Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Adventures Abound


This past weekend involved flying fish, fighting raptors, stinging Hymenoptera, baby unicorns and large predators.  Well, sort of.

It all started Saturday when I went out for an hour-long run. Turns out this was one of those runs where you just don’t feel the love.

I headed to the lake first so Kobi could have a swim break. There were all these schools of little minnows close to shore. Then they started jumping like crazy. I think they wanted to fly or become land dwellers, they were going nuts.

minnows jumping

Flying Fish

We stayed a while and watched the fish who wanted to fly before carrying on.  Then we saw a raven and a hawk fighting or maybe they were playing, it was cool.

Forty minutes in and I still wasn’t feeling the love, but I was starting to accept this.

Then I collided with a large flying thing. It was either a bee or a hornet as it got tangled in my camelback strap and stung me! I actually started yelling and cursing and then failing and throwing my camelback off as fast as possible as I feared it was still tangled and would keep stinging me.

I never actually saw the stinging Hymenoptera so I don’t know which it was – bee or hornet. I first assumed hornet as they are always angry and like to sting. However, I was wearing the brightest yellow shirt ever and bumblebees like flowers so perhaps I looked like a flower and the bee didn’t realize I was running and therefore the collision. I’m sure a bee would only act in self-defense so I forgive the bee. Not so much if it was a hornet. Regardless, it hurt. I haven’t been stung in a while and I had forgotten what the burning piercing pain of a sting was like.

I carried on as I’m not allergic to stings, I’m just a wimp.  I also wanted to check out the baby unicorns ahead.

baby horses

They could be baby unicorns?

They’re not real unicorns, but they’re cute and I would love to see a real unicorn.  After the unicorns horses I hit another watering hole for Kobi and then headed home.

dog in the water

Northern water dog

The adventure didn’t stop there. Sunday I talked myself into a bike ride. I’m not super crazy about cycling up in my neck of the woods as the roads suck and are not bike friendly and I can’t take Kobi with me.

During the first 5 minutes I saw 3 red tail hawks playing around and thought that was pretty cool and maybe this would be a good ride. It wasn’t. I never really get used to large semi-trucks speeding by me at 110km/hr. Then I saw the biggest black bear cross the highway in front of me. That was all it took, I turned around and high-tailed it home. Total ride: 45 minutes.

But wait, there’s more…Monday I saw a giant fresh steamy pile of bear poop about 300m into my jaunt with Kobi. Kobi pee’d on it then proceeded to charge into the woods back and forth so the bear wasn’t too far away.

bear poop

Bear poop

Oh, icing on the cake, these guys are everywhere right now. I don’t know how to spell a shiver, but that’s what they make me do.


Check out its hairy legs

Ever had one of those runs where you just aren’t loving it? What do you think, bee or hornet? Are you allergic to stings? Ever been stung while running or cycling? Aren’t those horses cute?  Does that spider freak you out?  Seriously they are everywhere this year!!


You needed a kitten update too, they’re way cuter than spiders

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

30 thoughts on “Adventures Abound

  1. I hate getting stung too. At least it wasn’t on your eyelid. I had some sort of insect do that to me. My eyelid was swollen for a few hours and it was almost all better by the end of the day.

  2. Dislike on the stings, very much *like* on the kitties and the rest of the photos. I always enjoy Kobi pictures.

    • I think everyone dislikes stings! The kittens are just so cute aren’t they!? I’m glad you enjoy the Kobi photos. I think she is sick of me taking her picture (I swear I take at least 20 or more photos of her a day).

  3. EW! That spider is terrifying!! I definitely hate wasps the most, but they bite.

    Kobi is so cute!!

    • Those spiders are so scary. I check every time I walk out the door as they seem to be falling from the sky! Hmmm, must have been a bee then. There are lots of bees this year. And I totally agree that Kobi is so cute!

  4. I’m gonna say hornet if no stinger was left behind.

  5. I have started to jog recently. I still am not “loving it” (compared to sports using a ball), but I plan to continue. 🙂

  6. Those kittens are WAY cuter than the spider. They creep me out so much!! I think it was a bee, just for positivity sake so you can forgive him and move on. 🙂

  7. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cuter than spiders!! Love them!!

  8. I’ve had more pet spiders than cats … perhaps that says something about me. 😉

    • They are very intriguing when you take a closer look at them. I never kill them as they do a lot of good and are misunderstood because most people find them creepy – including me. The spider photos in your last post are neat looking. I still prefer kittens for pets.

  9. Last time I got stung was on my face, I looked incredible gorgeous. Let say a flying unicorn stung you (like a miniature pony, like that show My Little Pony)
    Those could perfectly be unicorns, they don’t get the horn until they grow up.
    Kobi and the bears. The only thing Doggy has to worry about are wild boars when we go to the country.

    • I bet you looked good after getting stung on the face. It did feel like a small animal hit me so it could have been a flying miniature unicorn with a very sharp horn.

      That makes total sense that unicorns don’t get their horns until they grow up so these guys are baby unicorns!

      I suspect wild boars are quite vicious, keep Doggy safe!

  10. I’ve been stung by a yellow jacket and a honeybee-not fun. The horses and kitties are adorable! I’ve been thinking about fixing up my bike and dabbling in that a bit. I love how Kobi peed on that bear poop- you tell em Kobi!

    • Getting stung is not fun! My kittens are turning into little cats already – still cute though!! It’s good to dabble in biking, just to change things up.

      I thought it was funny when Kobi peed on the poop. She lifts her leg too! Always cracks me up.

  11. What were those fish trying to get away from that they were willing to leave the water?!? Bummer about the sting. I hope it wasn’t a bee as bees die after they sting and we need bees for the environment. Hornets we don’t need, so they can die all they want. Bee careful! 😉

    • I can’t figure out what those fish were doing. The lake is really shallow and maybe it was really poor conditions for them? Weird and cool.

      I’m thinking it was a hornet as bees are just so cute (like furry flying kittens) and not at all angry enough to sting. I wouldn’t want a bee to die because of me. We do need all the bees we can get! I won’t wear yellow anymore when I’m running just in case.

  12. Yay baby unicorns! You will have to snap another pic when their horns come in 🙂
    Seriously hate spiders. I like snakes more because if they were to bite me, I’d at least know what it was. Spiders are too sneaky. One day you’re fine and the next morning you wake up and your throat is swollen shut and your leg falls off. Not being dramatic at all here. I know a guy.

    • The baby unicorns have been keeping a low profile so they must be growing their horns in. Spider bites are terrifying and I never know which spider will be the one to inflict the paralyzing bite where your limbs fall off – I’ve seen photos – it’s horrible. At least it’s cold now so I think the spiders have gone into hibernation, or whatever they do over winter.

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