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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Painful Recap


dog and grass

I must have a photo of Kobi in my posts

I hit the community trail last week with the intention of running for 60 minutes to stretch out my legs after my last little race (recall the Alcatraz Challenge).  I was feeling pretty good, so good in fact, I felt like I was flying up the first long hill.  I saw a girl and her dogs up ahead that me and Kobi know from trail encounters  so I decided to keep Kobi off leash.

I forgot Kobi is a scent dog, not a sight a dog.  As I was flying around a switch-back Kobi “sighted” the dogs up ahead, but didn’t recognize them.  She stopped abruptly right in front of me (as I was flying up the hill).  For a 40 pound dog, she can hold her ground.  I crashed into her and took an epic wipe-out – on pavement.  Fortunately I was holding my phone in one hand and her e-collar controller in the other (forgot my FlipBelt) and skidded on those first.  Unfortunately my knees weren’t carrying anything and I skidded on those next.

Cut knees

Ouch. Running with your dog can be hazardous

After falling, I did not jump up in embarrassment as it hurt so bad.  Instead I let out a very loud, long string of expletives.  I just can’t control my vocabulary when angry or in severe pain (it’s a superpower).  The girl up ahead was too frightened by my language to offer assistance, I don’t blame her.

I sat in the middle of the trail for a few minutes and wondered if you could actually break a knee.  I finally got up and hobbled around assessing the damage.  I had nothing to wipe up the blood pouring from my knees and of course I was wearing my white Injinji toe socks (I love toe socks and thank goodness for OxiClean).

Eventually I carried on with my run and received a few odd looks from passers-by, they probably thought I was pretty tough.

A few days later I was in the closet digging out more band-aids for my knees and knocked over a giant bottle of shampoo that landed smack in the middle of my big toe.  That hurt so bad I broke out in a sweat.  I think I’m clumsy.

Have you ever worn toe socks – do you love ’em or hate ’em?  Has your dog ever caused an epic wipe-out?  Do you carry band-aids when running?  I think I might start carrying some (if I could remember my FlipBelt).  What’s the worst thing you’ve dropped on your big toe?


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

37 thoughts on “Painful Recap

  1. Ouch! Hopefully you heal quickly. My dog has never made me fall, but I have taken her down with me numerous times on ice! I do feel sometimes like she is going to pop my shoulder out when she gets a whiff of something while we are running. Hopefully that never happens.

    • Ice and dogs on leashes is tricky! I wear Kobi’s leash around my waist so she jars my back a lot. Smells and squirrels are definitely a distraction for dogs!

  2. oh man! I hate scraped knees-hurts so bad! You are def. tough for continuing on your run. Zeke and I ran past a pickup truck once that was parked, the owner was just getting out. He apparently had a large rottweiler in the back of it and the dog tried to jump out, snarling & snapping, to attack Zeke. Zeke bolted and ended up tripping me up and I got a very small, hairline fracture in my cuboid bone (found out the next day). The owner of the dog just stared at me, no offer to help. I cursed at him and continued running (;

    • I haven’t had scraped knees for ages and yes, they do hurt! I suspect that fracture hurt! Isn’t that a bad bone to fracture ( I heard they don’t heal fast)? I’d have cursed at that stupid dog owner too. I just can’t believe people sometimes!!

  3. OH man, looks painful! I’ve only run with our dog a few times (retired sled dog) so she just wants to GO GO GO! It’s more like I’m sprinting after her and she is slowly galloping 🙂

  4. It hurt a lot the first few days, but it’s much better now. That’s cool you have a retired sled dog. That would be tough to run with her (and funny). I could see myself getting dragged along behind that kind of dog for miles and miles and miles…they make running look so easy!

  5. Oh my gosh, although I’m so sorry to hear and see your fall, you are hilarious!!! I love your superpower!!! Although I know you were not laughing at the time, you are really good at laughing at your pain. I hope your knees and toe are both feeling better!!! OUCH!! XOXO!!!

    • I like to turn my ‘weaknesses/faults’ into superpowers, it’s more entertaining and spins a positive light on them. I am laughing at the fall now and my knees are healing very well.

  6. Heal quickly (and without scarring). I love OxyClean. Don’t know how I did laundry without it.

    • I found these cool bandages that you put on and leave them on – they supposedly reduce scarring (advanced healing?). The one knee looks pretty good, not so sure about the other. Discovering OxyClean changed my life!!

  7. I carry bandaids and the little tiny spray-on neosporin (it also has numbing stuff in it 😉 ) I use toe-socks sporadically. I have used them in >20 mile runs as they seem to work well in preventing rubbing in between toes.
    As for the big toe…I break mine a lot. I’ve broken both as I trip constantly. I’m a grade-A Clutz. That’s OK. It just makes us more funny right? Learn to embrace and laugh at it. Happy running!

