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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

September Stuff


Turns out August was a pretty low mileage month for me. Between back to back races, tapers and recoveries, I didn’t run much.  September will be different.

September also means the bears are out in full force which is totally nerve-wracking.  Turns out the ones I’ve been seeing have a mamma with them (even though I thought they were kind of big to still be with their mamma).  Every walk and run has Kobi on high guard with hackles up.

I honestly can’t wait for snow right now just so these guys go to sleep already.  Oh yeah, it did snow on the weekend, but it melted.  The weather is supposed to be quite nice for a few more weeks so I’ll be running nervous for a while longer yet.

It feels very primal to be running in fear all the time.  Isn’t this what we did 5,000 years ago?  Ran in fear from pretty much everything?  It’s stressful.

Enough about that.  Now I shall entertain you with photos from the week…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How’s your September going?  Are you jealous of my snow?  Don’t you wish you could nap like Kobi?  

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

32 thoughts on “September Stuff

  1. I am sooo jealous of your snow!! The Kobi the water dog shot is amazing!!!
    btw, i was helping w/ a camera trap study (of cottontails )at clarence fahnestock park (where we camp sometimes, just an hour & 15 mins outside of nyc) & the cameras caught TONS of bobcats and multiple bears including a mom with 3 cubs! Zeke would be on guard sometimes but I thought it was just coyotes…yikes!

    • Kobi loved the snow. She is a winter dog. I was happy with the water dog shot. Just used my iPhone too. That’s scary to know there were bears around! Now you know when Zeke goes on guard that it might be more than a coyote.

  2. Mama bears would give me a bit of fright for sure. Especially with a dog… Do you keep her on a leash?

    • She wears an ecollar when we run or walk so I can get her attention with a tone. She listens well to that when off leash. I watch her pretty close and get her on leash if I see something or I see she is scenting something and her hackles go up. It’s when she’s just chilling in the yard and bear wanders by that I get worried as she goes nuts.

  3. Napping like Kobi would be nice.
    I can’t imagine going out for a run with the feat that something big and hairy is gonna eat me. There isn’t much meat on me anyway but I think I’d be a good snack till they get someone meatier. Makes me wonder if bears would like me, I know mosquitoes do, but then again, mosquitoes eat pretty much everyone, I won’t feel special.
    Jokes aside, I know you take your precautions but be careful, both of you.

  4. I love the weekly photo slideshow! Kobi is such a superstar (with a super plush bed). There isn’t any snow in southern BC yet. It was 0 degrees this morning but is supposed to be +20C today with sunny clear skies. Perfect fall weather. The bears and deer are on the move through our place these days and yesterday I saw a golden eagle in the hayfield which was cool.

    • Her bed is super plush, I want one. Sounds chilly your way too. I have to pull my garden out now for sure. You see some pretty cool wildlife at your place. I always love seeing your photos of them. Has Cash seen a bear yet? What does he do?

  5. It snowed already? Unbelievable!

    • We always get one or two ‘teasers’ until it stays for real – usually October or November. I left my garden in too – there wasn’t much left but it killed my squash plant good.

  6. Ran as soon as I got home from work. Didn’t run across any bears. I did see a few people the size of a bear, however.

    • My “kittens” keep walking on my keyboard and at least just the like button was hit. You may end up with a garbled reply one day that makes no sense. It will be from the cats. Back to the real reply…I’m happy to hear you had no “real” bear sightings.

      • Speaking of garbled replies.. I once texted my gf to pick me up from the bar. Needless to say I was in absolutely no shape to drive, or really walk. It’s amazing I even was able to shoot her a text. It basically amounted to this: mmmmhggggtttggg. Somehow she found me.

      • That’s kind of funny. My kittens would likely have figured your text out too.

  7. The cutest pictures EVER!!! I love them ALL and WOW, SNOW!!! It’s so pretty!! XOXO!!!

    • Aww, thanks! The snow was pretty except when it melted everything was very muddy. It pressed a lot of trees over too because the leaves are still on everything.

  8. I’m kind of jealous you get to see bears on your adventures, if I’m honest. 🙂

  9. Carl and Eugene look like pretty friendly guys! 😉 I didn’t know you had snow up there already! I knew there was some over in Alberta but I didn’t hear about it up north in BC. Apparently I live under a rock 😉 Do you have any more races on your radar?

  10. This is so crazy! Be careful out there…or should I say ‘be bearful’? Ya know, running in fear should make you go faster. We dont’ have bears here, but whenever I see any wildlife, it always picks up my pace. I’ve read that Matthew McConnaghay (sp?) runs in ‘dangerous’ places just for that reason. And no, I am NOT jealous of the snow 😉

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