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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Water Dog and Flying Ants


Springtime can be a really nice time of year in the north.  The days are very long, the birds are back and singing constantly, the frogs are croaking, and once the mud dries, the running is amazing – until the mosquitoes come out and terrorize you.  Translation:  3 days of great running.

dog swimming

Kobi taking her first swim of the year

water dog

One of Kobi’s water stops

dog shaking

Kobi post swim


Kobi also loves this time of year as there are water ponds and puddles everywhere so she can cool off and regain her super powers every 10-15 minutes.  She also discovered playing in culverts.  Last week she ventured into one and had to run in and out of it at least 5 times before I could coax her on again.

dog in a culvert

more playing in the culvert

dog in a culvert

Kobi in yet another culvert


After our playdate with the culvert on a walk last week, I wanted to go for a bike ride.  You see, I signed up for a triathlon so I had better get on a bike a few times before the event.  Turns out the day I decided to ride was rather warm (24C) and that resulted in the first of the year flying ant invasion.

Apparently under the right heat and humidity, all the queen and male ants from all over Antville fly out at the same time in order to meet up and procreate (I Googled it).  They mate, the dudes die and the females go back and make their colonies bigger and also diversify the gene pool.  Please feel free to clarify any of this if there are any ant experts out there.

flying ant

There were more of them than this, but this is one with its wings still on

It’s kind of cool to read about, but not so cool to bike through swarms of slow flying large insects.  In short, it freaked me out.  I had several (it seemed like 100’s, but likely only 10 or 20) of them hit me and stick to my shirt and helmet, and get tangled in my hair (of course they had to get tangled in my hair) all while I’m speeding along on my bike.

I remembered back to a horrific crash I took as a little kid when I was out riding my cool bicycle that looked exactly like this:

old style bicycle

This is what bikes looked like back when I was a kid

A flying ant was heading straight at me as I was barreling down a gravel road.  I ducked, gravity took over, and I crashed and slid along the gravel.  It was the memory of that crash that helped me maintain my cool all while being pelted by ants, I’m also far too old to fall off a bike.  Oh yeah, my current bike doesn’t look like that one.

Have you experienced a flying ant event or other large insect event?  Does your dog dig culverts?  Do you like riding or running or both?  Did you have a bike like the one above – maybe not in pink – or am I just the oldest coolest person out there?


PS  Stay tuned, I had a pretty cool adventure over the weekend….



Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

10 thoughts on “Water Dog and Flying Ants

  1. Oh my gosh, I want to kiss Kobi!!! Ohhhh, such a cutie pie!! The picture of him (that says, more playing in the culvert) is the cutest picture I’ve EVER seen!!! What a sweetie pie!!!

  2. My question is, how much time do you spend giving her baths?!?! haha. Oh, I had some pretty sweet bikes back in the day. I remember my first 10 speed and how I was the envy of the neighborhood kids. Our main insect problem is fire ants. They suck. Their mounds pop up everywhere, and if one gets on you, you get bit, and you get a nice painful itchy welt for a week. If you dont’ notice you’re stepping on a mound, you get a swarm on you, and you get a bunch of bites, and it’s horrible.

    • Kobi gets a serious towel-down after every walk, occasionally a bath when she’s real muddy. Bikes were so awesome when we were kids and 10 speeds were the coolest. I am never going to complain about flying ants as they don’t even come close to fire ants, those sound just nasty.

  3. Be honest ! That is still the bike you ride ! I’ve seen you around town on it 🙂
    Kobi is one superstar . Wonder what she sees in the culverts. She may get more than she bargained for one day.

    • I will admit the seats on those old bikes were pretty comfortable compared to my new bikes. Kobi has been fascinated by culverts all winter so I suspect other critters do hang out in them. I just hope we don’t run into one.

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