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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Another Year


dog and runner

We’re so fast, we’re blurry. That’s Kobi in the red.

I haven’t been all that consistent with the ol’ blog lately, but I figured you would all just be dying to read my year in review so I’d better get on it.  Here goes, and I must warn you, it’s brief…

What I did

I completed 8 races:  5 half marathons (2 were trail races), a 10km trail, a triathlon, and a 7 miler (Alcatraz).  Of those 8 races, only 2 didn’t require significant travel (as in driving time and flying time).   I did help organize 2 local races which means I wasn’t able to run them, but that’s okay, the locals need some local races.

Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz Escape – Golden Gate Bridge and my purple arm warmers.

What I learned

I’m kind of tired of driving and flying long distances to races and I kind of get overwhelmed with the crowds at those big races.

Victoria Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon

If I’m in this one, I’m wearing a white hat and gray shirt, but I don’t think I’m in this one                                                       source

The plan for 2015

Not sure.  Definitely less travel and mostly trail races.  I will run the Victoria half again as that has sort of become my Thanksgiving ritual (Canadian Thanksgiving) and besides, there’s some family there so it’s kind of like multi-tasking.

What’s currently going on

There is no such thing as running intervals in the current dead of winter conditions so I’m running, skiing, and snowshoeing for Kobi and for fun.  I run with a small pack of humans and dogs on Saturdays too and that’s awesome.  I like socializing as does Kobi.  And Winter Solstice has been and gone, that means we’re progressing past 6 hours of daylight slowly but surely.


Kobi and her pack of buddies

What’s new with Kobi

She had some sort of leg injury a little while ago that cost me a fair chunk of change driving her 4 hours to see her doctor plus all the tests and x-rays.  They couldn’t find anything so I gave her more rest and rest days between our adventures.  She likes leg massages too.  She’s fine again.  Maybe she just wanted a road trip and a leg massage.

dog in the snow

Kobi loves fresh powder

I have no resolutions for 2015 as I never make any, too much pressure.

Do you like to plan your year or just wing it?  Do you like my purple arm warmers?  Isn’t Kobi the cutest?  Does your dog like snow as much as she does?

Happy New Year!!

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

20 thoughts on “Another Year

  1. Kobi is cool lol. My year didn’t go so well, http://www.fit4365.com/2014/12/2014-review/ but here’s looking forward to 2015.

    • I think Kobi is pretty cool too. Hopefully some of her coolness rubs off on me. Sorry your year didn’t go so well, but that usually means things will get better! Thanks for reading!!

  2. Um, YES, Kobi is the cutest ever and no, my doggy, Prince does not like the snow at all. Haha, it’s kinda funny to watch him freeze in place while venturing (or the lack there of) into the snow. Also, I do enjoy planning my new year out!! I’m such a planner!! 🙂
    What a great year you and Kobi have had!! Can’t wait to read more and more in 2015! Have a wonderful week!! XOXO

    • Prince doesn’t like snow? He probably isn’t built for the snow. Kobi seems to thrive in it, but she was born in the Northwest Territories so it’s in her genes. I love that you’re a planner. You do so much and accomplish so much, it’s very inspiring. Can’t wait to read your 2015 posts too!

  3. Happy new year. Its been a pleasure reading your blogs this year. PS: never seen anyone so happy during a race, Golden Bridge or not! 🙂

    • Happy New Year! It’s already the new year down there isn’t it?? Thanks for reading, I really enjoy your blogs. You’re such a good writer. Yeah, I was super stoked in that race. I don’t recall ever being that happy in a race before, must have been something in the air.

  4. You have had a terrific year! Rocked first place in the Alcatraz race. Absolutley, Kobi is the coolest. I bet she’s jealous of your purple arm warmers. She needs a purple superhero cape. Just sayin. Happy 2015!

  5. No mention of your kitties in your 2014 review?!
    And, yes, Kobi is the cutest. 🙂

  6. Kobi is pretty cute. Glad she is feeling better.

  7. Phew, that’s a lot of races! We’re excited to follow along for your journey next year, and I love seeing the cute pics of Kobi you post on Insta! Glad she is going better!

    • If the travel wasn’t so involved it would have been easier I think. It was a lot of fun! I’m still going to hit you up about great trail races in your neck of the woods – just not right away 😊. Thanks for reading!! PS. I just love Instagram.

  8. I definitely was always amazed by your traveling… It seems like it would be exhausting, but you always whip out such speedy races so you’re doing something right 🙂
    Glad Kobi is all mended up and you’re out and about just having lots of FUN. 2015 is going to be great. Happy trails to ya’ll.

    • It is exhausting but if you only go away for a few days the exhaustion doesn’t hit you until a day after the race! If I don’t travel I don’t get to race. I think I’ll just be super selective this year and maybe only travel to 2 or 3. We’ll see 😊😊.

  9. Angie! You and I have the same leg compression sleeves! 😀 I love those things, my shin splints are almost a thing of the past!

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