Outdoor Running Adventures

Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Winter Wanders


Winter trees

The view during our ski. It was actually snowing really hard when I took this.

It’s been a week mixed with some sun and snow and slightly warmer temperatures.  But of course it’s the weekend now so the temperatures have dropped.  Yesterday was  -20C with a wind-chill of -27C and it’s currently -27C with a -31C wind-chill, but it is sort of sunny out.  It will likely start snowing soon because it seems to like to snow here.

This is how I looked last Sunday after running outside for 75 minutes in -25C, no clue on the windchill.

frozen runner

This is my winter ninja look.

I bought Kobi a pretty little red jacket.  I’m not certain if she needs one or not. She has a good coat of hair, but she is mostly an indoor dog unless we’re out on one of our daily adventures and I’m concerned she might get a bit cold sometimes.   I think I’ll just get her to wear it when it’s -20C or colder, warmer than that and I don’t think she needs it.

dog in winter jacket

Kobi sporting her Little Red Riding Hood jacket

She wanted to pull it off when she wore it for the first time, but during our weekend ski adventure she didn’t seem bothered by it at all and did all her usual dog stuff like pooping, rolling in snow, chasing squirrels and finding dead animal bones.

And for your viewing pleasure, I made this short work-out video with a friend this morning.  Check it out if you want to take your work-outs to a whole new level (and have snow).  Just a few notes:  I’m wearing the cool dark blue snowsuit, the other dog is Kobi’s BFF Ginger Daisy,  those are grosbeaks you hear in the background (birds at my bird feeder), it was -30C out when we did this, and remember you do any new work-outs at your own risk.

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

6 thoughts on “Winter Wanders

  1. I am sure this will go viral!!! Lorraine is a natural…I like her added “helpful” hints!!! You guys made me laugh…thank you, I needed it!!! =)

  2. You’re pictures and recaps amaze me each time. I don’t know how you do it.

  3. insert “smiley face”

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