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Colour Run and a Wipeout



colour runners

Colour Run
Photo Credit Artography by Tracy

I have not run for over a week now. After running two half marathons one week apart, I figured a week off would be beneficial (not so much for Kobi).  My IT band is also a bit angry.

In lieu of not running I helped with a Colour Run. The run is held on a trail that can be quite thick with bears this time of year. My job was to bike patrol to ensure no runners or walkers were alone or in trouble at any given point (it was a 2.5km out and back).

colour run

Start of the Colour Run

The race started and I was riding in front keeping an eye on the first runner behind me. I stopped a few times and waited and when I saw the first colour station ahead I slowed way down and looked over or under my shoulder to see where the runner was. That caused me to veer way over to the edge of the trail.

I figured “oh heck, I’ll just ride through this.” That is ride off the trail into the woods. The shoulder was quite steep on the edge of the trail and I was at a bad angle so I did not “ride through this”, but instead fell, rather hard, in front of 10 people and the race photographer. Yup, I like an audience.

I did what any person would do with a crowd watching, I jumped up throwing both arms in the air declaring “I’m okay!!!”

I was not okay. I didn’t even take a photo of my shredded forearm and shoulder as I was trying not to draw any extra attention to my injuries. I figured the coloured cornstarch would help slow the bleeding as well as hide it. It seemed to work.

colour run

You’d never know I had wiped out a little while earlier.  Photo credit Artography by Tracy

Fortunately I didn’t have to defend anyone from attacking bears and 2 hours later I was home scrubbing multi-coloured cornstarch off and assessing the damage. There are going to be scars, but the worst part is everything really hurts – my neck, my already angry IT band, my hip and I can’t lift my left arm without squeaking in pain.

I hate falling. On the upside, I didn’t curse (which is unusual for me) and I should be good for wipeouts now. I’ve had a running wipeout thanks to Kobi and now a bike wipeout thanks to me. I’ll be sure to be extra careful at the pool as I don’t want to face plant on the deck, that would be embarrassing.

The downside is, I’m going to hold off running for a few more days until I can at least move my neck again. Poor Kobi, she’s going to disown me if she doesn’t get to run soon.

Have you ever done a colour run? Ever crash your bike in front of a crowd?

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

16 thoughts on “Colour Run and a Wipeout

  1. I have not done a color run. I think they seem fun, but would rather spend the money on a race that ends in a medal or is timed. Haha. And I have crashed a bike in front of people. More than 10. A lot more. I was doing EMT patrol at a major university football game. My pant leg got caught on the pedal and down I went. Haha.

    • Yeah, colour runs are certainly not about getting timed. It was neat as we did attract a lot of folks who wouldn’t normally come out to a run so that’s good.

      Your bike crash sounds horrible. Were you well enough to jump up and declare you were okay or did you have to untangle your pant leg first? I’m sorry, but I’m sort of laughing. I do hope you were okay! Falling in front of people is horrible.

      • I do think that color runs are good for bringing people out and getting them involved in something fun and not timed. It’s definitely a good thing.
        I became untangled as I fell. I got right back up and acted like it never happened. Literally, just climbed back on the bike, and pedaled off into the distance. But I did not return to that corner the rest of the day. That corner was full of people tailgating and not even planning to go into the stadium. I knew they would still be there. Thank goodness they didn’t have a need for an EMT. hahaha

      • That is too funny! I would’ve done the same. At least you didn’t need an EMT yourself.

  2. Oh and i hope you feel better soon with all your injuries!!

  3. You gotta take your time and the healing process work. Glad it wasn’t any really serious and glad bears don’t smell blood like sharks, can you imagine all the bears running after you? Not pretty.
    Jokes aside, hope you feel better and are back running soon.
    Doggy gets crazy when he doesn’t go out for 2 days, he’s been giving me a hard time these past few days, I haven’t been working out and long walks don’t work the same for him.
    I once fell off my bike going downhill, full speed, dirt road, my hands looked like granite with all the little stones and pebbles stuck on them. I only have scars on my knees though, but not too obvious.

    • It’s kind of funny that you make the shark comment because that had kind of crossed my mind. Bears do like the smell of blood apparently, but not quite like sharks. That would’ve really made my day.

      Dogs are the best work-out partners, but they just don’t understand that we can’t always run or walk them. Doesn’t help that they are super fit and expect and need to be exercised like maniacs every day.

      Okay, your bike crash sounds horrible. Nothing hurts more than having to pick rocks out of flesh wounds.

  4. Ouch!! I’m sure that was very painful!! I hope you feel better soon!! You’re a champ though!! You got up and kept going!! You’re tough! I have never done a color run. Looks like fun! 🙂 🙂

    • I’m feeling much better today. I was getting worried though as I haven’t hurt that bad in a long time. Colour runs are kind of neat, not something you will set a PR at, but a fun thing to do with friends if you’re into getting quite colourful.

  5. I would have totally cursed! Isn’t it fun trying to get the colour off you! I did one last fall and it was a lot of fun, but I also had just got my Garmin and I stupidly wore it under a band. It got dye on it and still to this day isn’t back to it’s normal colour! Lesson learned. I’m not a cyclist but my husband has had a few good falls off his bike – not pretty. Hope you recover well.

    • The strap on my helmet will forever be a weird purplish colour. I won’t wear anything I like next time around. I tried using baby wipes to clean my hands and that just made it worse. I was a dark green colour after that. It definitely took some time in the shower to get clean again.

      Bike crashes are bad. I am starting to feel way better compared to a few days ago!!

  6. I’ve always wondered when these color runs became a “thing.” 🙂 They have a “color me rad” run down here.

    • I wonder if they’ll stay popular or kind of phase out? I liked helping out and I liked that it gets people out who don’t necessarily run. I think the dye throwers had the most fun. I wouldn’t mind doing that either.

      • I’m guessing they might last quite some time. If I were still running on a more competitive scale (even though these aren’t really that), I’d probably avoid them, but hey, anything that gets the non-runners out and about is pretty good in my book.

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