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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Living the Wild Wild Life


Sunday we had absolutely stellar weather.  I headed out on a run during the AM and early on had 4 ATV’s pass me.  One ATV had so much exhaust spewing out of it I think I may have lost some brain cells.   So much for being healthy.  Another ATV in the group slowed down to pass me and Kobi.  I thought he was being polite, turns out he was lighting a cigarette.  That made me laugh, or maybe it was the exhaust fumes.

Shortly after this, I came across a trail I hadn’t yet explored and decided today was the day.

winter trail

The new-to-me trail I went run-exploring down.

I didn’t pack any water and was kind of thirsty so I thought I’d eat some snow.   This time of year it’s important to watch out for little black bugs affectionately known as snow fleas.  Kobi photo-bombed my attempt at taking a picture of them.  I didn’t eat any snow.

snow flea and dog

If you click on the photo you can see the small black specks. Snow fleas!

This new-to-me trail ended at a snowmobile trail that I used for skate skiing (recall this post) and the conditions looked awesome.  It just so happened that my friend had suggested we skate ski later that afternoon.  I said I knew the perfect place.

After my run I ate these and then went for my ski.


I don’t usual post photos of my food, but these looked so good and I did not stop at 3 and yes, that is maple syrup on top of the strawberries.

We got to the trail and were getting ourselves organized and lo and behold, these guys (girls actually) walked out right in front of us!!

mountain caribou

Not my photo, but exactly what we saw – Mountain Caribou!!

I’m sure the caribou would’ve hung out, however, they saw the dogs and took off back into the woods.  I didn’t get a chance to take photos.  I’ve seen caribou up here often, but never this close.  It was wild!

The skiing was awesome and I could have worn shorts it was so warm.  We felt like we were those fierce Norwegian skate skiers at Sochi, except we moved in slow motion compared to them.

stop sign

Signage on the snowmobile trails where we skied. Pretty much the middle of nowhere.

Ever seen a snow flea?  What are your thoughts about smoking while driving an ATV?


Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

10 thoughts on “Living the Wild Wild Life

  1. I love seeing random signs out in the middle of nowhere when running. I have eaten snow many times when I’ve forgotten water but don’t know what snow fleas are. Now I am going to need to google them. And smoking while on an ATV? Really? Gross.

    • The signs seemed funny as they were so new, but so random. Snow fleas are apparently springtails, not actual fleas and they look really gross up close! I ate more snow when I was skiing and figured if I got any bugs it would just be extra protein.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! Never seen a snow flea, but then I really don’t have that much contact with snow.

    • Yeah, I guess it’s mostly warm to hot where you are. The nice thing about snow and cold is that most insects aren’t that poisonous up here.

  3. I’m scared of where you live. That is “stellar” weather? And what the freak is a snow flea??? Haha. I don’t have ATV’s to deal with, but in Texas we have plenty of pick up trucks that fly by me. I find that the Fords have the worst exhaust out of all of them. I hope they have killed too many of my brain cells either.

    • perhaps I used stellar incorrectly. But it was amazing weather! And snow fleas are actually in the springtail family (some other insect). But they hop like fleas and have little wings and are small. You don’t get infested with them like you do real fleas. Exhaust fumes are horrible and really ruin outdoor activities like running.

  4. I’m with piratebobcat – what’s a snow flea!!!

    • Google them and you will be grossed out as they look yucky when magnified. They’re not real fleas so they don’t bite and eat your blood thankfully. I don’t really know what they do? But they seem to like snow…

  5. I know you are getting really sick of winter, but you live in such a beautiful place. Those strawberry pancakes look amazing – you’re making me want to eat them immediately!

    • I am sick of winter. It snowed again today, but is supposed to be warm again tomorrow. I ran on ice, mud and snow on today’s run. Strawberry pancakes make everything okay though!

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