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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

More Snow Adventures



Summit Mountain

Aren’t mountains pretty?

To change things up a bit and take advantage of the beautiful weather, I went up the highway on Saturday with a friend and her dog (Kobi’s besty).   First stop, a pretty little canyon and a frozen river.

Canyon in Stone Mountain Park

We walked up the river a bit, but it was scary as you could hear water under you and the ice was cracking in places.

After the river photos we headed to a trail that led to a radio tower.


Sort of the start of our snowshoe. Pretty hey?

There was still plenty of snow up there (elevation start is 4,250′) so snowshoes were a must.  The snow was packed quite well so we didn’t sink too badly, but we also used poles.  Those really help decrease the number of face-plants you take.

Dog on a mountain

One of the few times Kobi was close enough to see. She was running around like she’s never been outside before.

The weather was stunning!  We didn’t need jackets until we got to the very windy summit.  I have no idea the elevation gain, maybe 1,500′?

Stone Mountain Park

More of the view(s)

We saw a few interesting things along the way.  This was the first.  We’re convinced it was a bear den.  Or someone who just dug a whole in the side of the bank.

Hole in the snow

I’m convinced this was a bear den.

Then we saw some tracks.  Kobi saw them first, or smelled them first.  She started barking, had her hackles up and then ran back to me.  That means it was something she didn’t want to tangle with or had never smelled before.  At first I thought they were canine and then I thought maybe it was a bear that had woken up way too early.

I did some Googling when I got home and I am 98.9% certain they were wolverine tracks (not the Hugh Jackman X-Men character).  I deduced this based on the location – alpine, Kobi’s reaction – fear, and how they looked – cross between a canine and a bear = wolverine.  Not a critter I want to run into.  Actually, it is one of the scariest critters to run into.  They are fearless, strong, carnivorous, and did I mention fearless?  I’ve heard they go after bears.



More views along the way. I was too scared to take photos of the beast tracks

We continued onwards and upwards, quite literally.  We could see our destination, the tower, way off in the distance.  After what felt like forever, we finally made it to the top.  Of course we startled some caribou also hanging out up there.  I always hate when I startle cute wildlife.  No photo as I was frantically calling Kobi to get her leashed up so as not to chase the poor critters.

Summit Tower

The tower way off in the distance.


The tower way off in the distance, but this time on our way back. Our tracks go on forever.










girl and dog

Me and my wingman (girl) at the top. We took our snowshoes off for the last 200m as the snow was all blown away.

Mountain portrait

My friend and Kobi’s besty Dino.










I checked the map when I got home and we snowshoed 12km!  That explains why I was so tired.  Kobi is still sleeping today.  She ran like an absolute maniac the entire time we were out there, you would think she had never been outside before.  Seems to be how she rolls.

What’s cool is this is only an hour and half drive (less actually) from where I live.  There also wasn’t anyone else out there – kind of cool and kind of spooky.

Do you think that was a bear den?  Do you think I deduced correctly in identifying the wolverine?  Ever felt like you’ve been running, walking, hiking, snowshoeing forever and it’s only been 15 minutes?



Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

19 thoughts on “More Snow Adventures

  1. sounds so fun!! gorgeous pictures!!

  2. Wow, what beauty!! I’m so inspired from the views!! Yes, I’ve definitely felt like I’ve been running forever only to realize…NOPE (not forever…a few minutes)!

    • It is pretty spectacular up there! I’m glad I’m not alone in the feeling forever part. We were actually timing things and it would literally be 6 minutes, but it felt like we had been going for 45 minutes.

  3. Great pictures!! What a great place to run/walk/sit and just enjoy the view. I’m not a big fan of the cold, but really wish I could enjoy that place for a bit and then come back home to warmer weather. 🙂

    • The view is pretty spectacular isn’t it? I don’t enjoy the cold much either, but it was actually pretty warm considering where we were and the time of year.

  4. Looks like such a wonderful day! Great photos!

  5. Wow. Some foreigners in Korea do point out that what we call “mountains” are really “hills.” Korea is mountainous, but the “mountains” are relatively small/low. Great pics btw!!

  6. Wow!!! What incredible views. An epic trek that you guys did.

  7. Wolverine = terrifying! Your pictures look great, it’s funny that Kobi ran around like a crazy dog.

    • It was very spooky. I always think winter is a totally safe time to run around in the wilderness – apparently not. I’m not sure why Kobi was going so crazy, but she was certainly having a lot of fun. I was worried she was going to have a heart attack she was running so hard the entire time.

  8. I’m constantly amazed by your habitat. It’s so beautiful and so remote. I don’t know how I’d do there. And no, that’s not a bear den, I’m 99% positive a dragon lives there.

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