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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

It’s Nearly Winter Where I Live


dog in the snow

This stuff has already melted, but it will be back

It was so cold on my run last weekend I had to wear a toque (wool hat for you non Canadians), a jacket and mittens (my hands are ridiculously cold all the time).  That run inspired me to do the closet swap  – you know – pack all your summer clothes up and bring out the sweaters.  Gotta love life in the north.  I shouldn’t even bother putting winter clothes away for the short “hot” season we get, but it is more out of principle.

Did you know we had 3.5 months snow free this year?  Pretty amazing hey?

Regardless of the cold, I am still loving running in the wilds right now.  With no bugs and the beautiful colours who could resist?!

dog in the forest

Kobi on our foggy weekend run. Notice she’s sticking her tongue out at me.


Kobi has been loving the cooler weather and has 4-7 epic squirrel or grouse chases every walk and run.  Unfortunately one of these epic chases resulted in an injury, a back injury of all things. She must have slipped or tripped as all I heard was a yelp and then she wasn’t keen on jumping up anymore.

White dog

What did you say? I can’t run?

I drove her 390km (230ish miles) one way (and then back again) to see a veterinarian as we were pretty worried (no vet in my town).  No fractures or breaks, but she’s on anti inflammatories and is going to need 3 weeks of rest.  Ever tried containing a hyper-super-fit dog for three weeks?  It’s not going to be easy. Poor Kobi.  She is showing signs of improvement already so everything should be a-okay soon enough.

3 cats 1 dog

I think this will be our Christmas card as I never get all 4 critters in one shot

How many months snow free do you get?   Any ideas on how to keep a hyper dog calm without excessive exercise?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

28 thoughts on “It’s Nearly Winter Where I Live

  1. We have, on average, one snow day every 4 years – does that count? The entire Las Vegas valley will come to a standstill and it will be the top story in the news for days 🙂 If you ever make it down here for a visit (I have a lovely guest room now that the girls have moved out) October is the niceset month of all – no longer ungodly hot and beautiful every day.

    • That counts! I recall very well hearing about your ‘snow days’ down there. I will make it down your way soon. I have to – never been there yet! I’ll aim for October too! I don’t want to hit one of your ‘snow days’.

  2. We get between 5-7 months of snow free weather in NS…but you never know when it’s going to snow sometimes! We are having amazing weather this week and it’s wonderful but I know that the mitts and toques have to come out very soon! Poor Kobi, speedy recovery buddy!

    • I could tolerate 5-7 months snow free. Enjoy your beautiful weather for Thanksgiving! Kobi is doing better every day. It’s going to be hard to hold her back!

  3. Only 3.5 snow free months!!!! I was just thinking that didn’t the snow recently melt away for you when I saw the title of your post. I can’t live with so much winter. I don’t even like how much we have in NYC and I know it’s not really all that bad.

    • It did recently melt. We get 2-3 snowfalls that don’t stay too long. Then winter really shows up. Winter is relative I think. I’m sure if I had 6 months snow free I’d still complain 😊

  4. Here in Colorado we probably get 4.5 months snow free, although it hasn’t snowed yet, and normally does in October. Our last snow was May, so we shall see! Poor Kobi – hope she heals up soon and can get back to being her adorable active self!

    • I could handle 4.5 months snow free, heck I think I could handle Colorado in general. Dogs hide pain so well. There are times when I think I imagined everything and she’s 100%, but then you see her flinch a bit when she goes to scratch her neck and you know she’s still hurting.

  5. I don’t get any snow, so this is crazy to me!

  6. Kobi is a precious baby!!! Just the cutest!! I hope Kobi feels better!! Awww!! I love your last picture!! So sweet!! Would make a fab Christmas card!! 🙂 🙂

  7. 12 months snow free 🙂

  8. Wow!! Snow already! We get about 11.5 months snow-free here in Vancouver 😉 Now rain is a different story, although we’ve been pretty lucky the last little bit. Makes me worried about what Mama Nature has in store for us this winter…

    I love your animal pack!!! Looks like a fun bunch 🙂

    • I think I prefer snow over all the rain you get in Vancouver. Although I would just have to get more pretty rain boots instead of snow boots. When it snows in Vancouver we sure all hear about it! It’s a pretty big deal.

      My little pack is petty fun. They hardly sit still long enough to get a photo of them all together.

  9. Poor little Kobi! I’m sorry to hear about that, but glad he’s on the mend!
    No snow here yet, but the frost is setting in. I just wish it would hurry up and get here so I can swap out my shoes for some skis. I can’t deal with this 80 degrees one day 30 the next. Although the fall foliage has been delish this year!

  10. Oh wow! You are a dedicated pup momma. Poor Kobi! Lots of marrow bones or frozen peanut butter kongs to keep her occupied? Thats a tough one, hope she heals quickly. Send some snow to NY! We are still hitting 70s some days )= I’m ready for cooler weather.

    • Good idea on the peanut butter kongs. She seems really good but yesterday I let her off leash and of course she ran like a maniac and when she came in she went straight to her bed downstairs. She never does that unless I’m down there too so I know she needs more time (just like the doctor said). I’d love to send some snow and cool weather your way! It’s cold up here and it snowed again yesterday and hasn’t all melted yet.

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  12. I can’t believe that crap. It’s still 90 down here.
    The only way I can think of to calm a dog without exercise is to give him a job – like carrying something, etc.

    • I can’t believe it’s still 90 down there! Kobi does need a job. I’ve noticed that she’s taken to guarding her food and dog treats very intensely since her injury.

  13. Hi Angie, it is a year later. They are talking some snow this weekend (but it will not stay), and the last snows are around the middle of April. So I guess 6 months snow, 6 months snow free.
    Have a marathon also this weekend, and am the process of getting my cold weather running gear together.
    Hope all is well with you, Kobi and the rest of your household! 🙂

    • We haven’t had any snow stick around yet. I’m kind of looking forward to it to be honest! I have my winter gear out and ready to go!

      I need to catch up on your posts! A marathon! Awesome! Have a great race!!

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