one decided to attack back. They’re really vicious.

    • I don’t think it’s a theory anyone should test out. I’m happy Bandit gets to chase squirrels. Geese are mean and Bandit is small. I’d worry about Kobi getting attacked by geese and she’s much bigger than Bandit. It sounds like Bandit is living an exciting life in Brooklyn!!

  8. I was, just this morning, appreciating the songs the birds were singing to me.
    More kitty pictures please…too cute!

  9. Does Kobi like frogs? I remember my friends dog (a husky) would go after them and then her mouth would froth. I guess there is some chemical reaction between a frog’s skin and a dog’s mouth. I was super worried as she wouldn’t drop the frog! Her owner wasn’t. I’m loving that SPRING has finally arrived in NS…it’s SO lovely!

    • She has never gone after one that I know of? They’re very stealthy up here. If it moves she’s interested in it though. I’ll keep an eye out if she ever happens to put one in her mouth. So happy that you’re finally getting spring. Winter over there was just brutal!!

  10. How awesome! When I lived in Manning Park it was always so exciting when spring started to make an appearance. I always imagined all the animals having a party as their friends came out of hibernation! Haha. Although winters in Vancouver aren’t too bad besides the rain, I still feel like the city comes alive when it turns to spring here.

    • Snowy winters have a way of making everything appreciate spring! I think when the cherry blossoms bloom in Vancouver would be when I’d start celebrating. It’s so beautiful when they come out!!

  11. Always amazed with creatures such as frogs which freeze solid, and then thaw out.
    Have not seen any mosquitoes here in Central Ontario yet. Been a bit of a late spring, with a late spring snow on April 25th.
    I would prefer bears over mosquitoes while hiking and biking. Had 2 bear encounters over the years, but they fled both times.
    Camping in my tent, I can go to sleep with mosquitoes buzzing outside the tent (as long as they are outside), any other noise outside the tent, I am thinking a bear, in reality it could be anything, but am always thinking the worse, which keeps me WIDE awake….LOL.

    • Isn’t that the coolest how frogs survive the winter? And they’re so small?! The mosquitoes are starting to get annoying now, but this first batch are the big slow ones so they’re easy targets. The next ones are the small fierce ones, you don’t stand a chance against them.

      I’ve heard squirrels and grouse tromping in the woods and assumed they were bears. I get a bit edgy myself when in the woods.

      Hope the mosquitoes stay away as long as possible for you!

  12. Yikes! The mosquitos down here can carry West Nile, so I would neeever let one bite me like that! I’ve been seeing frogs and turtles lately on my runs too – but unfortunately they are usually flattened on the road. 😦
    Just curious – how much of your day is dedicated to giving doggy baths?

    • We don’t have West Nile yet, that will certainly change things when/if we do. We don’t have wild turtles up here. That’s sad that they get squished by vehicles. Surprisingly Kobi cleans up pretty easy. Quite often she finds some clean water and rinses herself off or I wait for her to dry off and just brush her. If it’s really bad she gets a bath but she loves baths so it goes pretty fast.

  13. Kobi is such a love. AND UNICORNS?!?!??! *faints*

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