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Running in northern BC with my dog Kobi

Rambling Along in the Cold


I have been attempting to write about my running adventures for a while, but things (work) have been getting in the way.  Sucks, but it does help pay for my running shoe addiction as well as my fitness tourism affliction. 

Where to begin…the first run after my last longish run (Nov 9 – time flies!) involved intervals on the snowy trails to my favorite little lake.  Stand-out memory:  cold, snowy and difficult, but sunny. 

Dog running on a frozen lake

Kobi running on the lake that is already frozen.

Then I did a short little run in the community forest when I had a spare 45 minutes.  It was gorgeous!  The moon was out and I had a hoot with Kobi.  Couldn’t get any decent shots as my camera was dead/frozen after 20 minutes. 

full moon and trees

The full moon on our run in the woods

Then I pulled a stupid.  Let me re-phrase that, and then I went for a run at dusk a few days later.  I neglected to bring my headlight or extra reflective gear.  One of my superpowers is my exceptionally short memory and inability to plan ahead. 

I ran with Kobi back to our favorite lake and realized the trails were going to kill me as they were so hard to run on – imagine running in unpacked sand in a snowsuit.  Okay, I don’t run in a snowsuit, but I’ve got a lot of layers on thanks to the -24C temperatures.  I decided to run the lake road back a forth a few times to get my mileage in.  This road scares me during the summer when the bears are out and in the winter when I’m convinced there are packs of wolves waiting for me.  But laziness beat fear (yay lazy!).  I would not/could not run an extra five kilometers of trail, it was just that hard. 

I of course underestimated how much lake road running I had to do (another superpower of mine – the inability to do simple math when running in the cold or the heat or when hungry).  So I had to keep running on the trail for another 1.7km in addition to the 2.47km I had already run on the trails to get home (I’d have gone to three decimal places if my garmin permitted). 

I resorted to my last resort – Kobi and her superpower, that is her inability to heel when on a leash.  I put the girl on her leash and she assisted/pulled me for those last 1.7km.  Please note it is pitch black by this time and I can’t see a thing.    

Dog in the snow

Kobi prior to her having to run on the leash

I pretended we were pioneers in the 18th century running to the next settlement (home) to do something (have a hot shower).  I honestly don’t know why I was thinking that, but it was kind of fun pretending it was the “olden days”.  We made it to the settlement just fine. 

And finally in summary, I did a quickie snowshoe run, well more like jog as I don’t run fast in those things.  Kobi loved it and therefore I loved it too.  It was super cold again, but Kobi needs her exercise and I also need to start collecting “outdoor adventure snowsports series” points.  This is the second winter I’ve done this.  I set a challenge at the beginning of winter to complete “x” number of winter related activities before the end of winter (more like end of snow). 

Last winter I set the goal at 150, then 175, then 200 as we had a ridiculously long winter (I landed at 206).  This year I’m setting the goal for 150 again.  I can only count running on trails in my snowcross runners, snowshoeing, skate skiing or cross-country skiing.  I’m currently at 8. 

frost on my toque

Me after the snowshoe run. My toque is actually not furry, that is the frost.

I forgot to turn my headlight off for the photo-op, but at least I remembered to wear it this time! 

Author: Angie

I live in northern British Columbia, Canada. I found my dog Kobi in 2011 when she was only 5 weeks old and we've been having running adventures ever since.

11 thoughts on “Rambling Along in the Cold

  1. I am still in semi-denial that it is that time for dark, frozen, snowy trail runs. That is a great moon picture too!

  2. I cannot believe you and the pup got out! I have trouble getting out in the dark when it’s below freezing at all! Cheers to you, even if you forgot your gear 🙂

    • I think I do it mostly for Kobi as she wants to go out regardless. I am going to make a list of “things I need when running outside” and post it by the door, I’ll still forget something.

  3. That is insane!!! It looks beautiful, but I can’t imagine running in those conditions!
    And you have to deal with bears and wolves?!?! I will never again complain about the snakes and skunks and coyotes and bobcats that I come across on my runs down here.
    Just curious – are you in a very remote area?

    • Thankfully the bears are asleep now, but there are wolves (and coyotes and lynx). Snakes would freak me out. It is pretty remote here – it’s a 4 hour drive south to the next town and we’re only about 200km south from the Northwest Territories. But there is an airport!

      • Wow, that’s a far cry from the concrete jungle of Dallas. I’ve been to Alaska a couple times, and it was very interesting talking to the folks there. I found some of them loved the isolation, and some couldn’t wait to get out.
        Be careful on your runs!

      • I’m fortunate that I get out of town a lot, otherwise I’d go nuts. I do love that it takes me 7 minutes to “commute” to work and I rarely have to wait in a line-up anywhere and my dog can pretty much run leash free all the time.

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  5. This makes me miss Minnesota winters. Kidding. 🙂

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