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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Catching Up


snow dog

Just out running in her red jacket

I honestly don’t know where the time goes, but I must be having fun because it’s flying by.

Me and Kobi have been up to our usual outdoor adventuring together. We haven’t cross-country skied much because we had some rain, yup rain, which turned everything to ice.  It shouldn’t rain when it’s -7C outside.

The ski trails were ice and I’m afraid of falling and breaking a hip so I didn’t ski. Then it snowed.  A lot.  But then the temperature really dropped. That deterred me from skiing some more as I can’t keep my hands warm when I have to hold ski poles and it’s -25C (or colder) and I even have electric mittens!

It got so cold on the weekend I had to use the treadmill.  It was -32C with a -40C windchill outside. I won’t subject Kobi to those temperatures so she slept on her princess bed while I ran on the treadmill and watched TV.

Here’s some photos showcasing our adventures (in case you don’t follow us on Instagram – you really should though – @outdoorrunning).

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Oh, I did start something new a few weeks ago, Crossfit.

Before Crossfit I thought I was in moderately decent shape, I have realized I am not in moderately decent shape. Holy beat-the-poop-out-of-you work-outs. Crossfit is hard. DOMS has an entirely new meaning to me now. Exactly 22 hours after a work-out I am in full on Crossfit induced pain. Sometimes lasting up to 3 days!

How’s your winter been going?  Are you getting tons of snow? Ever tried Crossfit? What’s your temperature cut-off for running outside?  Have you missed me?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

18 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I totally feel you on this rain situation. My ski trails are an ice luge and I’m way too old for that nonsense. Your temps are ridiculously colder than ours, though. The fact that you even leave your house on a regular basis is inspirational 🙂
    I am so excited to hear about your crossfit adventures! It’s something I’ve always been interested in and before I started running I did Metcons from the website on a regular basis to supplement my lifting, but the nearest box to me is 2 hours away so that’s all the further I got. Can’t wait to hear more. I’m sure you’ll be right up there with the all stars in no time at all!

    • Rain can really wreck things in winter. It’s warming up slightly so I hope to hit the ski trails this week. Just for a change of scenery. Crossfit is cool, very hard. I have no real lifting experience so it’s interesting to learn how to do a move properly. I spend more time and energy “practicing” than doing the actual work-out. Eventually I’ll get the hang of it and maybe master the box jump.

  2. I hear that CrossFit makes you feel super out of shape! I cannot fathom how cold it is where you are. When I see photos of Kobi with her tongue out on Instagram, I wonder if she’s gonna get frost bite!!

    • CrossFit is a humbling experience. The instructor was saying that “fit” people usually hurt the most afterwards. I think he was just trying to make me feel better. This extreme cold always creeps in this time of year and doesn’t feel good. I wonder about Kobi’s tongue and frost bite? She’s always eating snow on the run so it’s gotta burn as the cold hurts my face.

  3. We’ve had so much snow in such a short period of time….my arms and obliques are getting quite the workout! I’ve never tried crossfit but it’s on the list. I hear that once you start you don’t stop! Love all the adventures you and Kobi get up to!

    • I feel for you over on the east coast. You probably get the wet heavy stuff too. Our snow is dry so it’s not too heavy, unless there’s 2 feet of it. I’m scared to stop Crossfit as it will hurt even more to start up again. I’d recommend it. I have no real weight lifting experience so it’s cool to learn proper form and new moves. It doesn’t feel good after as I’m in so much pain, but if I can work up to doing real pull-ups I’ll feel pretty bad-ass.

  4. LOVE your sunset snowshoe picture! I’m sure you know that down here we have NO snow. I had a group snowshoe tour planned for late January that was cancelled because we had no snow, so we postponed it hoping some more would come. The mountain called today suggesting I get a refund because it doesn’t look like we’ll get any 😦 What sorts of things are you doing in CrossFit? It’s funny you say you thought you were in shape…I had a girl in one of my running cross-training classes say the exact same thing!

    • I love that photo too! Sucks you didn’t get any snow down your way. The east coast is hoarding it all! I can’t remember the names of the CrossFit moves (I’m that bad). There was a sumo squat bar lift thingy and then this squat sequence with a medicine ball (that did my quads in), other bar stuff and of course burpees, pull-ups, mountain climbers and kettle bell swings (to name a few). It’s a humbling and scary experience and I kind of like it!

  5. Angie, you are a true inspiration. Believe it or not, sometimes I chicken out and feel lazy about going out early morning, because it’s “cold” (5C) then I think of you and your pics and I get my behind out the door.
    I don’t envy the temperature, but I do envy your pics.

    • Wow! That’s so cool to hear! Once you get out there, it probably isn’t so bad is it? I do struggle with getting out the door myself, but Kobi doesn’t let me slack off. I never regret it once I get out there either. Glad you like my photos because I totally envy your pictures and the temperatures you get to train in!

  6. Mount Washington has closed cause we have no snow on the Island.

    I feel for you in the cold temperatures. Brrr. And electric mittens?! I have never heard of those but hope they help a bit.

    • Crazy that the coast has no snow! I’m so jealous when I see your photos of you running in only 1 layer of clothes vs my 3! Kombi made the best electric mittens but they were recalled last year 😒. I found another brand through Amazon. Not as good but decent. I get ridiculously cold hands and need something that creates heat (I also use those hand warmer packs).

  7. You and your GoPro…great pics! But oh no, you’re joining the crossfit cult?!? Be careful, they’re very proud that they don’t like to run. And no, no snow here 😉

    • Is it that obvious that I love my GoPro!? I actually started Crossfit because the instructor joined in with our little informal Saturday run group. I’ve lectured him about my fear of getting injured in his class and how I’m only doing this to get a bit stronger. I’m quite surprised he still lets me come to class as I’m quite annoying. Enjoy running in snow free conditions! I’ve forgotten what that feels like.

  8. Your photos are amazing! I can’t believe that you go out and run (or even live a normal life!) when it’s that cold. Major props to you! And I believe you about the Crossfit. Any time I add in some new strength exercise it kills me with the DOMS.

    • I’m glad you like the photos! Once you figure out how to dress for running in the cold it isn’t that bad. I don’t run for hours and hours outside though. That’s uncomfortable. I have a new appreciation of DOMS. Who knew your entire body could hurt that bad!

  9. Don’t blame you Angie for staying in with those temperatures. Anything colder than -20C I don’t run. My fear has always been freezing my lungs. Not sure if this actually happens much though! 🙂

    • People always say you’ll freeze your lungs. I don’t find -20C too bad once I’m acclimated. I find if I run hard or too long in -25C I sound like a smoker afterwards.

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