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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

There’s Something in Air


aspen trees

The trees were starting to turn colour 10 days ago

The last few weeks totally got away on me.  I don’t know if it’s because the days are now officially getting shorter or if I’m just officially less organized.  Likely the latter.

I did help plan, organize and volunteer at a local race last weekend so I was pretty swamped preparing for that.  This race is a totally cool event  – yes, I’m biased.  It all happens on our community trail.  Folks get to choose from 4 different races:  half marathon, 10km run, 5km run and 5km walk.  There are also 3 kids races (500m for the little little guys, 800m for the slightly less little guys and 1km for the almost big guys).  Of course dogs are welcome and totally encouraged to come along for the run.  Finishers, even the dogs, get dog tags.

dog tail and culvert

Kobi in a culvert on the trail that the race is held on.

dog in autumn

Kobi modelling the autumn leaves













Then I had to do some work related travelling which always results in an overload of domestic chores when I get home.

I have made time to run in the amazing fall weather.  We’ve had some cooler days (like today), but for the most part it’s been pretty epic.  That’s what makes me wonder if perhaps there is something in the air this time of year.

I usually don’t experience my little runner’s high until about an hour after a run, but lately 15 minutes into any given run outside I’m feeling pretty happy.  Maybe it’s just a sensory overload caused by the colours and the smells.

I don’t know about where you live, but up here autumn has a pretty distinct smell and it kind of smells good (kind of like rotting leaves, bear poop, mushrooms and fermenting high-bush cranberries).  Maybe it’s just mould spores boring into my grey matter making me think I’m happy, but whatever it is I’ll take it as I know what’s around the corner weather-wise.

dog and stick

Random action shot

Do you get amazing autumn colours?  How far do you have to run to experience a running high?  Does your dog like culverts?  Ever planned or helped plan a running event?  Does autumn “smell” where you live?

aspen colours

This is what it looked like yesterday




Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

18 thoughts on “There’s Something in Air

  1. Today on my run, i watched the golden leaves falling off the birch trees. It was lovely thought my photos didn’t do it justice. Autumn does have a wonderful smell. I love the scent of the cottonwood trees. Outside my kitchen window there’s a maple tree that is three different colours right now (which makes me smile). I ❤ autumn.

    • I thought your photos were pretty good! Cottonwoods smell the best, especially in the spring (up here anyway). Maples have the most beautiful colours. I miss those trees!!

  2. We don’t get much of autumn colors in here, most trees in Seville are evergreen.
    Isn’t funny that when you travel for work, even if it’s just for a day, when you get home it seems like you’ve been gone for ages?
    The mess multiples!
    Doggy loves culverts, but then, he loves anything with water and/or mud. So hard to keep him dry and clean-ish over winter in here.
    Have a nice week!

    • The mess totally multiplies when you’re gone! I can’t figure it out. That’s cool that Doggy loves culverts too. I’ve given up trying to keep Kobi clean during the wet seasons up here. At least Doggy is dark so it would kind of hide the dirt.

  3. That sounds amazing and makes me totally jealous!
    Good for you – taking advantage of it!

  4. So cool for you to get involved with your community race! I kind of wish we had an autumn in SF. Kobi is so cute modeling the leaves! 🙂

    • I kind of got involved so I had a local race to run, but ironically I’m too busy with everything involved with planning and timing to actually get to run it! It’s a great community event so I don’t mind much. That’s too bad you don’t get autumn there. You have the ocean and amazing views instead!

  5. No amazing colors here in the Bay Area. The turn happens rather quickly; leaves fall off, then quickly grow again. Back in MN, on the other hand..

  6. Fall colors are just beginning here in nyc, we just got back from Vermont where it was a bit more advanced. Fall is the best time to run. Zeke loves culverts, especially as a place to leave his “messages” behind.

    • Fall is such a great time to run. I bet you get nice colours in NYC?! I love that Zeke leaves his messages in culverts. There must be lots if critters using culverts.

  7. It’s so beautiful here too…I love running outside this time of year. Cool temps, beautiful scenery and all those colours! I coordinated a youth run for 5 years and it was a lot of fun. So many details to think of and plan but worth it in the end. Runner’s high = best feeling!

    • I bet you get beautiful colours over there! I wish this season lasted longer. That’s cool you planned a youth run. Kids love it (we had a few tears too though). I am totally hooked on “runners high”

  8. I can’t believe you’re so fall already. We’re still flippin hot. And we don’t have big trees down here, so we don’t get the fall colors like that. That’s one of the things I miss most from Ohio.

    • Fall colours are pretty sweet. Fall is almost over already up here! About 50% of the leaves have fallen already. I panic when it gets windy as I want it to last longer! Enjoy the heat! I ran in a wool hat this AM (what we call toques up in canada).

  9. Some years that autumn air gets me so fired up! It’s like I can’t get enough. Other times, it makes me sad… I think after a particularly chilly/rainy/uneventful summer – like I didn’t get my vitamin D fix in for the year or something.
    Props on your race organization. You are an exemplary runner for volunteering your time to give back. Hope that air is still treating you well 🙂

    • Fall definitely smells the best! It still smells good up here but I suspect the snow will arrive for good soon enough.

      I love helping with the race up here. So many folks don’t get to race out of town as we’re so far from everything and it’s nice to have a race right at home. And our trail is pretty sweet!

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