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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

12 More Days Until Winter Solstice


dog in the snow

Kobi enjoying all the snow

Time has been flying by and I’m sort of okay with that, for now anyway.  The thing is, we don’t get much daylight anymore and I really just want to get to December 21 when I can get the “shortest” day over with and start counting every extra minute of daylight we get after that. 

My life currently feels like it mostly takes place in the dark except for my highly coveted noon hour walks with Kobi and of course our weekend adventures together.  The rest of the time we’re walking, running, skiing, and snow shoeing in the dark. 

Kobi gets 3 walks a day 90% of the time (unless we’ve done a long run or ski then that counts for 2).  Morning walks and our longer evening outings (walk, run, ski or snowshoe) are all done in the dark.   

I’ve noticed that I keep my headlight directed down at my feet during these “dark” outings and rarely look off to the sides of the trail for fear that I’ll catch some critters eyes  other than Kobi’s looking back at me.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I saw another set of eyes.  Likely freeze or scream and then run like an idiot, probably all in that order. 

I don’t know what it is about the dark, but it always instills a slight bit of fear in me.  As you know, I’m grateful for the extinction of dinosaurs, but lately “fear” has been turning my thoughts to vampires.  What a perfect environment for them.  Dark and cold, or do vampires mind the cold?  Not sure.  I don’t think Kobi thinks about fear, I think she just puts it into high gear and gives’r until she runs into something that scares her and then she quickly runs and hides behind me.  I should try that. 

Anyway, I’ve digressed.  What I really wanted to get to were a few new discoveries since my last post: 

  1. Musher’s Secret makes a great protective salve on my face when it’s -20C and colder out (Musher’s Secret is actually meant to protect your dog’s tender toes, see runningwithsam),
  2. I recalled that there are actually days where there is no moon (skied in the woods that one night and this is likely where the vampire thoughts originated),
  3. skate skiing for 1.5 hours straight is fricken hard,
  4. x country skiing for 2 hours straight is also fricken hard,
  5. snow shoeing uphill for 2km – wait for it…really fricken hard, 
  6. and my quads haven’t stopped hurting for over a week now. 

One more update for you…I’m now at 27 out of 150 in my outdoor snow adventures challenge.  I suspect I’ll reach 150 as winter isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

8 thoughts on “12 More Days Until Winter Solstice

  1. You treat kobi better than most people treat their partners, and she’s doesn’t even buy you Christmas presents! 🙂

    • I do treat her pretty good and good point about the presents, I’ll have to buy myself a few on her behalf – lol. She is a lot of fun and makes winter so much more enjoyable.

  2. I never thought about using Musher’s Secret on my face! I like how it make my hands feel so it makes sense.

    • After I put it on her toes (and her nose as she burned herself on something) I thought it might help cut out the cold as well. I usually use vaseline on my face when it’s really cold, but Musher’s Secret is much less greasy.

  3. I guess I shouldn’t complain about the Texas “cold” and ice then, huh? Haha! I used to be able to handle it a lot better growing up in Ohio.
    I don’t think Vampires are bothered by cold weather, so yes they are probably in the woods near you place. 😉

    • I think we all acclimate to our weather conditions pretty quickly. Ice isn’t fun to run on and I’ve skipped running outside here when we’ve had freezing rain events so don’t worry about complaining or avoiding running outside, I complain about the weather all the time! I figured vampires wouldn’t mind the cold being dead and all. Just something else for my imagination to run with… or from.

  4. I was just thinking the exact same thing about the solstice. It’s better than Christmas for me! Having said that, it looks really beautiful where you are and it’s great to see that you’re making the best of it and are just enjoying all the cool stuff (no pun intended) that winter has to offer!

    • I think I’m going to make the solstice my new Christmas! I agree that winter offers so much “cool” stuff and I do enjoy discovering all of it, although I do still complain about the cold.

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