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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

For the Love of Winter


winter running

Just out running in the snow

I have realized I am totally in love with winter. I don’t think love is too harsh a word either. Perhaps this is the first stage of vitamin D deficiency or some other cold weather induced chemical reaction in the brain that has yet to be diagnosed and only occurs in people living close to the 60th parallel. Perhaps not.

running in the snow

Just one of those amazing snow and sunshine runs

Perhaps winter is just in my DNA as I am a mix of solid European farmer types. It’s definitely in Kobi’s DNA. That girl was made for the snow so I’m going to assume I am too. Except for my hands, they get terribly cold.

dogs love snow

Doggy snow roll

Winter is just so much fun (providing it is warmer than -30C). There is so much do to during this amazing season. I can cross-country ski, skate ski, skijor (ok, I’m new to that), snowshoe run or just snowshoe (only a Canadian would have 3 different types of snowshoes). Or I can just plain old run in a nice spiky set of Snowcross runners. It just doesn’t get any better.


First skijor. It was way too icy. We’ll try again.

To top off this amazing season, I don’t have to worry about bears or bugs, just packs of wolves and protective cow moose and the odd small herd of white tail deer which can also be quite protective of their young. Regardless, it’s still a great season.

wolf tracks

Biggest wolf tracks I’ve seen!

I think I’m so stoked about this season because we have had a pretty decent winter this year.  We weren’t hammered like the east coast with storm after storm and the temperatures have been pretty manageable.  I also took a small tropical break. Nothing like absence to make the heart grow fonder.


Guess what I did while on vacation?

Can you guess where I was on vacation?  Ever go skydiving?  Am I weird to love winter so much?  

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

20 thoughts on “For the Love of Winter

  1. No! I do love winter too, but as you said, I may be feeling it more so this season because it hasn’t been as harsh as past years..!

    I’m guessing you were in Dominican in that picture?!

  2. Oh wow! Skydiving? That’s awesome! Was it your first time? Amazing pictures!
    I get you on all your winter loves. As soon as it gets cold I’m ready to XC ski… I definitely got brutalized with the east coast yuck this winter though. But I still had fun. Plus, it seemed really short.
    Also no bugs and bears is the best time of year. I fear both are about to wake up and they are probably starving.

    • It was my first time. I think I’d do it again too. It was quite uncomfortable at first. You know that feeling of not knowing which way is up all while falling at an incredibly fast speed. I didn’t know there was such a feeling until we jumped. It only lasted a few seconds and then all was groovy again.

      Providing winter cooperates with adequate snow and decent temperatures it is such a lovely season and goes by way too fast. I also fear the bugs and bears are going to be starving when they wake up. And that’s going to be soon!

  3. Nice. I enjoy winter activities. I hate the winter slush that we get in the city. Lucky you and Kobi that guys get to have fun in the snow.

    • Winter slush isn’t much fun. I like the seasons to be distinct and of course offer unique outdoor experiences! Except spring, less mud would be great.

  4. Loving winter is an awesome quality for a Canadian! Your winter photos are spectacular. Skydiving! That’s is awesome. I have you to thank for introducing me to both running and xc skiing. 10 years later, i’m still doing both. SUP next ok?!?

    • It is an awesome Canadian quality! I’m so happy you’re still into running and xc skiing. You would love paddleboarding! Cash could come and the boys would love it too.

  5. You are weird to love winter. I like it for one day, then I’m over it. You’re nuts! glad you’re getting out there! I’ve gone indoor skydiving, but not outdoor. I’m guessing you went to the Caribbean?

    • I think because I’ve lived in ‘winter’ for so long I have grown to love it. Or that part of my brain has suffered frost bite and doesn’t know any better. Snow in Texas would be challenging so I sort of get your take on it. Indoor skydiving sounds safer. The Caribbean was on the other side of the island. The ocean below me is the Atlantic. I was in Cuba. I reckon you can’t go there (yet)?

      • Whaaaaaa??? I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba, but nope, we’re not allowed yet. Hopefully some day. Until then the best I can do is 90 miles away in Key West.

  6. You are definitely weird to love winter so much! I’m such a cold weather wuss.

  7. Wow, cool pictures!! Angie, I LOVE how adventurous you are!! You are so cool!! Truly, you’re amazing! Just the cutest pictures, too- lovin’ the doggy snow roll!! Hehe!! Too cute! What a great picture!! So full of life! LOVE! XOXO

    • Aww, thanks Kristin! Sometimes I get a bit freaked out when I’m in the middle of nowhere. Kobi is pretty good about letting me know if we should be carrying on. She just stops and won’t run with me so I figure that’s a good warning sign to turn around. So glad you like the photos. I love taking pictures of Kobi!

  8. I’d say crazy but funnily enough I miss the snow too !

    • I know! It seems crazy, but there’s something about snow! You were here a while so you’re kind of Canadian. That will make you miss snow.

  9. We have been sweltering in Ontario. Even though it is September, it is the hottest stretch this summer, but can’t complain! 🙂

    Did you get the snows that Alberta received the other day?

    I would love to try skydiving, still haven’t mustered up the courage.

    So good of you Angie. That is AMAZING! 🙂


    • We did not get the snow in town, up the highway at higher elevations there was some snow. Skydiving was cool. I kept my cool until moments before we jumped, then I was scared, but had nowhere to go but to jump. I would do it again.

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