    • Smart to carry band aids and neosporin, I am going to make a little baggy of basic first-aid supplies and carry that with me. I find the same with toe socks, less rubbing and my one foot has really crooked toes so it needs all the help it can get. You have broken your toe lots – ouch! Being clutzy is a superpower! We’re superheroes!!

  8. Oh wow! That is a bloody knee. Sam has never caused me to fall (yet) but she gets really concerned if I do fall. She will come and try to lick my bloody cuts. It’s gross but sweet.

    • It’s nice that Sam is concerned when you fall and hasn’t yet been responsible for causing one. Kobi is usually all over me when I fall and I may not have notices this last time as it hurt so bad. I debated letting Kobi lick my wounds but decided against it.

  9. Madam, you are one bad ass tough chick – you deserve a hall pass to say whatever expletives you want to say! 🙂

  10. I’m all Injinji all the time running. I can’t imagine NOT wearing tow socks.
    I don’t carry Band Aids, but I always carry Durapore tape, in case of a quick fixer upper. I recommend it! It really stays put….
    Happy Healing.

  11. Ouch!!
    I’ve never hurt myself like that when running (as in blood, I have pulled muscles etc though) and never carry band aids with me…. I would have used similar language to you I’m sure.
    I’ve been really clumsy lately and dropping stuff, nothing fell on my toes yet but it’s just a matter of time. I know it will be painful, toes are so sensitive!

    • The running accidents involving blood seem to be the memorable ones. I hope you never have such an incident! The language just happens – no filter at all when I get hurt! Toes are sensitive. Just jump the second you drop something and hopefully it will miss your toes!

  12. You Clumsy ? Find that hard to believe and bad language too !
    Understand the dog thing though. Tyler was 155lbs and regularly knocked me over !
    Hope those knees heal up soon .

  13. That is exactly why I have severe anxiety about running with my dogs. They are epic sprinters and then love to stop abruptly and take my knees out. Plus, I trip over my own feet enough as it is. That looks so insanely painful. The shampoo bottle must have been a cherry on top of a crap sundae for you. Heal up quick, and have a good weekend!

    • I had never tripped on my dog before as I thought we had an agreement, but apparently not. It would be tough to run with sprinters who stop abruptly unless you wear kneepads, but those would be hard to run in. The shampoo was the cherry on top of a crap sundae. I just didn’t understand what I did to deserve yet more pain. I do need to de-clutter my closets though.

      • Maybe it was your closet declutter sign from above. Like all that had to happen to make you realize it’s time. 🙂

      • I think you’re right. I am easily distracted from things by other things and it’s likely the universe had to send a strong sign for me to clean-up. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?!

  14. Ouch!!!!! I hope you’re OK! My knee was pretty jacked up for a month after my tumble a couple months ago. Never dropped anything too bad on my toe, but once as a teen I was walking to my room to get ready for soccer and decided to jump up and touch the ceiling, I came down with my toe curled under my foot and jacked it up something fierce. I didn’t get to play that day. 😦

    • I remember your tumble and swollen knee, that looked nasty. Landing on a curled up big toe also sounds nasty and very painful! The scrapes on my knees are healing up well. Neither knee hurts too bad when I run so I’m still running!

  15. My dog is a hazard on walks… running is worse. He only has two settings: Batshit crazy and balls to the wall fast. On crazy setting: He’ll stop dead because he smells something, or, and this is what kills me (or trips me), he’ll go from one side of the sidewalk to the other in a hot second…which is slightly faster than the glowing second when both feet are off the ground at the same time in a running stride. He’ll also switch back and change forward momentum to reverse in a beat. On fast setting it is an all out 90% or better effort sprint…the Whole time…. He’ll start to slow down after a half mile of sprint… but then he flips the switch to his other setting… Or he just stops. Stop. Yeah. He will just pull over to a shady spot just big enough for him… I’ll be panting and sweaty and confused…and baking in the sun. My dog can be a jerk.

    I haven’t hit the ground, those few times I’ve run with him… but I have suffered and felt the deepest fear for the health and safety of my knee joints. So I don’t run with him a whole lot on the leash…. and I only sprint around with him in play in a large open field. He’s not worth the danger to my life. 😉

    • Your comment about your dog is completely entertaining! He does sound hazardous to run with. Perhaps he’ll slow down to a “burning ember” second as he matures. Maybe.

      • That’s what he was at just before he went in for surgery… Once he’s fully recovered from that knee joint rebuild I suspect that flash lightning second is about to be in my future….

      • I think your dog needs his own blog.

      • Haha. He has his own facebook fan page. Check out Dante The Dog, if you’re into that social stuff.

        Don’t give him any ideas about his own blog… his ego will be too hard to live with. 🙂

      • I like his page. Kobi more or less dominates my blog Facebook page. I like how our dogs are so cool!

      • Thanks! Haha, Kobi is pretty awesome.

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