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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

More Winter Adventures


I’m gently embracing my slow reintroduction to running so as not to smother this renewed relationship and once again have running leave me.    

I was so excited to run last Sunday that I bolted out the door without even checking the temperature.  I knew it was cold as our windows had frost on the inside which means it’s colder than -25C (-13F) outside so I did dress appropriately.  I was also only going to attempt a short distance so it couldn’t be that bad.   Within 15 minutes my eyelashes looked like this.  I think it was closer to -30C.  

Frozen eye lashes

Kind of a scary close-up, but aren’t these the coolest eye-lash extensions ever?

I did a very slow walk/jog (3×2 minutes) for a total of 30 minutes (4km-ish).  It felt so lame to run such a short distance, but Kobi was stoked to go for a “walk” longer than 2km.  

winter sunrise

Kobi stopped for 3 seconds so I could get a shot of her and the sunrise that morning


Tuesday I decided I needed to run again and it was a balmy -3C out.  I was aiming for a 1×4 walk/jog, but after the first set, I said screw it and just ran.  I ran a slow 4+km without stopping or walking.  During the entire run I was completely fixated on what might start hurting.  Fortunately, nothing hurt too much.

Dog in the snow

Kobi says, “just run!”

Besides obsessing over every little twinge I was feeling, I was scoping out the snowmobile trails so as to fulfill my need to look fierce on skate skis.  Early on with my injury, my physiotherapist recommended not skate skiing as it would flex my foot in a bad way.  That was a while ago so I went for it Wednesday (plus it was only -9C out).  It was amazing!  And my foot didn’t hurt.

What was also pretty amazing was that I only had to walk about 300m from my door to the trails where I popped on my skis and headed on my way.  How cool is that? 

I skied 2km and then figured we’d check out the trails on the other side of the highway.  We bolted across the road “sans” skis (I didn’t want to wreck them) and were once again in skiing bliss.  We skied and skied and skied and then took this other trail and skied some more and then I took this photo. 

sunset and black spruce

The view from the skate/snowmobile trail – just seconds before my epiphany

Suddenly I thought to myself, “what a pretty sunset.  Hmm sunset, it’s going to get dark soon and I have no headlight and I’m nearly in the middle of nowhere.”  Everywhere is the middle of nowhere where I live. 

We started heading for home, much to Kobi’s disappointment (I swear that dog would run forever).  I was really really getting tired by this point and had to be extra careful not to wipe-out as part of my trail was beside the Alaska Highway and I hate falling in public.  I managed to stay upright and still felt somewhat fierce regardless of my exhaustion.   Kobi was fully stoked (according to her  “stoke-o-meter) to have run her little guts out on some new trails.  Success.  

PS  I was very sore Thursday.

PPS  I ran again on Friday (7km with a few walk breaks).  Foot is holding together.

PPPS  It’s -30C with a -40C windchill right now so I doubt I’ll be skate skiing this weekend.



Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

16 thoughts on “More Winter Adventures

  1. Yikes at those temps! Winter wonderland! Love the lashes.

  2. That’s a good look… Have trouble keeping the lids up? I could go for a “balmy -3 C” as well…

    • The lids were getting heavy. I imagine you can totally relate! It’s sad when -3C feels balmy, but I’d gladly take even -10C over current temps.

  3. First of all: I’m soooo happy for you! That’s just awesome news about your running pain free foot! =D Secondly, I will never, ever, think it’s cold again where I live (on the coldest days we might get down to -2C!). You totally rock for braving and surviving those kind of temperatures! Thirdly, please give Kobi a cuddle from me!

    • I am excited about my foot, I hope I just don’t over-do it. We joke that it is a “dry” cold up here so it isn’t that bad. It is bad, but at least it’s sunny out. -2C in a coastal location feels very cold. And Kobi always accepts cuddles.

  4. Wow! What long icy eyelashes! Amazing. I heard about ice freezing like that, but I’ve never seen it.

  5. I think you need to talk to someone. I don’t think normal people run in temperature like that! And kobi? Kobi is crazier than you are!!! 🙂

    • You’re right, normal people don’t run in temperatures like that. The cold probably did permanent damage to some part of my brain that makes normal decisions.

  6. I officially have no right to complain about the winter in my area… Granted, when your winters usually stop at 37F for a low, and suddenly you’re getting -8F, that’s hard to adjust to. I’ve had to buy a bunch of new winter running gear!

    Looks like your running is coming back and you’re doing it right with easing in. I usually just “gage back” for a couple days, re-injure, and then try to run through it until it goes away…. Did I mention that I’m just a big dummy? 🙂

    Anyway, solid running in some solid weather. My new favorite thing to tell my running friends is: “Hard weather makes for hard runners. RUN! RUN YOU FOOLS!” Hahaha.

    take care!

    • Extreme temperature fluctuations are hard to deal with. I’ll take a steady cold temperature over huge changes any day. And you can never have enough winter running gear. I love gear.

      I like your approach to injuries. I used to do the same, but it seems the injuries I get now don’t like that approach.

      Very true, “hard weather makes for hard runners.” I also like to think that we’re just super disciplined (or not too bright) and will let nothing stop us from running outside.

  7. It’s great that you made it out and the foot is holding up! I bet Kobi is super happy. The eyelashes are great by the way!

    • I’m very happy to get out running again as is Kobi! It was so nice to see her passed out on the couch last night after our run and not bouncing off the walls.

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