Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi


There’s Something in Air

aspen trees

The trees were starting to turn colour 10 days ago

The last few weeks totally got away on me.  I don’t know if it’s because the days are now officially getting shorter or if I’m just officially less organized.  Likely the latter.

I did help plan, organize and volunteer at a local race last weekend so I was pretty swamped preparing for that.  This race is a totally cool event  – yes, I’m biased.  It all happens on our community trail.  Folks get to choose from 4 different races:  half marathon, 10km run, 5km run and 5km walk.  There are also 3 kids races (500m for the little little guys, 800m for the slightly less little guys and 1km for the almost big guys).  Of course dogs are welcome and totally encouraged to come along for the run.  Finishers, even the dogs, get dog tags.

dog tail and culvert

Kobi in a culvert on the trail that the race is held on.

dog in autumn

Kobi modelling the autumn leaves













Then I had to do some work related travelling which always results in an overload of domestic chores when I get home.

I have made time to run in the amazing fall weather.  We’ve had some cooler days (like today), but for the most part it’s been pretty epic.  That’s what makes me wonder if perhaps there is something in the air this time of year.

I usually don’t experience my little runner’s high until about an hour after a run, but lately 15 minutes into any given run outside I’m feeling pretty happy.  Maybe it’s just a sensory overload caused by the colours and the smells.

I don’t know about where you live, but up here autumn has a pretty distinct smell and it kind of smells good (kind of like rotting leaves, bear poop, mushrooms and fermenting high-bush cranberries).  Maybe it’s just mould spores boring into my grey matter making me think I’m happy, but whatever it is I’ll take it as I know what’s around the corner weather-wise.

dog and stick

Random action shot

Do you get amazing autumn colours?  How far do you have to run to experience a running high?  Does your dog like culverts?  Ever planned or helped plan a running event?  Does autumn “smell” where you live?

aspen colours

This is what it looked like yesterday





September Stuff

Turns out August was a pretty low mileage month for me. Between back to back races, tapers and recoveries, I didn’t run much.  September will be different.

September also means the bears are out in full force which is totally nerve-wracking.  Turns out the ones I’ve been seeing have a mamma with them (even though I thought they were kind of big to still be with their mamma).  Every walk and run has Kobi on high guard with hackles up.

I honestly can’t wait for snow right now just so these guys go to sleep already.  Oh yeah, it did snow on the weekend, but it melted.  The weather is supposed to be quite nice for a few more weeks so I’ll be running nervous for a while longer yet.

It feels very primal to be running in fear all the time.  Isn’t this what we did 5,000 years ago?  Ran in fear from pretty much everything?  It’s stressful.

Enough about that.  Now I shall entertain you with photos from the week…

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How’s your September going?  Are you jealous of my snow?  Don’t you wish you could nap like Kobi?  


Are Ravens Kind of Like Flying Bears?

I ask that because Kobi despises ravens (in case you’ve forgotten, Kobi is my dog).

Yesterday we were heading out for our scheduled 4:37PM walk (Kobi makes sure I stick to the schedule) and she charged down the yard all barky and bouncy with her hackles up. I thought it was a bear by her reaction, turns out it was a raven.  She proceeded to chase it all around the yard and eventually down the driveway, then down the road and then back up the road.  That’s why I questioned if perhaps she thinks they’re flying bears.  You see, Kobi also despises bears.

dog chasing a raven

Kobi chasing the raven back up the road

The raven tortured her for a good 10 minutes and then she was finally ready to proceed with our scheduled walk.  I had wanted to avoid the upper trail as I have been getting that weird creepy feeling when walking there as there is a bear around.  I opted for the “safer” trail by the road.

Before we even got to the main road I saw a large black blobby thing – bear.  That put a bit of a dent in my walking plans.

black bear

The black blob is Mr. Bear

Kobi was oblivious as she was still on the raven-high and she was also eating grass.  She’s part bovine I think.

black bear and a dog

Kobi chomping on grass just like the bear was


I turned around before Kobi saw it and went all crazy and we opted for the “scary” trail up the road.

Later that evening husband let Kobi out for her evening pee and poo.  He didn’t see that Mr. Bear was hanging out between the shed and the raspberry patch, but Kobi did and she kicked it into full on action hero.  She even scared the bear up a tree.  She was making up for her earlier oversight.  We got Kobi back into the house and she eventually cooled off.

Sheesh, I hate this time of year.  The bears are working hard to fatten up before winter so they seem to come out of the wood-work.

Do ravens torment your dog? Do you even have ravens where you live?  Would you like to have bears in your yard?