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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Tale of a Trail Race and a Mountain Climb


Toad River Run

Race signs – it’s very rural.

On Saturday I ran a very cool 10km race (and then climbed a mountain).

The race takes place way up north in one of the more picturesque parts of this province  (ruggedly stunning).  The race is hosted by a place called Stone Mountain Safaris and is a fundraiser for the small school in the community of Toad River.  There is a 5km walk/run and a 10km walk/run.  I think there was a shorter kids race too.  There were 90 people registered including kids and a small herd of dogs.  I think maybe 20 people (including kids) ran the 10km.  The race is mostly on trails through pastures and wooded areas and a bit of gravel road at the end.

Stone Mountain Safaris

The “lodge” that hosts the race is quite beautiful.

I drove up the morning of as it’s only a 2.5 hour drive and starts at 9AM so it’s doable.  Kobi was fully stoked as she got to come along.

The weather was perfect for racing, overcast and not too hot.  It’s a mass start so I was up front with Kobi as she’s like a race horse out of the gates and I didn’t want to trample any small children by accident.

field and mountains

This is what our views were like during the run

I was passed after a few minutes by a much younger dude, but I kept him in my sight the entire race.  I kept Kobi on the leash for the first little bit as the horses run with you and then away from you.  She has no horse sense so it was best to keep her leash on.  Once through the gate that kept the horses out, Kobi was off leash.  She mostly ran with the faster dude up a head as she likes being up front.  She was courteous enough to wait for me at corners and then would just take off again.

The course was well-marked, and there were route directors on atv’s at every confusing spot.  I did stop once to get a photo of this guy playing a mandolin (the faster younger dude obtained a slightly better lead on me as a result).

man playing a mandolin

This is what our live entertainment looks like up north.

I was the first chick to finish, well actually Kobi was.  I went over to congratulate the much younger-than-me dude on his win and compliment his speed.  He replied back in the most beautiful Parisian French accent that I would be welcome on their trail running team.

Then I asked a dumb question, “where are you from?”

“France”, he said.

That explains the beautiful accent and the fact that I didn’t know him.   I think he is working up here at one of the lodges.  I then had a short daydream about trail running in France.  I imagined scenic routes along the coastline with castles and vineyards as backdrops.  Sigh, wouldn’t that be lovely?

After my short daydream I came back to reality and cheered on my friends and the other runners coming in.

After the awards we took off to climb a mountain as a 10km race is a good warm-up for that and we were in the mountains so you can’t waste them.  We drove just under an hour back to Summit Lake and proceeded to hike up Stone Mountain (opposite side of my snowshoe to the radio tower).

Summit Mountain

Just one of the “steep” parts

I have done this hike before and always forget how steep it is.  It is just under 4km to the far peak (there are 2).  At the first peak it was noticeably  colder and windier and I swear I saw snowflakes.  I will admit I was a bit giddy from the views or perhaps hypoxia – maybe both.  We made it to the final peak and took a short break,  added rocks to the cairn and headed back down.

Stone Mountain Park

Kobi cooling off in the snow before the final peak way off in the top left of the photo.

Okay, so climbing up a mountain is hard, but climbing back down is harder.  I was in an isometric quad hold for over an hour thanks to the steepness and loose rocks.  My quads were destroyed and still are!  And I have a triathlon this weekend!  How smart was that?

Stone Mountain Park

View from the top of the world. Man was it cold up there.

Kobi slept the entire next day and her feet were a bit worn by all the rocks (I felt bad).  She had a hoot though, as did I (except for my quads).

sleeping dog

A very very tired Kobi.

Ever run a race where horses were running with you?  Have you run trails in France?  Does your dog like climbing mountains?  What do you do to keep their feet from getting too tender on rocks?


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

14 thoughts on “Tale of a Trail Race and a Mountain Climb

  1. great photos, mandolin man is awesome! It’s so great that Kobi could race with you. She looks quite at home on that mountain top. Congrats on being first female!

    • Thanks! Mandolin man was awesome, a very nice addition to the race course! Kobi was totally at home up on the mountain. She behaved like she’d done it a million times before. I was happy there was still snow up there so she could lay in and eat some of that. It’s quite heavy to pack her water too. I’ll have to get her wearing a pack like Zeke so she can carry some of her own stuff.

  2. What a glorious weekend! I know that quad thrashed feeling… It’s intense. Nice run, and hopefully someday you and Kobi can go international 🙂

    • We certainly crammed everything in! That quad thrashed feeling is a horrible feeling. I can still feel them walking down stairs!! I clearly need to walk down more mountains. That would be so cool to go international – lol!

  3. Great pictures. I used to have a set of rubbery sock-shoe-like footwear for my lab when we hiked. Back when my yard was mostly grass his feet were not very tough and our gravelly, rocky hiking terrain would wear out his pads too quickly. Plus, there is the added bonus of the hilarity of how he would act ad walk for the first couple of minutes after putting them on – otherwise he didn’t seem to mind them at all. Laughter keeps you young 🙂

    • I’ll have to look around for rubbery socks for Kobi. I can only imagine how hilarious the first few minutes of her wearing those would be.

  4. Your top of the world photo is AMAZING. You are a superstar for coming in first. Cash and I run along pastures with horses but no, not in the same pasture. He would definitely chase them for fun so a leash is necessary. You should pursue the trail running in France; at least once 🙂 Love your posts and pics.

    • Thanks! Kobi would likely chase them too and horses often have dog sense which isn’t good for dogs. Ah yes, trail running in France does sound lovely doesn’t it?

  5. I, too, am daydreaming about trail runs in France now… particularly somewhere around St. Tropez and Provence! *Sigh* I must admit, a 10K followed by a pretty impressive hike is an incredible accomplishment in my book! Looks like you and Kobi had a blast (again, besides the quads).

    • Isn’t France lovely? I’m sure I will continue to daydream about running there for a long time! It was a great day and would you believe my quads still hurt?!

  6. Ah, horses would drive Sam nuts! I wish Sam and Kobi could run together, they seem to act just alike. Congratulations on the speedy race!

    • Sam and Kobi would have a lot of fun running together. I’m laughing thinking of the trouble they would likely get themselves into. I think I’m getting faster as I’m always chasing Kobi.

  7. Wow, how amazing!!! Great job and Kobi is sooooo adorable sleeping!!! Awwww!!! What a cutie pie!!! I think that’s awesome that you got to run with horses. What a cool experience. I have little doggy booties for Prince;although, he doesn’t like them all that much. Have a great day!! XOXO!!

    • It was such a cool race and day!! Kobi is so cute when she’s sleeping! I don’t think Kobi would like booties and I worry she’d slip as she wouldn’t have the same connection with the ground.

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