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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Hill Repeats in the Heat and My New Kittens


The title pretty much sums up my last week.

I adopted two new kittens so any spare time I have had has been consumed by hugging, kissing, playing with, looking for and taking photos of my new kittens.   Kittens are a bigger time drain than Facebook, but way more fun and just so cute.

white and black kittens

Aren’t they cute? Casper and Cricket are their names.

It’s been so hot here.  Not Texas hot, but it hits the mid 90’s every day and the humidity is high for us too.  Because it’s been hot I have justified eating lots of ice cream with Kobi.  She’s not complaining.

dog eating ice cream

mmmm ice cream (she gets her own cone)


I’ve also been out paddleboarding with my pro Kobi.  She’s so cool.

dog in the water

Kobi pre board

dog on a SUP

Kobi is a pro












And I’ve been running.  Mostly lots of hill repeats to attempt to get ready for my upcoming races.   Why did I sign up for two mountain trail runs?  Because I love mountains and trails of course, but running hills in this weather is getting hard (as is packing 2 litres of water for every run).

Because it’s so darn hot out, all our routes have to centre around water sources so Kobi can cool off every 10-15 minutes.  I’m desperate to cool off too and went so far as standing in a creek to cool my toes, but realized that water in your shoes makes your feet really heavy.  Oh well.  I’ll remember that next time.  It did feel really good for 2 minutes.

dog in the water

Kobi isn’t fussy when it comes to water, ditch water works fine

How hot is it where you live?  Would you opt for heavy wet shoes in order to have nice cool feet for a few minutes?  Do you eat lots of ice cream when it’s hot out (with your dog)?  Don’t you think my kittens are cute?


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

16 thoughts on “Hill Repeats in the Heat and My New Kittens

  1. Your kittens are soo cute!! And trail running is awesome, I don’t blame you one but for registering for those races! Fun fact: SF has the lowest average summer temperature of any major US city! It gets hot here in sept/October.

    • I sure think my kittens are cute! I am totally in love with trail running. I heard that SF has lower than you’d expect summer temps. You’ll have to let me in on the good trail races down that way (during the cooler season) so I can make another trip down there (for the trails and farmer’s market).

  2. I ❤ Casper and Cricket SO MUCH. More pictures! More pictures!

  3. How does Kobi like the kittens ? They are pretty darn cute! We are getting a lot of rain this week so it’s a little cooler but I’m 100% fine with that! I love ice cream in the summer time – essential food item for sure!

    • She’s pretty good with them, but I have to watch her when the kittens are playing as she wants to play too and is a bit clumsy and big compared to the babies. Ice cream is a total summer food staple for sure! Glad it’s cool over there for you.

  4. Don’t complain about the heat…I remember seeing pics of those lakes frozen not too long ago! Good luck on your races! Hopefully those hill repeats will help you out. Looks like you’ve got some good ones to run!

    • I have to remind myself that soon everything will be frozen and cold again – I embrace the heat! Here’s hoping the hill repeats work for me. Regardless I’m gonna have fun at those races.

  5. Kitties AND puppies? Ice cream and running? I love your life.
    Maybe it’s because it’s so similar to mine 🙂
    I am not a huge fan of wet shoes, but it happens on the trails. Sometimes purposefully and sometimes otherwise. I guess you get used to it after awhile.

    • We have awesome lives!! I’m not a real fan of wet shoes now and I’d never done it intentionally before, but I figured what the heck. It did feel so good for the first bit.

      • My go to long slow run spot is our rails to trails, which is completely flat and follows the clarion river. When I stop for a water break I always climb out onto these giant rocks right on the water and it takes all my self control not to just jump in and go for a swim, especially when it’s 9 billion degrees and 99% humidity.

      • With those kind of temps and that humidity I’d jump in and swim! Make for a good story too.

  6. We have to get Kobi and Aggie to run together some day. Our blonde doggies could be trail magazine cover models, racing around their element.

    • They would love running together! Love the idea of having them as trail magazine cover models – I think you’re onto something. They would be famous and we’d have sponsors!!

  7. Angie, I shall remind you of this post and you’re comments about the heat when it’s winter time again! 😉 Your kittens are so cute; a much more worthwhile time sink than facebook for sure. Good luck with the hill reps – I don’t know why, but they are actually my favourite speed workout. Perhaps it’s because there’s a tangible success associated with them? (As in, I just ran up there?) Or maybe I just don’t run them hard enough to make it hurt sufficiently…? That’s probably it…

    • Winter isn’t far away so I will stop complaining about the heat! I think I prefer hill reps over speed intervals as well. Kobi gets quite bored with them at times. I suspect you run your hills hard enough considering the number of mountains you are running lately!

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