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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

So Little Time


I honestly thought I would have a surplus of spare time once winter set in.  I’m not sure why I had this idea, but I imagined the colder days and early onset of darkness would leave me with more free time to leisurely drink hot cocoa after an awesome snowshoeing adventure in the wilderness.  Turns out it’s the opposite, I have way less time.

winter shot

Random photo when I was out of town for work. So few trees.

Winter is a huge time drain.  Any and all activity that involves going outside takes a pile of time gearing up for and it takes a lot of gear just to survive a walk, run or ski with the hound.  It also doesn’t help that my memory is about 3 seconds long and I forget at least 2-3 critical items during the gear-up and have to run up and down the stairs to find the critical items before I actually end up getting outside.

dog and snowshoes

Kobi impatiently waiting for me (again)

I’m just grateful Kobi comes in a nice furry little package and doesn’t require all the gear that I do, otherwise it would take an hour to get out the door.

dog toes

Kobi’s growing in her winter boots

I had also forgotten that running in cold snowy conditions takes longer and you need to be a bit more prepared for the unexpected.  That leads me to a few other ‘things’ I had forgotten.

Thing 1:  I remembered that I really dislike drinking cold water when I’m running around outside in the cold, it just makes me colder.  To solve this I turned some tacky beer can coolers (you know, the little slip on foamy covers) into water bottle cozies!  Fill up a water bottle with hot water, put a few of those bad boys on it and voila, you’ve got water that is still luke-warm an hour into your cold weather activity.

Thing 2:  I remembered that cell phones don’t like the cold and die really fast.  To solve this dilemma, I made a nifty iPhone jacket.  I’d take a picture of it, but someone will steal my amazing prototype and get rich off it.  It’s pretty awesome and it works!  That’s all I’m going to say.

dog in snow

Kobi loving the trails

I actually go so far as carrying some basic survival gear with me in case we get in some extra trouble and need to hunker down.  You know, things like matches, extra gels, hand warmers, and a fixed blade (that’s more to fight off Yeti, vampires and frozen zombies – yes, I have irrational fears).

winter runner

Purple Ninja (with my survival pack).  It was -32C at the time this photo was taken.

If anything, the colder, shorter days have taught me to be a bit more prepared when I head out the door, but at the cost of time of course.  So much for that relaxing hot cocoa.

How about you, do you carry extra gear for winter running?  Do you even experience winter running where you live?  What’s the coldest temperature you will run in?  Do you like Kobi’s hairy toes?  They will get hairier.  


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

16 thoughts on “So Little Time

  1. Wow. The 1st photo is truly stunning! I really like it.

    • Thanks! I had to stop and take a photo as it looked so beautiful! There had been a snowstorm the night before and was quite nasty out, but by the afternoon it was just beautiful.

  2. So another beer cooler to keep your phone war or maybe just a sock !
    Makes me smile to think of you carrying a knife for any other reason than cutting up cake ! Frozen Zombies !

    • LOL! The phone cozy is far more elaborate – involves duct tape and special warming wrap! You know me too well when it comes to carrying utensils solely for the purpose of eating.

  3. I hear you. It probably takes me 10 more minutes to get ready to go outside. it’s terrible. It takes so long that I start to sweat before getting outside! I think that the coolest I have run in is -30F. Although I’m not sure how that compares to Celsius.

    • I’m totally sweating before I get out the door too! -30F is about -34C. Thats cold! I think once we hit -36 we’re both the same. I hope you don’t need to run in temperatures that cold any time soon!

  4. I actually had no idea that phones die faster in the cold. Seriously? I just learned something new today.

    I run in NYC. And more so than cold sometimes, it’s the black ice i’m worried about. In the dark, it’s easy to slip and fall. But overall, I LOVE running in the cold and handle it up (or down) to 20 degrees. I usually wear SEVERAL layers, a hat, and gloves. If I get too hot, I shed layers.

    • Perhaps its the extreme cold that drains the batteries faster as mine is dead in no time (especially if I take some photos). Running in NYC must be so cool!!

      Black ice is the worst, especially in the dark. I love that you love running in the cold and layering is smart! Better to have something you can take off than being too cold!!

  5. You just taught me things I would have never known or thought of regarding cold weather running. The cold water and phone battery draining are things I would have never considered!

  6. So much truth squeezed into one little post. First off, I also always think winter is going to be a leisurely time of year. There are so many sneaky little time sucks and so much extra laundry and it seems like my house needs dusted and vacuumed twice as often with the heater running. Also, it takes me 2x as long to get out of bed in the morning because warmth. And sunlight. Ugh! We will survive! Good call on the survival gear, though 🙂

    • That’s why there is so much more dust and critter hair all over. I forgot about the furnace running all the time. The extra morning darkness makes getting out of bed so much harder.

  7. I cannot believe that snow. We don’t have any hint of it here. But now I bet you don’t mind talking selfies when you’re all ninjad up like that! 😉 I find the hair in between dogs toes to be quite ticklish if you gently stroke them. They always snap their leg away, haha!

    • It’s definitely a decent snow year for us. I’m totally okay with the frozen ninja selfie – I’m getting braver. I find I do totally play with Kobi’s hairy toes when she’s really sleepy, then she doesn’t resist as much.

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