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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Running Along


dog in the snow

Kobi with a silly expression on her face.

Howdy y’all.  I figured you needed an update as to what’s been going on up here seeing as I’ve lost hold of time yet again.

I’m still running in the snow, like usual.  I haven’t skied much as it was quite icy, then it was quite cold, then it rained and made everything all icy again, and then it snowed again to cover up all the ice.

Rather than bore you with details of all my adventures with my sidekick Kobi, I thought I’d just mention a few that were extra epic.

I decided to do a slightly longer snowshoe run a few weekends ago so I ran to a little lake, circumnavigated the lake and then ran back home.  That was hard.  It was only 10.5km, but about 2km of it was breaking trail.  Not easy.  I discovered that running in snowshoes gives me a new appreciation for running without snowshoes.  Kobi likely ran 15km as she was off tracking caribou and ran back to me several times to make sure I was still moving.


Epic Snowshoe run

snow running

Us, circumnavigating the lake.

I was so excited about that snowshoe I had to do it again last weekend, only it was +5C out.  I didn’t realize that snow sticks to the grips on your snowshoes at that temperature (because it’s usually not that warm out) and turns into a giant snowball that just gets bigger and bigger.  Before you know it your foot is at a very bad angle thanks to the giant snowball and you have no grip.

snow running

This was the not so epic day. It looks like fun, but it wasn’t

Of course it took me 2.5km to finally recognize that this snowshoe run wasn’t working out and that I had better turn around and head for home, but not before taking my snowshoes off.  I ended carrying them while I ran, one in each hand.  It was easier than running with them on my feet except my arms got sore carrying them.

I am ashamed to admit that I was carrying only 1.25 lbs in each hand and my arms got sore.   My excuse is that I had CrossFit that morning and my arms were experiencing a form of fatigue unknown to most of humankind.  Unfortunately Kobi wouldn’t carry them for me, something about not having thumbs, so I was on my own yet again.


Kobi digging the run

Have you every circumnavigated a frozen lake in snowshoes just for fun?  Isn’t it cool that we have real live wild free-range caribou up here?  Kobi thinks so.  What can you put on your snowshoes to keep the snow from sticking – anyone have experience with this?  

PS  I’m sad Leonard Nemoy has left us.  His character Spock has always been role-model for me.  

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

17 thoughts on “Running Along

  1. Oh, I dislike when the the snow sticks to my snowshoes 😦 I wonder if dogs feel that way when their paws get snow balls on them. We use to do snowshoe trek with our staff and we’d have to go through this swap – there was no way to avoid getting balled up snow/ice on your shoes. Lots of taking them off and cleaning them.

  2. Great close-up shots of Kobi!!

  3. I have never snowshoed so I don’t have any tips I am afraid.
    Running with snowshoes or anything in hand is tiring but I am sure it was even worse cause of your crossfit class. 😉
    I love seeing the deer around Victoria and even the peacocks at RRU. When I lived in NS it was rare to see deer and peacocks were at the zoos. I even love seeing the swans at the Lagoon just below RRU. That was a rare thing to see in NS too. 🙂

    • If I ever feel compelled to work-out my arms while running I know that a pretty light weight will do the job. Seeing critters while out running is the best (the non-predatory types) and swans and peacocks are pretty exotic. I love seeing the peacocks in Victoria! I love the sound they make.

  4. You possibly have the happiest dog in the universe. 🙂

  5. I love snowshoeing. Haven’t done it since leaving Canada.

    How did you get those shots of Kobi? Such interesting angles.

    • That’s too bad you haven’t snowshoed in a while. It’s kind of a necessity up here at times. Otherwise it’s hard to get Kobi out for her walks/runs. I use a GoPro and often use my phone as a remote control so I can just set it up and wait for her or actually include myself too.

  6. OMG that pretty puppy princess.
    I have yet to go on a snowshoe adventure, but it sounds like a good time and a decent workout to boot. Breaking trail is definitely rough, no matter what you have on your feet. Good for you!

    • You would love snowshoe adventures! Best part is that you get to eat your weight in pancakes afterwards! It’s a very good workout!!

      • I finally tried it! You are a tank! What an amazing workout! I’m pretty slow and about as graceful as a hippo, but I wish I would have been doing it all winter long! Thanks for the little shove!

      • Awesome! You have a new sport for next winter! So glad you tried it out!!!

  7. Just discovered your blog, and love it. Running 10.5 kilometers in snowshoes is AMAZING. What a workout! 🙂

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