Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Seriously? It’s April!


I’m speechless….

snow falling

Look what started today?

dog in a snow storm

The snow is actually hurting Kobi’s eyes!

dog in the snow

It snowed 2+ inches in 3.5 hours! And it’s still snowing. At least Kobi is staying clean.

dog and human prints

Snow prints. I’m sick of snow prints.

On the bright side, we’ll get to experience spring all over again….

Please tell me everyone else is having a nice April?  No snow right?  And you’re running in shorts and T-shirts right?  


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

18 thoughts on “Seriously? It’s April!

  1. Nope. Long Sleeves, puddle dodging and apparently more snow is expected to hit Winnipeg on Friday. Gah! Boo to our mutually crappy springs!

  2. Hmm typical spring rain here in Vancouver, but we have got some unexpected sunny patches! I even got a bit of a tan running in a tank top last week! Are you coming here for BMO in a couple of weeks?

    • I am dreaming of tan lines! I am coming down for the BMO. I’m not really ready thanks to my late training start so I won’t be running for a PR, but it will be fun!

      • At least the weather’s supposed to get a lot better next week! How are temperatures looking up your way? I’m in a similar boat with BMO…not so much due to late training but because of the whole IT thing. I agree though, it’ll be a fun run on a beautiful course 🙂

      • The weather is supposed to get quite nice after Monday for us as well. Like 18C! I’ll take it.

  3. Oh my, snoooow, wow!!! No snow here! The weather is being stubborn it seems! Beautiful pictures though!!! Cutie doggy!!

  4. Wow, still snowing?! We got snow last week, but nothing like you are getting.

  5. Oh no, sorry!!! We’ve had a good week weather wise – all the windows open! Hopefully the temps will stay like this a little longer before we have to start cranking up the AC.

    • What’s AC? Just kidding. We usually have one week of hot weather in July or August when I wish I had AC in the house. It’s supposed to warm up by the weekend so maybe I can crack a few windows open just to make sure they still open.

  6. Still cold here in VT. There are only a few patches of snow lurking on the trails, though. Def. not warm enough for shorts and a tshirt. Maybe in June?

    • Is that usual for you this time of year or has it been a bit cooler than normal? At this rate I think June is when I’ll be wearing shorts and t-shirts as well.

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