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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Running Intervals with your Dog


Thanks to the snow fall event last week my plans to run intervals were put on hold for a few days .  I was optimistic that it would melt by Friday, but it didn’t.

The trail was still snow-covered so I decided I’d run intervals on the road.  First problem, I must run with my dog as it just wouldn’t be right to exclude her.  However, running intervals with her on a leash is not much fun for either of us.   I decided if I ran the same piece of road back and forth, Kobi could run on the trail beside the road when I ran west.  When we ran east, she’d be on the leash and unhappy only half the time.  That didn’t seem so bad.

First interval Kobi ran on the leash and was okay.  Second interval I let her off so she could run on the trail while I ran on the road.  That didn’t last long.  There was a pile of traffic exactly at that moment and it made me way too nervous having her off leash.

Third interval, Kobi attempted to trip me about 4 times.  She was getting even with me.  Fourth interval was uneventful. During interval five, Kobi decided that she was going to run behind me and provide resistance.   I swear I heard her laughing.  On the final interval I took her off the leash and she ran on the trail (there was no more traffic).  She was happy again and we were both filthy messes covered in road grime – no photo – I was too cranky.

dog in a truck

Kobi pre Saturday run – her excited face

On Saturday I ran with friends (one who is freakishly fast) and Kobi’s friend Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback.  We ran the trail in town which still had 2-3 inches of slush on most of it.  First 2 minutes in and I stepped in a hidden puddle (covered in snow) when I went to clean-up Kobi’s first of 3 poops.  That was awesome.  After 20 minutes both feet were equally soaked.

two dogs

Kobi and Zola. That’s mud on Kobi’s nose.

sleeping dog

A happy, sleeping Kobi post-run. I had a post-run nap too.

The snow is mostly gone now and it certainly made for an frustrating interesting week of running.

PS.  The cranes are arriving!  A sure sign of spring now.

sandhill cranes

The sandhill cranes are back!! I think they over-winter in Texas.

Do you cancel work-outs if the weather outside is frightful or do you tough it out?  Ever run intervals with a dog helping/hindering?   Did you know Rhodesian Ridgebacks originated in South Africa and were used to hunt lions?   

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

26 thoughts on “Running Intervals with your Dog

  1. Kobi is one happy dog in those pics! I love your questions at the end of your posts! I cancel for ice and if its dark and raining (dont want cars sliding into us). We do fartleks but no real intervals together: Zeke has sprint speed which is waaaaay too fast for me or his usual trot that matches my avg. run speed. Intervals with a leashed dog is no fun. I did know that about ridgebacks-I think they are such beautiful, athletic dogs!

    • I agree, ice and dark and raining are all conditions no one should run in, especially in traffic. Zeke looks like he would have a pretty fast sprint speed. I had hoped Kobi would pull me a bit more as her sprint speed seems pretty fast off leash. I didn’t know about Ridgebacks until my friend told me about their origins. They are very athletic and not really designed for cold weather.

  2. I don’t cancel runs due to weather, but I go to the gym and run on the treadmill instead of outside. Looks like Kobi had a great time!

    • Treadmills are a great option. I imagine you’d have to deal with some pretty serious hot weather too? I just feel so guilty using a treadmill thanks to Kobi. It seems regardless of weather, she wants to run outside.

      • I enjoy the treadmill regardless of the heat, but yes, it gets hot here so if I’m running outside it’s only in the early mornings.
        Oh I bet she loves running outside with you and gives you puppy eyes every time you leave for the gym!

      • Early morning runs are great for beating the heat. I think I’ve run on the treadmill 3 times since Kobi came into my life. That’s how good she is at manipulating me.

  3. That looks like one tired dog! I don’t skip runs because of the weather; living where I do we rarely get anything aside from rain, and if I hid inside every time it rained in Vancouver I’d never get out! If I head out for a run in our rainy snow-slush mix I just take it super easy so I don’t slip.

    • Kobi does know how to crash when she’s tired. I’m impressed with you Vancouver people. I don’t know if I could run in the rain all the time, but I guess you do get used to it or just get really awesome running rain gear. Living in Vancouver would be an excuse for me to buy more jackets.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m dying over here! All dogs can be jerks. But they’re loving jerks, so we accept it. My pup has two settings for on the leash: Dragging walk or 110% full throttle sprints…for about a half mile. Or he did, and then we fixed a defect in his knee. Maybe after his recovery he’ll be a great running partner? Excellent training, despite annoying weather. We had a bit of snow down here too – but it didn’t affect running or driving so much as killed all the flowers and veggies in our gardens.


    • I love the two settings on the leash comment. So true. Maybe your guy will be faster once his knee is all fixed. That sucks about your recent snowfall. We’ll likely get one more snow and cold snap to kill the flowers and veggies that start in May as well.

      • We just had an 80F day… “violent” storms tonight and back down into the 40Fs for us starting tomorrow. Summer is coming! Stay strong! 🙂

      • You do have temperature extremes over there! I hope the violent storm wasn’t too violent. There are a gazillion robins here now so summer is definitely on the way!

      • Haha! Don’t worry… in the summer it becomes a steady, heavy weight of humidity. 🙂 If it was so big, I slept through it wonderfully. We don’t always get what’s predicted.

        Yay summer!

      • I like when the weather people predict wrong (but in my favour).

  5. I run intervals with Sam and she is a jerk as well. We have an abandon runway we head to so there is no worry of cars. We go there so Sam can run in the field and play and ignore me but that doesn’t happen. She likes to be just close enough to my heals that I worry I am going to kick her in the face. She also thinks running fast is a game and likes to try to jump and wrestle with me. I sympathize with you needing to run intervals somewhere Kobi can safely run as well. Treadmills are not an option.

    • That is so funny! Especially the jumping and wrestling part. Kobi does that sometimes too. I think they totally know what they’re doing and just like to mess with us.

  6. That looks like a nice, tired dog there! I usually stick out any kinds of weather. The only times I will really go inside is if it is very icy or raining pretty hard. I seem to be able to do intervals with my dog. But like you said, sometimes she loves to provide “resistance” training for me. Now that things are thawed, she also feels the need to sniff most tree stumps or fire hydrants. So that’s annoying. The only runs I find I really cant do with her are hill repeats, because it refuses to run the same stretch over and over again. I think it’s confusing for her as well!

    • It’s best to avoid icy conditions, especially with a dog on a leash. That’s cool that your dog is good about intervals, for the most part. I tried hill repeats with Kobi once too and that was a total lost cause.

  7. Always good to tire out the pooches with exercise so they don’t have energy to get into trouble! I should’ve attached some tacos to the cranes as they flew up from Texas 😉

  8. I love the post run happy dog napping pose. Aggie’s the most peaceful then. I love the luxury of snuggling with her when she’s like this.

  9. You have far more patience than I do. I don’t think I could handle the distraction. I love Kobi’s excited face. She’s so happy.

    • Sometimes the distraction is nice, although I find my patience are a lot shorter. She does have a great excited face doesn’t she?! Any time I put in her in the vehicle or even just put on running shoes she’s smiling and excited.

  10. I wish I could do any sort of running with my dog! She gets way too excited and doesn’t know how to pace herself and ends up pulling me along lol

    • If you can time it right you can use her pulling to your advantage. Although some dogs are just way too fast and strong. If Kobi is on a leash and we see another dog up ahead I swear she turns sled dog and pulls really bad and suddenly has the strength of eight dogs.

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