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Originally submitted at SportChek.ca

Best winter running shoe
By Outside Runner from Fort Nelson, BC on 12/11/2013
4out of 5

Use this shoe when running on packed snow, not on bare roads. Super light and amazing traction in the snow. My feet have never been cold in these (I do wear wool socks in them) and I run outside in up to -30C. The attached gator is awesome and keeps the snow out and warmth in. Don’t wear these inside on wood floors or on wooden decks as the metal spikes leave marks. I do get a slight pinch point on the inside ankle, but put a small piece of foam there to cushion that. Wish they came in women’s sizes so all my friends could get them too.

Salomon Snowcross


Salomon Snowcross

My favorite running shoe for snow.

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

10 thoughts on “My Review

  1. Angie, what’s the shoe, please? I was thinking of asking you about winter running shoes and you read my mind! But readers need this important detail, please, as the shoe name, etc. is not in the post. Thanks! J.

    • I thought that would automatically show up with the review. Silly me. It’s the Salomon Snowcross. They only come in men’s sizes right now and are available at Sportcheck. There is a women’s speedcross, no gator and rubber spikes instead of metal ones and pretty purple!

  2. Do you have any recommendations for winter running pants for Winnipeg winters (which don’t seem too far off of Fort Nelson winters in terms of temperatures)?

    • Winnipeg is certainly cold! And I do have recommendations for winter running pants! Unfortunately tights don’t cut it for cold weather running. I always wear a windbreaker style pant over top of tights/long underwear. First I’d recommend a few different thicknesses of long underwear or tights (I get mine mostly from Mountain Equip Coop – because I can order on-line). I wear the thinner ones on warmer days (-5C) and the thickest ones on colder days (-20C) and sometimes where 2 layers. I recently purchased some smart wool tights and they are nice and warm. I always wear a straight leg style pant over top that is wind resistant and or somewhat water resistant. My current favorite ones are the BeSeen pant from Running Room (http://ca.shop.runningroom.com/women/apparel/tights-pants-capris/beseen-pant.html). Check them out to get a sense of the style. They fit nice and have a nice soft fabric that is wind resistant (and a long inseem). I have a pair of Pearl Izumi’s that are great for winter running too as they are made of that nice soft wind resistant fabric. Basically I’d recommend tights underneath in layers depending on temperature and thickness of your tights and then a windproof pant over top to keep the chill out. Not as cute as tights, but warm. I’ve also moved to wearing boy shorts as that keeps my butt warmer too. I’ve just ordered some smart wool ones and will see how those work. Unfortunately you have to get men’s as they don’t make a lot in women’s “boy shorts” that are practical – mostly just cute.

  3. That is so insane that you have to wear those. The Dallas Stars are in Winnipeg and this morning on the local sports radio, they interviewed the TV play by play guy and he was saying how it’s -30 and pretty brutal! Yikes!

    • The shoes are actually pretty cool and I’m all about looking cool! They are way better than regular runners in the snow and ice too, I do this all for my dog of course. I feel bad for the Dallas Stars, -30 is cold! I opt for staying indoors at temps like that.

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