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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

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runner and dog

Just us, pondering life and which way to run.

Howdy y’all. We’re full on in the season of Almost-Spring. You know, winter in the morning (ice and possible snow flurries) and then spring by afternoon (snow and mud). Soon enough it will be full on mud.

In the spirit of Almost-Spring, I’ve been thinking about my summer racing plans.  Okay, more like my lack of summer racing plans.  Because I’m so remote and have to travel far and wide to races I’m just not feeling the racing travel love.

I’ve decided to race close to home and will maybe just do a few out-of-town races, or not. We have some decent races up here, except 3 of them are ones I help with so I don’t get to run them. But, the ultra-cool news is that I wanted another local race so I’ve hit up the rec department and we’re going to host a mountain run! I’m not going to miss running this one because it’s in the mountains and there is nothing more beautiful than running with caribou in the mountains with your dog.

two dogs

Kobi is playing with her sister Caribou. She also likes running with the other kind of caribou.

Because we have no idea how many people may show up and we’re not really sure how the logistics of a remote race are going to work, we’re making it free!  We want folks to come out and run and provide input as to how to make it an even more super awesome event next year.  Oh and there will be no swag. That’s right, no stuff. No race shirt, no medals, no water stations, and you have to time yourself. Boy, I’m not selling this one very well.

You will get to see views like this (hopefully with less snow).

summit mountains

So pretty

There will be some perks, such as:  water and snacks at the finish line, you can bring your dog, and the Parks guy promised he’d chase the grizzly bears away – I’m serious.

This is going to be awesome! Come on, it’s in the mountains, it’s gorgeous and shouldn’t running be about running, not the swag?

In case any of you want to travel north and see some stunning mountains and wildlife, you can register here (remember it’s free). It all happens on June 20. It might cost you a little bit in airfare, but if you get yourself here, I promise I will drive you to the race – it’s a beautiful 1.5 hour long drive – as long as you don’t mind Kobi kisses. She likes to kiss passengers.

snow dog

Kobi sends kisses

Would you test out our mountain race? Ever run with caribou? How about grizzlies?  Is it springtime where you live?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

26 thoughts on “Racing Thoughts

  1. Kobi, caribou and grizzlies…this race is gonna sell out. Wicked awesome!

  2. Wow, this sounds so amazing….and tempting!

    • It will be amazing! Maybe it will get so popular it will become a destination race! I can’t wait to do some test runs out there in the upcoming months. I’ll post lots of photos and tempt you even more!!

      • For some reason I thought you were in Alaska, Angie, and I was thinking passport update, if I ever start thinking of this. Then I noticed Northern BC. Please do send pictures when you do your test runs. This year already, June is pretty heavy with some speaking engagements and some runs already registered. But you never know. This sounds incredible! Your gravatar picture almost looks like Atlin. BC. The furthest north in BC I have been is taking the train to Prince Rupert, and a ferry up into Alaska. It was 30 years ago (sort of ages me…LOL) But I love BC. 🙂

      • Atlin is beautiful. My gravatar photo is from Tumbler Ridge (Emperors Challenge – epic mountain run). That one is in August. You’d like that one too! I bet that ferry ride from Rupert to Alaska was beautiful. I took the ferry from Port Hardy to Rupert and survived the worst storm ever. It was a horribly nauseating trip, but beautiful. I’m pretty partial to this province. A lot of diverse landscapes.

      • Yeah Angie, there is a fair bit of open water from Prince Rupert south. Definitely not an enjoyable trip for you. The Alaska route is quite sheltered. I love the Alaska ferries, in that they have a solarium on top, with heaps of lounge chairs. I was in my 20’s at the time, and you meet people from all over the young. At night you throw your sleeping bag on the lounge chair, and that is where you crash for the night. 🙂
        I did check out The Emperors Challenge. Really a long running event, 17 years now running. Sounds incredible. 🙂

      • I’m going to have to check out the Alaska ferries for sure! Emperor’s started out as just a small local event but is capped at 1000 now. Some very very talented runners race it too! It’s a very cool race. Very friendly crowd.

  3. A race like that sounds awesome. Those low key, just for fun ones are the best. As I am sure are Kobi kisses.

  4. Sounds incredible. Not sure Bandit will like the caribou.

  5. Awesome that you won’t have to travel! Kobi and her sister are so adorable. Love it!

    • I will likely do a little travelling, like maybe 1 or 2 races tops. Nothing like last year, that was too much. Kobi and her sister are so sweet. I just love seeing the two of them together. They never forget.

  6. Kobi has a sister?! Your race sounds like a good time, maybe one day. (;

    • She does! I had the two of them for about 3 weeks before I found a home for Caribou and decided to keep Kobi. I adopted their brother out within a few days of finding them. He was black. It’s quite a ways to come up so I totally understand. You’ll get to see lots of photos!

  7. I would LOVE to come do your mountain race. Down here we call those “fat ass challenges” and they bring out the coolest people who just love to run for the sake of adventure. Maybe some day!
    By the way, those double trouble puppy sisters 🙂 so cute!

    • I may have to rename my race!! It will be fun and I’m looking forward to see who all shows up. Maybe it will get so popular we can get sponsors and provide a travel package to a lucky winner one day!!

      The puppy sisters are trouble! I just love seeing them together. They love each other so much and always will. They just never forget.

  8. Sounds like just my sort of race, only too far away. I love low key races in great scenary, run just for the love of running. Hope it goes well.

    • The distance is a bit of a challenge isn’t it! I’m hearing that lots of people like the low key races so maybe it will be a hit! You can’t beat the scenery!!

  9. What a cool idea! If you do get the free airfares sorted out, let me know! Come to speak of it, how would one get to where you are? What airport would we fly to?

    • I will for sure let you know if we get some free airfare. Lots of people are signing up – I’m kind of freaking out and also totally stoked! The easiest way to fly here is to get yourself to either Vancouver, BC or Calgary AB. There’s a smaller local airline that flies out of those cities to us.

  10. Amazing blog 😊, we are so jealous, where we’re from you have to drive at least 6 hours to reach mountains and the most dangerous animal is actually old_dog ….

    • Thanks so much! I’m due for a post soon as there have been many more adventures! I feel pretty lucky being so close to so many ‘remote’ and wild places!

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