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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

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white dog

Always need a photo of Kobi

I thought I’d have more time to update y’all with my latest winter adventures, but time seems to be getting away from me.  So instead, I’ll update you on my latest and final race of 2014.  I’ll update you on my snow adventures later.

I ran the Fall Classic in Vancouver, BC on Sunday.  It’s held at the University of BC campus and is a loop you do twice for the half marathon and once for the 10km.  I ran the half.  And I didn’t have much fun.


My pre-race run on the seawall was quite pretty!

For the first time ever prior to a race I seriously considered just leaving right after I picked up my race package rather than heading to the start line.  My head and heart just weren’t into it.

The race itself is nice and  small (just under 450 people), is a beautiful course around the campus and very well-organized.  They had a ton of volunteers with silly signs along the route, but they clearly weren’t having fun.  Looked more like they were told they had to do it.

The weather was chilly (-1C) and my hands were pretty cold.  It didn’t help that I wore my bargain “touch screen” gloves.  When I packed these they were folded into each other so I didn’t see the finger was ripped.

gloves with a hole

My “expensive” touch screen gloves.

I ran about 3-4 minutes slower than I was anticipating (1:39:40), but it felt like I was going faster.  Probably didn’t help that I had forgotten my lucky hat and didn’t paint my fingernails purple the night before.  Recall I’m convinced that those two things make me run faster.  Totally proved to me that race rituals are important and do make you run faster.

One cool thing about the race, I saw Forrest Gump.  I passed a dude that totally looked like this.  His shirt said “Gump” though so I think he knew he looked like this.

Forrest Gump

There was a dude running that looked totally like this in the race.

Have you ever seen Forrest Gump at a race or out running?  Do you believe that race rituals are important?  Are you happy for me that my racing is done for 2014 – I am!!


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

20 thoughts on “Racing and Stuff

  1. Man, it’s cold in Canada. Sorry, you didn’t have the race that you wanted, but I hope that you felt that you had a good racing season. Look forward to reading posts about snow and Kobi.

    • It is cold up here! We’re getting a little break though as it warmed up a bit. Now its snowing!! I have plans to hit the mountains more this winter for snowshoeing so its going to be awesome!!

  2. Good job on a great season!! To Kobi too! 🙂

  3. Congrats on getting to the end of the season! I don’t really have any race rituals, except what I eat. So maybe that counts. But I have also had an instance when I wanted to leave the starting line without ever running. It was also at a half marathon, and it was delayed something like 30-45 minutes because of torrential rain. But I stayed and ran it. It was terrible.

    • I’m glad I’m done! I’d say what you eat counts as a race ritual. It’s good you stayed and ran the race. I think we’d look back and be more disappointed having not at least tried, but it was is so tempting just to walk away. Here’s to 2015!

  4. Boo! Hiss! to no-fun races! Enjoy the end-of-year racing rest.

  5. OMG look at that pretty little snow baby! I love dogs in the snow – it seems like it always reverts them to puppy status.
    Sorry your last race of the season was “meh.” You ran an impressive time in my opinion! But I know how the experience as a whole can ruin everything.

    • She is a little snow baby isn’t she? She wants to just play in the snow all day long, except it’s kind of really cold out and she wouldn’t last all day because she’s also part couch dog. I am actually quite stoked about the bad experience as it gets it out of the way – for now. I really just want to do what I want and have fun all winter now!!

      • My pups are the same way… The could dig in the snow for hours if I let them, but then they sleep the rest of the day 🙂
        You have an amazing winter of doing whatever you feel like 🙂 that sounds awesome!

      • Dogs love snow!! Now that there is no pressure to run, I’m already having fun!!

  6. Such beautiful scenery.

    I wonder how endurance sports like running compare to action sports like volleyball, in your experience.


    • Well, I am terrified of most sports involving a ball. Perhaps that makes me better suites for endurance sports? I also feel more pressured in ‘team’ action sports. If you screw up it hurts the team, whereas that isn’t the case with solitary sports like running.

  7. First off, I love your bargain “touch screen” gloves and totally have a pair just like them….with random stitching in them. Second – I’ve never seen Forrest Gump but I’ve seen some pretty funny characters running races in full body outfits/onesies plus my brother’s nicname is Gump. Good for you for running it anyway…I remember you mentioned you had a crappy race just like mine a few weeks ago – the same weekend I believe. Yeah for being done racing for 2014!!!!

    • I could market those gloves! Lol! Thats neat your brothers nickname is Gump! Does he run? I don’t know how some people race in those full body costumes and masks!!

      I’m so happy I’m done racing for 2014. Now if it would only warm up so I could run for fun!!

  8. Brrrr, that looks so cold! And I totally feel you on not wanting to do a race – sometimes you just have that instinct. I LOVE Forrest Gump! One of my faves!

    • It is way too cold way too early! I am glad the ‘bad’ race experience is done. I think my race cut-off will be mid October from now on. Forrest Gump is my fav too! Totally want to run forever after watching it.

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