Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Post Run Polka Dot Pig


Fortunately I have no epic wipe-outs to write about this week (so far).  However, it is currently snowing outside!  Yes, snowing.

Up until today, the weather had been getting warmer and my runs had to centre around Kobi’s need to stay cool and refreshed.  Laying, swimming, and wallowing in water is the only way she can re-charge her superpowers in the heat.

Her favorite superpower recharging location is a small lake that is reasonably close to my home (just under 4km one way).  Getting there involves running in a few areas that bears like to inhabit resulting in my being a bit freaked out.

dog swimming

Kobi swimming away…

I do carry bear spray and a phone.  A phone is likely not all that helpful in a serious bear encounter, but it makes me feel better knowing I might have time to call someone or at least get some cool photos for my blog.  Kobi is also highly sensitized to their presence and turns into a barking Godzilla when she sees one or smells one.

gravel road

This is the road that scares me, but it’s so pretty

I’m quite sure one was close by when we ran to the lake on the weekend as Kobi turned into a 40 lb white, hairy Godzilla and charged into the woods all hackles up and barking.  I felt safe and scared all at the same time.

And then I thought what I always think when I encounter a bear or something scary, “at least dinosaurs are extinct, that would be much worse.”  I’m not sure why that helps, but it does.

wet dog

superpowers restored

Okay, now to the real reason I published this post.  I wanted to attach a funny video of Kobi.  I’m not sure why she does this, but after a run she gets really hyper.  She either runs around the yard at super high velocity, terrorizes the cat, or plays with one of her toys with great enthusiasm.  Perhaps she’s just happy we didn’t encounter any dinosaurs.  In the video she has found her most obnoxious toy to play with enthusiastically (before crashing for a nice long nap).

Does your dog get super hyper after a run or walk or is Kobi just odd?  Have you seen any cool wildlife while out running?  Are you grateful dinosaurs are extinct or am I just odd?



Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

29 thoughts on “Post Run Polka Dot Pig

  1. My dog usually acts all warn out and sluggish after a good walk… and then once we hit the indoors, he races across the living room to the back door and throws a hyper fit until he’s let out to the backyard. One of two things happen then: He either rampages off into the grass sniffing everything and frolicking around like he has never been outside! OR, he goes two steps into the backyard on the patio, sniffs the air once and then turns to come back in. He’s a nutter.

    • That is so funny! He is quite the character and part beagle/hound isn’t he? I like how dogs act as though they’ve never been outside before!

      • Haha, yeah! He’s beagle/lab. He’s a little bigger than a beagle, looks like a lab puppy, and hates getting his paws wet / water in general. 🙂

  2. Snowing!!!!! Oh MY!!!! Happy to hear you’ve had no falls, fingers crossed for ya! If it’s the winter and cold our dog (retired sled dog) just wants to RUN, in the summer she is lazy and just wants to walk enough to do her business! ha.

  3. With the temperatures warm like they are, my dog is very tired after a walk. He flops down on the ground when we get home!! Hehe!!

  4. What a great picture!! Did Kobi ask about the picture afterwards? How it came out?

  5. The oinky-pig toy cracks me up Angie! My dogs turn my 3-piece living room furniture, (armchair, loveseat, couch) which is set up in a semi-circle, into a banked racetrack. They get going so fast while chasing each other and they fly from floor level to the backs of each seat to push off for the next turn. Sometimes I come home from work and all 3 pieces are pushed back a few feet out of place and I know what has been going on!

    • The pig toy is one her favourite toys, especially when I’m on the phone! I can only imagine how your dogs “sofa surf” during the day. That sounds hilarious!! You need to set up a dog-cam.

  6. Obviously fed up with all the Paparazzi attention every time she goes out !

    • LOL! It’s tough being famous like Kobi. I guess she just wants to live a normal dog-life without all the attention. I’ll have to be more discrete with the camera.

  7. I love how your blog always features Kobi- she never fails in making me smile! Such a sweet dog and awesome companion! Sorry for the snow… Denver had some on Mother’s day and I thought that was weird. June snow is beyond my comprehension…

    Glad you weren’t attacked by a bear! Or a dinosaur for that matter.

  8. Beautiful pictures!! Kobi is so lucky he gets to be out so much with you!

  9. I still can’t believe you got snow again! Sorry about your garden! But hey, I remember when your photos of the same areas were like 30 feet deep of snow and ice. Enjoy the warmer weather!

  10. That toy is hysterical! Haha

  11. I love it! I’m so going to remember that dinosaur-thinking and use it when I next struggle on a run. I’ll just think of you and tell myself: “Hey, it could be worse, there could be a T-rex hiding behind those bushes!” 😀 Kobi is so sweet – my dog gets very hyper before walks, but afterwards, she just has a good old snooze.

    • Dinosaurs help put everything back into perspective. I love how dogs get excited before a walk, that helps put things into perspective too!

  12. I like the dinosaur theory. I wish I would have thought of that myself.
    My dogs are freaking maniacs when they get done with their runs. They come inside and body slam the furniture, knock over their water bowls, harass the shit out of eachother, and then stand on my feet. I don’t know where it comes from. I love Kobi’s annoying toy, though.

    • Thoughts of dinosaurs keep everything in perspective for me. I’m grateful my dog is only about 40 lbs of crazy after a run. Your dog chaos sounds very entertaining and slightly destructive!!

      • They are just over a year old, and they are done growing weight wise, but they still have puppy brains so they don’t have the size/space awareness thing down yet. Every day is a party, that’s for sure. I need to meet whoever invented Kongs and give them a kiss, because those things have saved my sanity more than once.

      • I bet in another year they will act way more grown-up! Kongs are an awesome invention!!

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